3 Ways to Back To School Proof Your Schedule

Written by: Kelley Tenny, Executive Contributor

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So many working moms (and dads) are finding that their daily routines are out of whack with the school year's return. But with just a few simple shifts, you can get not only your routine but your kids’ as well back on track.

Back to school time is hectic for everyone, regardless of the conditions, and with so many kids learning from home, it can definitely wreak havoc on the entire household, especially for parents also working from home.

But it doesn’t have to! In fact, I discovered a few tricks to get the systems back in place. Here are three ways to “back to school” proof your schedule.

1. Identify the best times of day to get things done.

When kids go back to school, one of the biggest disruptors are getting them ready for where they need to be. Whether you are having to drive them to and from school or simply having to get them out of bed and put some breakfast on the table before they “log in”, this can take time that you usually have scheduled for something else.

One thing to do is to take a look at your day and decide where there can be uninterrupted chunks of time for you to get your stuff done. Can you find a couple of hours in the morning to answer emails or workout before they wake up? Is there a time when they are logged on with their teachers when you can take client calls? Is there a time in the late afternoon once school is over where they have some free time, and you can make calls or complete other work tasks?

Don’t forget to identify and schedule times for your personal self-care too. It may be an hour to read, take a bath or just be alone, be sure you are taking care of you!

2. Create a List of Non-Negotiables

Every morning (or night before bed), create a list of non-negotiables for the day. What items need to get done no matter what and schedule them into your calendar. This is also known as time blocking.

You may have chunks of time set aside to get things done, but for these non-negotiables, you literally want to make an appointment with them. One advantage of time blocking is that it will help you know exactly how you’re going to use your time and exactly when you’re going to accomplish specific tasks. The normal to-do lists may present you with a list of tasks to complete in your own time. Time blocking provides you with a list of tasks and a specific time frame to complete each task.

3. Enlist Help

When there are more plates to keep spinning, it may be time to call in support. This support may be personal or professional. Consider the tasks that you have that can be done by someone else.

Is there space for a virtual assistant to help you clear out your email inbox or maybe a meal delivery service that can deliver breakfasts and lunch so that you don’t have to spend time planning and cooking meals? This could be as simple as using a grocery delivery service like Amazon or Instacart!

The help doesn’t necessarily have to be hired! Can your kids lay out their clothes the night before and get ready for school on their own? And if they could, would this give you an extra 30 minutes to work on some of your non-negotiables? Do you have a significant other that can take over at some point during the day so that you have more room on your calendar to get on clients calls or take part in self-care?

With a bit of creativity and commitment, you can take back control of your schedule regardless of what the kids are doing. Remember to allow yourself some grace in a new time where everyone needs some adjusting. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes a few weeks or if you experience bouts of frustration. Trust that you have exactly what it takes to run your business without sacrifice, even with the new school year underway!

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Kelley Tenny, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kelley Tenny is a health and wellness coach whose L.I.F.E. method shifts the way that entrepreneurs do business, helping them thrive instead of leading lives of sacrifice. Her signature L.I.F.E. method combines visioning, implementable goals, mindset, diet and movement to build a sustainable lifestyle that her students love. It is time to thrive in your garden of success!



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