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6 Tips To Overcome Challenges To Reach Your Full Potential

Written by: Dr. Mykim Tran, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Dr. Mykim Tran

Success is about overcoming challenges. The thing that distinguishes between most successful and unsuccessful people is not their strengths and talents but their ability to overcome challenges. We all have strengths and talents to achieve great things. The only thing that stands in your way to success is your ability to overcome challenges so you can use your strengths and talents to the fullest.

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Life is filled with challenges. As you go on your journey to reach your full potential, you will encounter many challenges. The more you use your strengths and talents to help others, the more challenges you will face. Big goals and purposes come with big challenges.

You must be ready with the mindset, knowledge, and skills to overcome your challenges. When a big challenge manifests, you must tackle it immediately. If not, you can get overwhelmed and more likely fail or quit because you do not have the ability to overcome it. Therefore, you must always be prepared.

Tip No1 Develop the mindset to overcome challenges

You must develop the mindset of acceptance that you will face challenges. No matter what you want to achieve, most likely, you will encounter challenges, if not big, then small. As you overcome one challenge, another will manifest.

You cannot run away from challenges. The more you avoid your challenges, the bigger they become, which will become more difficult to tackle.

The only way to overcome your challenges is through them. You must face and overcome your challenges head-on if you want to succeed. There is no shortcut to overcoming your challenges. If you take shortcuts, you will soon realize you did not overcome your challenges. And then, you will have to start all over again, which means it will take you a longer time to overcome your challenges and become successful.

The benefit of tackling your challenges head-on is that it will promote personal growth and help you reach your full potential quicker. Your knowledge, skill, self-confidence, and courage will increase when you overcome challenges.

Tip No.2 Improve your creativity

Creativity helps you develop new ideas to overcome your challenges. Creativity is essential when encountering novel or big problems because you might fail once, twice, or even three times. With creativity, you can always come up with another solution to overcome your challenge because creativity provides unlimited solutions.

The higher your creativity level, the more you will believe in yourself to keep on learning to develop new solutions, no matter how many times you have failed. As long as you continue to learn and grow, new solutions will always be available. Even if it might take a while to overcome your challenge, creativity gives you hope that you can still succeed, which is important to success.

However, if you are not creative enough, you might doubt yourself because you ran out of ways to overcome your challenge. The doubt will decrease your motivation to keep on moving forward. Without creativity, even the smallest problems will be difficult to solve.

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Tip No.3 Problem-solving

Problem-solving skills help you successfully arrange your problems and solutions to overcome your challenges. You might encounter more than one challenge at once; therefore, it is crucial for you to know how to manage them successfully. Or, you might have many solutions to one challenge. You must know how to prioritize your solutions to overcome your challenges. Problem-solving skills also help you to know when and when not to take action. It allows you to focus more on the solutions than the challenge, which will help you feel better.

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Tip No.4 Nourish your body

Nourishing your body gives you the energy and strength to tackle your challenges successfully. Some challenges require a lot of physical energy and strength. If you are out of energy and strength, you will be unmotivated to overcome your challenges.

To nourish your body, be on an ongoing process to improve your nutrition and water intake and exercise and sleep habits. The more you improve those areas, the more energy and strength you will have to be ready to overcome any challenges.

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Tip No.5 Nourish your mind

You want to nourish your mind to always believe in yourself that you can overcome challenges. Remember, as a human being, you can overcome anything. It just depends on if you believe in yourself or not. You want to motivate, inspire, and empower yourself to become so strong that when a challenge manifests, you immediately take action to resolve it.

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Tip No.6 Nourish your spirit

Nourishing your spirit means understanding the purpose of why you need to overcome your challenges. Are you overcoming your challenges for the right reason and not from external influences? Do you have a higher purpose in overcoming your challenges? How does overcoming challenges give you joy, happiness, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment? Does overcoming your challenges help you achieve your goals and dreams? Does overcoming your challenges help you become a better person?

When you have the right purpose that aligns with the greater good of society and for yourself, you will be motivated to take action to overcome your challenges.

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When you are ready with the mindset, knowledge, and skills, your ability to overcome your challenges will be effortless. Even though sometimes it might take a while to overcome your challenges, you will always be motivated to keep on moving forward.

When you believe that you can always move forward to find the solutions to overcome your challenges, no matter how difficult the challenges might be or how many times you have failed, that is a success. If you do not give up, sooner or later, you will succeed.

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Dr. Mykim Tran Brainz Magazine

Dr. Mykim Tran, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Mykim Tran is an expert in humanistic psychology. She is a keynote speaker, educator, life coach, author, and scientist. She is on a mission to help individuals create a powerful legacy that will carry on for eternity. In the process, individuals will transform into the best version of themselves and reach their full potential. Dr. Tran is the founder and CEO of Wake-Up Foundation, a non-profit agency, transforming individuals into social change agents to promote stronger communities. She received her bachelor's degree in Media Communications from the California State University of Sacramento, her master's degree in Psychology at Walden University, and her PhD in Humanistic Psychology at Saybrook University



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