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3 Tips To Break Through False Confidence

Written by: Dr. Michele Wells, Executive Contributor

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I am no expert on brain chemistry, but I understand the basics of what causes people to respond through their wounds instead of from a place of healing and wholeness. The result of woundedness in everyday interactions can be a false confidence covering up one’s authenticity.

Woman Hands holding sad face hiding or behind happy smiley face

The amygdala is the center of the brain that processes emotions and is the survival center. This area regulates threats and responses. When past wounds are triggered, the amygdala is the area of the brain that reacts. The response diminishes the prefrontal cortex which controls cognitive function (reasoning, problem-solving, comprehension, impulse control, creativity, and perseverance), and thus, one is less capable of controlling emotion. Past wounds can also diminish the function of the hippocampus which deals with learning and memory; hence, the ability to distinguish past and present is minimized.

To protect ourselves from others knowing the truth about our past wounds we may put up a shield that reads confidence, but in all truth, it is false confidence. To break through the wall of false confidence I suggest the three “T’s.”

Truth! Being honest about those past hurts and experiences that make us show up a certain way because we want to “save face” will allow us to be free of the burden of continuing to carry the weight of “being okay” when what we need to do is heal.

Transparency! Certainly, this goes along with the truth, but I stress this because we often want to only share what we believe is acceptable to the ears of others and we choose to hide the whole truth about how we may have been made to feel and by whom we were wounded.

Tenacity! When we start doing the work of healing, we can experience the heaviness of what we have been carrying around or suppressed for so long. The work can be hard, and it requires that we stay the course and experience the complete freedom that we need.

When we do the work of the three T’s we no longer need to hide behind the mask of false confidence because there is no longer anything to hide. We can show up as our authentic selves and face the world head-on as we learn to live healed and whole lives.

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Dr. Michele Wells, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Michele is a Transformation Strategist, Speaker, and Trainer. Dr. Michele delivers powerful engagement on women’s issues, spiritual issues, goal setting, and life planning. She shares from her own personal experiences as she assists woman to move forward confidently in their lives. Dr. Michele is the founder of Courageous Voice Academy home of her signature program Bold Voice. Her desire is to see woman become the most confidently authentic and productive version of themselves by aligning their mindset with their dreams and desires.



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