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Written by: Sara Abaza, Executive Contributor

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Something I am passionate about when I start self-talk or when I start a conversation with someone, I use the most positive uplifting affirmation words. This assist in changes to our reality. I’m going to start my article by saying I am grateful and thankful for our ability to change.

Re-creating our self comes with the desire and with a great power. Once we think about re- creating ourselves, there are three things that will spring to the forefront.

  1. Realizing things that we don’t want will lead us to what we do want.

  2. Unhappiness and frustration with how our life is, are negative (low elevated) emotions.Our true selves will give us these as a sign that we desire change.

  3. Some feel they just want to change for the better. They are starting to tap into more potential of their life they are living now. It is when someone is in a good place and is simply looking for better.

There are many reasons why we want to re-create our life. Here are a few things that we have to understand and put into perspective to make the path as easy and effortless as possible.

The few things are:

  1. Mind understanding; What is the mind? Many of us believe that our mind lives in our head, but it does not. The mind is the breakdown between the subconscious mind (the program we have been fed to fit in), and the conscious mind is our momentum of awareness towards the present moment. Our thoughts and feelings.

  2. There are two types of laws. Universe Laws and human laws. We mainly focus on human laws. Since we live together, we focus on acceptance and attention from others. This usually comes from our ego perception. We have not been taught what the universe Laws are. The universe laws are everything when it comes to our reality and our ability to change it.

  3. Our body, our physical body, the amount of self-care, energy and attention we gift to it, the better it feels. At the end of the day, it is our router. The better our body feels, the more we are perceptive to the receptive mode of alignment with our true self.

- Using the power of the mind to re-create ourselves.

Tap into your conscious mind before trying to change your subconscious mind. The conscious mind's awareness makes it easier to create a cognition of your present moment attention and intention feelings and thoughts than to try changing the subconscious beliefs. Since it is built in our core, trying to change that base may take way longer then if we asked ourselves how we can shift our focus right now to what serves us.

Here are three steps to change your conscious mind. The more you practice, the more you become in sync with the practice. This is a spontaneous way to change your subconscious mind to where your core belief is not serving you.

1. Gratitude towards as many things as you can count. The thin line between writing 10 points of gratitude a day or whispering it inside your head, scripting, or writing greatly impacts re-creating yourself. Based on science, people who spend 10 to 20 minutes scripting their gratitude first thing in the morning don't just get a positive attuited and boosted immune system. They also develop a reverse nervous system impact on their brain function ability. If you were not aware of your thoughts and feelings making you worry emotionally, it is not a positive state of being for your brain to re-wire. Send different signals and release new chemicals through your nervous system that will change your reality mentally exponentially. What you experience within you will definitely change your physical reality. The touch, feel and smell of your physical world.

2. Use positive words as much as you can. For example, you see a person on a daily basis that doesn't satisfy your reality because of their negativity. If you approach them from a state of compassion instead of the state of lower elevated emotion (Anger/Unemphatic), you will reverse these emotions. To something like "I really appreciate you being in my life. I'm grateful and thankful that you are expressing your true self." Those words, sentences, and affirmations you just used represent how much any negative person or situation can be your purpose of re-creating yourself. Through the eye of compassion, you are empowering yourself, to find a purpose, to change, instead of fighting, arguing and impacting your mindset with negativity. You are rising and shining. You are shifting the power and focus. Seeing how it could actually be a purpose for you to change.

3. Sticky notes. Sometimes we need a reminder. A reminder such as a sticky note everywhere you pass in your home, car, or office put a little message for yourself as a reminder. I am positive. I am getting ready to be ready to receive my best story written. I am in control of my emotions and thoughts. I am a cool character in my reality. I am a powerful focuser. My best life is unfolding for me.

- Using the power of the laws of the universe:

Using the power of the laws of the universe is stepping into a magical world. This is where 99.9999 of your nonphysical (Energy) reality is based on quantum physics.

Here are some of the universal laws to start your collaborative journey.

1. The path of least effort- This is the law that you find the easiest to take as an individual. There will inherently be resistance towards life choices. Focusing on simple choices that we make in momentum, from thoughts aligned with feeling of stillness, always allows you to take the path of least resistance but, a thought aligned with fear or worry is an indicator to a path of difficulty. The path of least effort is allowing for one to internalize life’s simple choices.

