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7 Tips For Less Stress And More Success And Happiness In Business

Written by: Annika Sörensen, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We all wish for a happy and successful work life. We long for high revenue and happiness at work. Still, mere wishing is not going to do the job. You must put in some work, sometimes a lot to get what you want. That should not discourage you from working towards your calm dream life. Not in your business life nor in your private life. Doing it the right way can make it both fun and easy.

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Here are 7 simple tips to help you get the life you desire, with minimum stress and maximum success, joy, and prosperity. Imagine money rolling in while you do all the fun things you want to do.

1. Be committed

The first step is always to be committed. You must want to do the work, dig in, and become sweaty. No one else can live your life, do your workouts, sleep for you, or eat for you. Without your commitment nothing will happen, you will stay in the same spot. Commitment is what is going to push you forward and take you to your goals. A way to get committed is to set an enticing goal, a goal that triggers your curiosity. Then plan from there.

2. Smile

To help yourself forward you need to work from the positive side. Moods are contagious and giving yourself positive feedback will help you stay positive. Start your day with a smile, also if you doubt that it is a positive day. Your smile will work from your inside, producing happy hormones in your body and that will help you move forward. Your smile will also spread positivity to people around you and you are now together in a positive spiral upward helping you to keep the daily stress at arm’s length away. That will make all the work so much easier.

3. Choose well what to focus on

Each day is full of random things to do. It is easy to be busy a whole day and still get nothing done about what you find important. It is so easy to be hijacked by other people’s agendas. It may even seem like an important thing, but it is not going to move you forward toward your goal. You hesitate to say no because you don’t want to be selfish, you are kind and want to help. But to reach your own goals you must focus on your agenda. “What do I need to do for me to move forward?” So, choose your doing during the day wisely. It is not selfish; it is saying yes to yourself. It is self-love! And we need more of that!

4. Stop overthinking

When you set out to do new things, and go towards new goals, it is so easy that you will feel doubt. “Can I do this? Am I capable? Am I good enough to get this? What will others think?” To compensate for what you think are your shortcomings you start to overthink instead. You see all the tasks ahead and it feels overwhelming and now you go into paralysis. Nothing gets done and you start to self-pity. And you set yourself in a negative spiral downward with all your negative thoughts. Instead of taking a small step at a time you do nothing because it seems to be so much to do, and it looks so hard, and you don’t feel worthy. This is when you need to go back to the plan you made in the first tip. And start putting one foot in front of the other, and slowly move forward. If something fails, just try another way. Give it your best shot and you will move forward.

5. Upgrade your energy

Being in the negative loop takes all the energy you got just to stay there; because it cost less energy to do the same than to do changes. You have no spare energy for those changes so now you need to upgrade yourself. You upgrade yourself by taking good care of yourself.

What does that mean? It means to care for your basic biological needs:

Sleep around 7-8 hours per night

Eat healthy food at regular intervals, breakfast, lunch, and supper

Exercise at least equivalent to 30 minutes of brisk walking daily

All these actions need regularity. Done at the same time each day. Your brain and body do not know if it is Monday or Sunday, they have the same need all week long.

This is a step that needs to be actioned on as long as you live; because it is part of your basic biology.

6. Create value

By creating value, you will feel good. When you feel good the positive spiral is in charge. That helps your confidence, and you can continue to take those small steps toward your goal in a much calmer way. The value you create also will benefit others and that will add to your well-being because giving is a great way to grow. It generates trust and respect, and you will feel good because you are part of the community. The value you add; creates a win-win between you and others.

7. Be excited and have fun

To make all this hard work worthwhile you need to find ways to make your journey fun and exciting. It does not mean that you must throw big parties along the road or take adventurous trips. That would only exhaust you. No, you need to find fun and joy in the small events happening along the way. Taking a Fika with a friend or colleague. Go for an extra celebration walk. Even simple things such as giving yourself gold stars on the to-do list for the project are a great way to celebrate and find excitement.


These are 7 tips to follow or at least ponder about to make your journey through life less stressed and more joyful. Taking small steps one by one in a positive way will help you not only get more revenue in your business but also have a much happier work life. And as a bonus, your personal life will improve too.

Don’t forget to celebrate when you reach your goal. And when you are there, it is time to set the next goal.

Remember it is the journey that matters, it is the journey that is your life. Hope this helps you make it calm, fun, and prosperous.

Author: Dr Annika Sörensen

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Annika Sörensen, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Annika Sorensen is a Medical Doctor, Stress Management Mentor, Author and International Speaker on topics revolving around the successes brought by less stress including financial and business success.

She specializes in health and stress strategies and has a solid background in Swedish Public Health Care for 30 years. With profound personal, clinical and scientific knowledge about the subject of stress, she made it twice to TEDx. She is officially certified by The Big Talk Academy Today Dr. Annika is Helping Stressed out Business Leaders slow down, reflect, feel less stress, and then ramp up and get more done and create bigger success without having to work harder. She does it through speaking, workshops.



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