3 Tools to Help You Know What You Desire

Written by: Sara Abaza, Executive Contributor

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Knowing what we want from life is such a delicious path. Our desires give us the sensation of satisfaction, self-motivation, self-reliance, and self-awareness. They are the beautiful internalized-self we search to become.

In this article, let me guide you to discover your true desires or manifest your desires if you are aware of them.

As we head into the New Year, my main aim is to create this guide or help you achieve your desires.

How to discover your truest desires intuitively.

Stop being resistant towards your inspired thoughts. Stop doubting if you deserve them, whether they are good enough for you, and what others may think of them.

  • Let me explain what an inspired thought is. It’s when you are alone or tapping into something that excites you. You receive a vision. It’s like a daydream of doing something, creating something, manifesting something, and it excites you. It makes you feel elated. Don’t deny these thoughts. These visions are your inspired thoughts. They are what your true-self desires.

  • You have to practice the things you love and the things that make you feel good. It doesn’t matter how simple it is – from listening to music, jogging, going to the gym, painting, and singing. These are whatever that puts you in your space and makes you feel good. It will encourage your self-discovery. It will guide you to what your inner-self desires.

  • Collaborate longer with the universe laws. In my previous article, I spoke about this, and I highly recommend that after reading this, go back and read Re-create yourself. This will help you learn about universal laws. Collaborating with the universe's laws allows you to expand your awareness of how your mind works and accept and decline thoughts. Remember, high elevated emotions are what allows your desires to be discovered. Thoughts are the main key behind every emotion and staying longer in high elevated emotion. This will allow you to complete your vision.

  • Social awareness and perception. We’re not alone; we have to remember the influence of others and society. Friends, community, and family do impact us. Social awareness and perception builds a mindset made of steel. What happens around us is a self-reflection. The more you dig deep into what you are attracting around you, the more you will change your belief system. The core of your belief system holds you back from discovering your true potential and your true desires. Blaming and complaining about how things in the social community are will make you upset or tired. This switches your perception toward the negative. You attract people what you think about them, so remember your self-reflection is a reflection of you.

  • There are so many choices in life. Your choices are momentum. They are based on the present moment only. You must be aware of how you are feeling. A good feeling takes you far away from your desires. It’s a process to understand and learn about yourself.

In this part of the article, I want to highlight people who actually know what they want, people who have desires that set their soul on fire. It’s what makes them hungry to manifest their desires. I want to bring to your attention that physical actions are not creating desires. Desires are created by vibration matching to the desire of our universe to function in a vibrational form. The more you think of effort and actions, the more you distract yourself from the real power of your mind. As a human being, the real power of you is internal power, and it's represented through our emotions.

Vibrations and frequencies that come from what you want and how you see it internally is where your desires manifest. This is a story that you’re creating internally. It requires a process, require matching vibration to it. Each individual has a different lifestyle, values, manners, and how we carry ourselves towards achieving them. Although there is a common path, it depends on who you are and where you are in your physical reality that makes your desires manifest.

I’m going to share a few techniques and tools that help you to match your vibration to what you desire:

1. Writing or journaling.

Divide them into five parts or areas such as health, fitness, career, financial freedom, and relationships. As you divide and write down specifically what you desire, your subconscious mind re-programs to where you are heading. A new direction of feelings and thoughts will choose a new face to the new belief system that manifests those desires.

In journaling and writing, the more specific we are or, the more general we are, relies on how much we believe with positivity towards those desires. Journalism with dates give us the 'when' we expect the desires to happen. Journalism with 'how' is knowing what you can give to the universe so it can also give back to you.

For example, I will serve humanity and fitness to create an amount of income monthly. Just try to be specific. I am also an honest, happy person who attracts beautiful, honest, successful relationships into my reality. It’s another exchange with the universe of what you deserve based on your values of who you are. As a self-reflection, so the universe answers you back.

2. Vision boards

Knowing what you want and seeing it on a vision board emphasizes your desires as constant reminders. For example, you may want a house, a different career, or a specific amount of money; vision boards drive your mind's belief system to increase as you see it daily and visualize the story internally when you are looking at it. This allows them to manifest with greater ease.

3. Visualization and Imagination

You have to choose a part of your day when you are the calmest when you first wake up or before you sleep. See the story, smile at what you see. When your eyes are closed, feel the stories worth to the universe. Collaborate and join to create. It’s no fairytale. The power of your internal mind is what carries the physical reality. We are 99.9999 energy, and all our energy is cooked internally and manifests externally.

4. Meditation and quieting the mind

The less thinking of daily stressors, the more creative you become. It is when you discover how you will attract your best momentum. In manifesting your desires, the more you think, the more you become analytical. Also, the more micromanaging your reality, the least power you gain to create.

Quieting the mind is like giving your mind a break and allows it to reset. You can quiet your mind and meditate first thing in the morning to get ahead of your day. This will allow your stress level to decrease and stay in height elevated emotions longer during your day, and the result would be manifesting.

5. Trusting the process and planting the seed.

Nothing can go from point A to point B without process trusting. The process means paying attention and awareness to all the little things that manifest and are being created around us. Gratitude makes you see how your process is actually manifesting one step at a time. You will notice all the little things towards your desires come true when you pay attention to the little things.

Live your story that you are creating internally in your physical reality.

Some call it "living as if," but let’s call it "living present future self." "Living as if" could create distraction and resistance, but remembering who you are becoming will make you always aware of your intentions and your energy that you are exchanging.

I would love to remind you of the path of least resistance compared to effort and resistance. Strained choices that we make in momentum based on our ability to focus and trust. So, all the choices above to create your desires are based on where you are with your resistance and where you are with the least effort path.

Are you a type that would visualize? Are you the type that would journalist are you the type that would daydream? At the end of the day, our differences could carry us to different hobbies, maybe every day, yet all of the above points will help you create your desires with ease.

Having desires is our right in this universe. It aspires us. It’s what makes us different. It what makes us create a better life, not just for ourselves but for others.

We all came here for a purpose. Your desires are your purpose given to your mind's process and given to the faith that all our desires have unlimited possibilities to create and manifest in the physical reality, live your daydream of life is the strength, faith, and love. You are the creator, and you are born with magnificent power. Use your power to serve you and reflect your desires as a light into our planet.

I have dedicated a great course called Mindset Made of Steel. It will serve you a lot to understand desires and purpose visions, manifest and create, and live satisfied.

Looking forward to see you as part of the course, looking forward to see you achieve your dreams with ease.

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Sara Abaza, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mindset and wellness mentor Sara Abaza comes from Kuwait and a conservative Arabic family. She was fed with thoughts of limiting beliefs and a narrow mindset from an early age. She was stuck in that mindset for a long time, but the turning point came when she started listening to English music. That was the one thing that inspired her to go beyond her surroundings, to go beyond what she thought she was.



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