Recreating your self through the path of least effort applies to see your desires in life. Through internal visualization and setting your intentions in creating it before you go to bed or right after you wake up. The path of least effort peaks while your body is resting. Not stressed by physical action. What you are doing here is using the power of your mind and creating a momentum effortlessly with ease. Least effort paths will assist you in your reality to get inspired and assist in motivational energy to achieve what you desire.

2. The law of giving- There is no way around when you give you receive, but what you should give is based on intention and attention. Any form of giving when it comes to condition, it is your intention that is displaying. Any form of giving comes from an unconditional path. It is your intention and manor of your true self, not your ego anymore. Your ego can always tell you give because you want something but, your true self will tell you to give because that is what you are. That is what you know, that is why you are here. You give without expectations. You keep the momentum of giving unconditionally. The universe will answer you back immediately. Practice makes you perfect! Not just with the actions you are taking but with your internal actions. Internally is where your recreation starts and works.

3. The law of detachment- It kind of complements the second law. Detachment from the outcome. When your desire is ready to re-create, you have to carry the story within what you want to re-create based on what you didn’t want in the first place. Asking for a change when you recreate the story, keep your present moment on a high elevated emotion. This means fun, means satisfied, means playful, means grateful. The more you put into your day from these emotions and feelings, the more you start to receive inspired thoughts of how to re-create. You will not focus on when and how your desire will turn to a physical reality. Detachment from the outcome is very powerful, a sincere power. You honestly have faith your newly created story is coming. It’s on the way and all you’re doing now is relaxing and enjoying life as much as possible. Let’s complain less, blameless, shameless, guiltless, have more fun for a happier you.

-Body Power:

I love the simplicity of taking care of my body. I am going to share with you my personal journey of a healthy, fit body. What I do every day that I believe anyone can do. To feel healthy and happy physically again with less effort or even thinking is a body type diet plan.

1. Fasting- Intermittent fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting. Your gut is your third brain. Giving it a break will allow it to function and focus with sharp concentration. Creating a strong memory and reverse your aging process. Fasting has been known to possess great power. It allows you to communicate with the laws of the universe easily because you are not designed to eat all the time. To think about eating or to emotionally eat is a negative justification. Our desire to eat naturally comes when we are hungry. Not as a substitutional emotional band-aid. When we resort to food for comfort, we start to mix between being hungry and the need for emotional comfort. It takes practice to get back in control of fasting. Fasting is key to a healthy mind, body, and focus energy.

2. Physical activity- The Simplest act of physical activity such as walking or dancing. With walking, the main focus is keeping your back straight, tuck in your tummy. This allows your body to breathe with the mantra that is going internally within you. Such as all is well, I love the body I am in. With dancing and feeling the music. They have a strong connection to the way your body is affected. The words you are using to keep one mantra or one positive thought while dancing or walking takes you to the next step in your fitness journey.

3. Inner self-image- How do you see yourself inside your head. When you aim for something to be re-created without seeing it inside first, you make your path to re-create it way longer and much harder. The mind is the most powerful thing. Every thought comes with an image. If you become persistent in how you look inside your head. Your future present self image will manifest itself and will be easier to achieve for you every single day.

I’m very grateful and thankful to share this article with you. I am certain and positive it is going to serve you. I wish to invite you on this awe-inspiring path.

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I’m very grateful and thankful to be part of your journey in RE-CREATE YOURSELF. It is an easy and fun experience. I am positive you will find the best version of yourself.

With you, Sara Abaza, your Mindset and Wellness mentor. Life is easy and effortless


Yours Sincerely

Sara Abaza

"You are amazing, wonderful and beautiful. The world is LUCKY to have you."

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Sara Abaza, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mindset and wellness mentor Sara Abaza comes from Kuwait and a conservative Arabic family, and she was fed with thoughts of limiting beliefs and a narrow mindset from early age. She was stuck in that mindset for a long time but the turning point came when she started listening to English music. That was the one thing that inspired her to go beyond her surroundings, to go beyond what she thought she was.



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