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8 Brilliant Ways To Leverage Networking Events

Written by: Elizabeth Otis, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Everyone knows how valuable it is to go to networking events. However, how many people are leveraging networking groups beyond the conventional way of attending? Many people swap business cards, add each other on social media, or sometimes even to their email lists… but is this really the most effective or meaningful way to go about creating connections with the people you’d like in your circle?

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Let’s dive into 8 brilliant ways you can better leverage networking groups to create deeper, more reciprocated connections. While we are at it, if you’re looking for upcoming networking events, The BLIVE Movement is hosting a “conscious collab” themed online networking event on:

May 16, 30th, & June 13th.

You can register for the networking events by clicking the link here. Or get more information on each upcoming event by going to the “BLIVE” fb group & clicking “events” here.

1. Ask The Event Director About Spotlight Opportunities

There are so many collaboration and/or sponsorship opportunities available to you at every networking event you attend. It just matters on your level of creativity, ability to create win/win situations, and you connecting to the host or planner. Many networking events will allow sponsored shoutouts, speeches, or even let you pass out a flyer/gift to every attendee when they enter the room for free. Additionally, you could ask about email lists, having them host an event in your physical location, and even more. Just by connecting the host and being creative with win/win situations you can get much better exposure & create deeper connections for your business.

2. “Activate” People In The Way You Help

Experience is everything. As you probably have heard before, people remember how you made them feel more than the words you say. This means that, if you are a marketer, when you introduce yourself, you activate that person’s state of being in a way of how they would feel once they are getting the bangin’ results from working with you. If you are a therapist or coach, leave them feeling confident, grounded, in the states of which you specialize in working with. Especially since it’ll be your first impression, this will really stamp in who you are/what you’re about.

3. Follow Up Collab Swap

Every business owner is always looking for ways to get more exposure and/or is seeking support from other professionals. Don’t just follow up with a “Hey, it was excellent meeting you” message. Take it to the next level by offering them a spot on your podcast, a JV to email swap, or even guest teach/combine skills in each other's programs/products.

4. Follow Up Invite Swap

If you’re a business owner reading this right now, you’ve got events you go to or host. Webinars, Workshops, Experiences, Networking Events, and the list goes on. Strengthen each connection by inviting them to an event that would benefit them or their business in some sort of way. Simultaneously, see what kind of events they are also hosting or attending that either you or another friend could benefit from.

5. Intentionally Grape Vine Exchange

According to the “Six Degree Separation Theory,” everyone in the entire world knows each other through an average of 6 degrees of connection. Meaning, I know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody.. etc. & through that we are all connected. Find out who that person(s)is seeking and intentionally connect them to a contact of yours. This can be done softly via letting the other person know first and then connecting the two of them in a 3-way group text to start the intro. Can you imagine how much more positive change would be made in the world if we were better connected? Plus, this is often reciprocated 10x fold.

6. Warm Hands And/Or Sharp/Light Aesthetics

There have been numerous studies shown that prove a same person can be described in both negative and/or positive terms depending on the temperature of their handshake. As you can probably guess, warm hands = more positive association subconsciously and the opposite is true for cold hands. Keep those “hot ones” on you. ;) This little detail makes a BIG impact. Similarly to the physical “feel,” we have a visual feel. Lighter aesthetics tend to lead to more positive associates. However, this would not be true if one’s brand contradicted a lighter aesthetic. In that case, the “sharpness” of one's aesthetic would typically leave a more positive subconscious relation vs. vice versa.

7. Ask What They Do First & Have Multiple “I Help” Statements Ready To Respond Accordingly

Typically, when you go to a networking event, there are people with all different backgrounds and titles. Simultaneously, some people use the same words but have different meanings behind them. This means that your elevator pitch will land with some and go over the heads of others if not spoken to in “their language.” To make sure people are clear on what you do, get a feel of how they think/verbiage by asking them what they do first. Then, have multiple “I help” statements ready to respond accordingly to each specific person. If speaking to a group, choose the statement that makes the most sense for the majority of the room and then elaborate by giving specific examples of what it could look like in each industry you work with.

8. Give A Gift/Freebie

Similar to “activating” people’s state of being in the way you help them, it’s also smart to have something where they can physically experience you prior to working with you/connecting you to the people in their circle. This can be a consult, a freebie off of your landing page, a physical sample, or anything that would allow them to “experience” you not just from an intellectual standpoint but from an immersive or result-oriented experience. This is really valuable because it subconsciously shows you walk your talk and can prove it.


So, there you have it! Here are the 8 brilliant ways to better leverage networking events and create deeper connections. Fundamentally, it's just about showing up, being of great service to others, & being pure in your spirit. Again, if you’re looking for more online networking events, The BLIVE Movement has 3 upcoming ones on May 16, 30th, & June 13th.

You can sign up for the events through here or get more info by going to “The BLIVE Movement’s” events tab in their group. We can’t wait to see you on the inside! :)

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Elizabeth Otis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Elizabeth Otis is the founder of "The BLIVE Movement" and self-mastery coach. The movement is set out on a worldwide mission to help 7 billion + people live from a place of purpose & internal harmony. To BLIVE is to live FULLY in the now. To further serve this mission, Elizabeth helps leaders tap into & maintain their "flow state" so that they can naturally operate on top of their a-game. Allowing them to uplevel their careers w/ ease & thrive in their impact. The BLIVE movement is also continuously holding events around entrepreneurism & humanitarian matters to help contribute to the overall mission BLIVE holds.



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