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3 Business Success Tips ‒ Stop Trying To Figure It Out! Lead From The Heart Instead Of Logical Mind

Written by: Ulrika Sullivan, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Are you someone who wants to stop figuring it out? If you’re starting your own business or growing an existing business you want to just KNOW that you’re going to succeed, right?

In this article, I’ll share some of the truths around business success, which are directly linked to your own personal growth and self-awareness journey. To begin with, get a copy of my 7-Step Guide to Listen to Your Intuition.

Which one would you rather do? Trying to figure it out…? Or just knowing the answer…?

I thought so… you prefer to JUST KNOW.

We all have been encouraged to “try to figure things out”, whether it’s what school to go to, what the best career is for you, trying to figure out what to offer in our business, or simply how to make more money.

Often we look around and check out what others are doing or what’s worked so far. Trying to follow all the latest trends and using all the latest tools and ways to do things.

Am I right?

I’m here to tell you that if you want continuous business success, there’s so much more available to you than trying to figure it out with your logical mind.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that having a brilliant logical mind (which you do) is anything bad and that you should stop using your brain.


What I’m saying is that there’s MORE to tap into than just your logical mind.

Do you want to EXPAND your probability of success in your business (or personal life for that matter?)

Want to know how?

And that is…

To tap into the energy of your heart.

This may sound cheesy, but it’s not. Your heart energy is who you truly are.

Your True Self.

When you tap into the energy of your True Self you’re in your own natural energy of who you are and you’re expressing your natural talent.

Unless you know your True Self, you’re not going to feel completely aligned with what you’re doing in your business.

And your true potential is not realized.

Basically, by “trying to figure it out” with your logical mind only, you’re missing out on what IS for you and what’s unique about you.

If you don’t know what is unique about you and your energy, you’re missing out on expressing that in your business and making it stand out.

In addition, if you’re not tapping into your heart’s energy, your business is more likely to be considered a “vanilla” version of something that’s already out there.

How is this all linked to using our logical mind?

Our logical mind is linked to our ego. The ego wants structure, and tangible solutions fast.

How many times have you wanted to “see” what you’ve created before believing it’s possible?

You can already sense the limitation here, right?

If you’re reading this far, you’re likely here to serve the world with something groundbreaking, not something vanilla…

Now, I’d like to clear a myth about heart energy. Heart energy is not the same as emotions.

Emotions can go up and down. Be overflowing or absent. Emotions can take us to places that are not always good for us.

Emotions can be expressively opinionated.

The heart energy within you is still and constant. It doesn’t go away or judge what’s right or wrong. Good or bad.

It just is.

And here’s a truth…

Heart energy will never lead you down the wrong path.

The heart energy has to do with your unique soul and your unique connection with the Universe (Source, God, Spirit whatever you prefer to call it).

The heart energy is facilitated by your intuition.

When we’re leading our business and life from the heart, we use energy that is unique, unbreakable, and ever-lasting.

Heart energy is unconditional love.

You’re getting where I’m going with this…yes?

So adding this perspective to your way of starting or running your business can add value and ability to stand out.

3 Key Tips to Lead from the Heart Energy instead of the Logical Mind.

1. Learn about your energy imprint.

Get curious about how your energy works. Your energy imprint is unique and is expressed from your heart and your aura. You can learn about your energy imprint through energy tools such as; astrology, numerology, Human Design, or the GeneKeys. Free charts are available.

A reading can provide you with essential information about for example; how you make decisions, how you interact with others, what your needs are to be happy, and what you’re here to learn.

Add these insights to your existing learned skills and you become unstoppable!

2. Use your intuition in decision-making.

Everyone has an intuitive ability, and we all connect with our intuition differently. Some feel the right answer is through the body. Others get inner visions or audio experiences. The list is long on ways intuition can express itself to someone. Your job is to find out YOUR way and start tapping into it.

Once you consistently apply your way to get intuitive hits, you can use it in decision-making within your business (instead of trying to figure it out). Begin today! Get a copy of my 7-Step Guide to Listen to Your Intuition.

3. Check your intention. Is it good for all (or just for you?)

Lastly, your heart energy is your truth. Your business is you, so check your intention and why you are putting out what you put out. If your intention is not aligned with serving others for the good of all your business success is likely just a wish.

If you’d like help to stop trying to figure things out, and instead help to tap into your heart energy and see the business impact ‒ Click here now to schedule a call with Ulrika, or visit

Ulrika Sullivan is the Best-selling Author of Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition, visit, and the founder of the Beyond the Mind membership community which is created to help integrate heart-centered multidimensional living into our daily lives. You can also find more inspiration on Ulrika’s podcast New Light LivingSee Your Life in a New Light.

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Ulrika Sullivan, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Ulrika Sullivan is an intuitive spiritual life coach, yoga teacher, and energy healer. After leaving a stressful multitasking corporate career that left her feeling on autopilot, Ulrika realized she didn’t know who she truly was. A complete inner shift led her to her “point of no return” when she with clarity connected with her true self, natural talents, and life purpose. Ever since Ulrika is successfully helping busy working women to connect with their own intuition, find their inner calm, self-love, and life balance, so that they can live with more ease and flow. Ulrika is the host of the podcast “New Light Living ‒ See Your Life in a New Light”.



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