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7 Self-Limiting Beliefs That Block Success

Written by: Dr. Lisa T. Lewis, Executive Contributor

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Becoming successful is much more about your belief systems than your current skills and talents.

Recognizing the self-limiting beliefs that block your success might be the most critical step you can take on your journey to the successful life you want. Self-limiting beliefs are insidious. They begin at a young age and quickly become the norm.

We become so used to their existence that we fail to question them. We learn to limit ourselves and blindly accept the criticisms of our family members, teachers, peers, and even strangers.

Learn to recognize these self-limiting beliefs that block success:

Your self-doubt is limiting your ability to take action. The most successful people tend to overestimate their abilities at first. However, studies have shown that these same people eventually grow to meet their expectations. Have the courage to believe that you are capable. You’ll ultimately prove yourself correct.

  • Also, consider the recent optimism study. Researchers at the Harvard T.H. School of Public Health conducted a study of 159,255 women and revealed that optimists are more like to live past 90-years old! Read more about the study HERE. If that’s not an indicator that believing in yourself has a life-long positive impact, I’m not sure what is.

You refuse to get or accept help from others. Life is short of gaining the necessary knowledge and performing every task yourself. You can find others who have already succeeded in your field of choice. Seek these experts out and get the help you require. HINT: that’s what I, The Belief System Boss, do for my clients.

You think you lack the necessary education. The percentage of highly successful people who failed to complete high school or college, for that matter, is staggering. While a lack of education can prevent you from becoming a brain surgeon, you may already have all the education you require to succeed in other endeavors.

You think your competitors are better than you are. Studies have shown that we tend to underestimate ourselves and overestimate others. Consider that you might be giving your competition more credit than they deserve! Examine your competition and improve upon their efforts. Otherwise, ignore them and get busy. If no one has told you lately, YOU ROCK!

You believe that your goals aren’t achievable. If you’re sure you can’t be successful, you’ll never get started. Be objective with your goals. Are they too challenging? Or are you failing to believe in your capabilities sufficiently?

  • Freebie: work with an expert like The Belief System Boss to help you kickbox your self-limiting belief systems to achieve the very achievable goals.

You’re afraid to see your truth. You may be nervous about discovering your shortcomings. Maintaining a little hope is easy if you stay on the sidelines. After all, maybe you do have what it takes. You haven’t done anything to prove yourself wrong yet.

  • Try your best and see what happens. It’s called failing forward. You’re unlikely to be successful on the first attempt anyway. However, the second attempt will be better than the first. The third will be even more effective. Continue until you’ve attained success.

You believe that you lack the necessary time and money. Convenient excuses are tools for those that lack commitment. Successful people have started from every possible starting point. Some were wealthy. Others were inferior and had to work multiple jobs to eat.

  • You can get started without financial resources.

  • You can find time if you desire to do so.

Self-limiting beliefs are standard, but you’ll notice that your most successful acquaintances have learned to conquer them; revise their narratives. You have a powerful ability to succeed when you can enhance your liberating beliefs. Examine yourself for the most common success blockers. Once you’re able to recognize them, you’re able to address them.

Let your liberated journey to success begin!

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Dr. Lisa T. Lewis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Lisa T. Lewis, The Belief System (B.S.) Boss®, through her Belief System training, teaches career-oriented single mothers how to provide abundantly and effortlessly for their families so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals without stress or guilt. A certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Teacher, Speaker, and Trainer, Dr. Lisa is also the best-selling author of Making B.S. Boss Moves: The Four R’s to Achieve Success, and The B.S. Boss Blueprint: A Guide to Perpetually Succeed. She also hosts, The Blueprint, a streaming TV program that helps you design your life’s vision and goals one episode at a time! She incorporates her 30+ Years of Leadership & Management in the Public Sector (Budget and Finance), Certificate in Public Leadership (The Brookings Institute), Certificate in Personal Development & Executive Coaching (The Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute), and Ordained Elder/Clergy (Greater Saint John Cathedral) experience to the table in service to clients.



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