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7 Steps To Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Written by: Joanne Martin, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Finding your life’s purpose, inner calling, or true path requires you to dig deep, do some soul searching and be open to new opportunities. If you’re serious about connecting to your life’s purpose in 2022 and leaving the chaos of this year behind, then you need to consider all possibilities and not dismiss them before all the relevant information comes to light.

Some great examples of how your inner purpose might manifest include:

  • a love of animals as a child may lead to reskilling as a veterinary nurse or assistant in an animal shelter.

  • a fascination with collecting vintage dolls could translate into becoming an antique dealer or designing vintage style dolls clothes

  • an interest in jewelry and art could lead to vocational training as a jeweler

  • a passion for journaling could manifest a writing career as a communications expert or successful author

The possibilities are endless. When you’re proactively trying to find your life’s purpose, keep all your options open and see what the universe has in store for you.

Let your creativity flow, expect the unexpected and remember no idea is a bad idea. A very left of field idea, could turn out to be the golden thread that connects you to your true life’s purpose. Here are 7 strategies you can use to get started.

1. Slow down

We live in a world that is on 24x7. We are continually connected via technology and social media. It’s this busyness that is exhausting and prevents us from connecting with our true life’s purpose.

Take time to switch off, turn off your devices and enjoy your own company. Rest your body, mind and soul. Do something everyday just for you, that makes you feel good and allows you to step back from your obligations including work, children and family responsibilities. Tune into what feels right for you.

2. Immerse yourself in the present moment

Be aware and mindful of everything that is happening around you in the present moment. It’s the little things that resonate deeply with you, the serendipitous moments and coincidences that will help you transform and connect to your purpose on this planet.

Connect with nature, breathe deeply and still your mind. Focus on what is really being said, what’s really happening and how it makes you feel. By doing this you’ll be more attuned to what you really desire and new opportunities as they arise.

3. Raise your awareness of the things that make you smile:

  • What you loved to do as a child

  • Things that make time stand still for you and make you forget about all the distractions in life

  • People who inspire you

  • Events, places, people, environments that bring you joy

  • Books, movies and events that resonate with you deeply

  • ·Writing or journaling

4. Remember the tings that make you sad and angry

  • Social challenges that make you furious and break your heart

  • Injustices that push your buttons

  • Events that make you sad and inspired to change the world

  • Policies that make you frustrated and uptight

  • Circumstances that feel helpless and beyond your control

5. Explore your memories

Recall the wrongs you wanted to right and the problems you hoped to solve. Think about occasions when you did correct those issues, what the outcome was and how it made you feel.

  • What did you love doing before you got too busy, old, tired, strapped for cash or lazy to enjoy it?

Write your memories and creative ideas into a journal. Do this on a daily basis. This will help bring focus and energy to what truly makes you happy and sets your heart on fire.

6. Prioritise your time

Make time to embrace the things that energise you to take action or make time stand still. Feel into those moments and allow yourself time to process your feelings, ideas and creativity. There is freedom in making time just for you.

7. Take action

Take positive action every day. Set achievable, sweet spot goals, that keep you moving towards your purpose. Remember every small action will help strip away the obstacles keeping you from your true life’s purpose.

Follow the steps above to help you discover your true calling. Connect with the things that make you truly happy and ignite the fire in your soul. Allow the universal energy to guide your journey and help you manifest your best life full of love, joy and happiness.

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Joanne Martin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joanne Martin is the CEO and Founder of Golden Earth Publishing. She’s an International Best-Selling Author and Book Writing Coach for ambitious business owners who are ready to position themselves as the thought leader and go-to expert in their field.

Joanne works globally with clients to up-level their businesses, increase revenue opportunities, and magnify their marketing impact through published literary works. Her work is a bespoke blend of the book writing strategy, mindset mastery, and innovative business ideas to create exponential professional growth and positive global impact.



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