8 Secrets to Make Your Marketing Message Magnetic to Soulmate Clients

Written by: Sarah Lewis, Executive Contributor

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The number one thing that comes up in every conversation I have with clients or other entrepreneurs is: how do I attract “soulmate clients”?

“Soulmate clients” definition: people who are aligned with you in every way and are a dream to work with. They are ready to do the work, self-motivated, eager, and all in. They pay on time, maybe even in full. They write the best testimonials and rave about you every chance they get. They are go-getters and take action to create their results.

To have a thriving business, you need clients. But not just any clients. Clients that fit this definition and are a dream to work with.

This is true no matter what kind of service-based business you run, whether you are a coach, a mentor, a healer, astrologer, etc.

So, the question is, how do you attract soulmate clients?

And the answer is actually pretty simple: most of it has to do with a clear marketing message.

Your marketing message is the most important thing you need to grow your business and stand out online in your field.

Start with your message before you focus on anything else in terms of strategy.

And focus on your message until it’s crystal clear, strong, and clean. That is the foundation of your business.

What is a marketing message?

Your marketing message is made up of all the words you use to communicate the work you do and the value of your offers to potential clients in your audience.

Those can be spoken words (audio or video) or written words (in a social media post or a newsletter, for example).

It captivates your audience and attracts soulmate clients to you because they clearly understand how you can help them solve a problem they have.

You will know your message is clear when the right clients (not just anyone) enquires about working with you, book discovery calls with you, or expresses interest in working with you and, of course, says YES to you!

It may take a bit of time to clarify and refine your message, which is normal.

Everything you share adds up over time and builds trust with your future clients.

3 things you need to clarify in your message:

1. Who your target audience is and, more specifically, who your soulmate clients are;

2. How you can help them, a PROBLEM you help them solve;

3. Your unique voice. This may be the most challenging piece, but it is the most essential. It is just you, being you, sharing your message in your own words, with your own values and unique traits. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd and positions you differently than anyone else. Because no one can be exactly like you.

My top 8 secrets for magnetic messaging:

1. Speak to 1 person in your content. Think about the one person who is ready now, who wants to work with you now, and what does this person need to hear? Speak to that ONE person.

2. Make your message and content about your audience! No matter what you share, bring it back to them. They are the star of the story. That is how they will relate to what you say the most and trust you.

3. Use empowering language, show your audience what is possible for them. Stop pressing on their pain points.

4. Write the way you speak and share your message with a consistent tone & voice. If you are not sure how you speak, record yourself speaking and then listen to it and write as close to that as possible.

5. Speak to the desires of your soulmate clients, to what they want to become. Paint the picture of what is on the other side of working with you. Talk about the outcome and the transformation they desire. That makes your message very strong.

6. Educate your content by giving value, tips, your point of view on a topic. This helps you to be seen as an authority. Do this more than writing inspirational content.

7. Let your audience know you can relate, be empathetic to what they are feeling and going through and show them another way is possible!

8. Be super clear and specific with what you share. Don’t assume people know what you do, what it means, how you help etc. Give specific examples, get in their heads, and speak to their emotions. That makes your message sharp and very effective!

Which of these 8 secrets will you implement now?

Let me know by getting in touch on Instagram or my website!

Sarah Lewis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah Lewis is an Intuitive Business Coach and a leader in the online space. She specializes in helping heart-led, mission-driven women entrepreneurs build thriving online businesses in a way that is aligned and authentic. She merges her unique approach to heart-centered marketing and soulful selling with her intuitive gifts, energy healing and subconscious reprogramming to help her clients quantum leap in their business and create the income and impact they are here for. Sarah has clients from all over the world and helps them create heart-centered 6 figure businesses and beyond.



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