10 Steps to Get The Perfect Skin

Written by: Katrina Valente, Executive Contributor

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Your skin is a living organ and therefore has to be treated accordingly. I have clients all the time who complain because their skin is not a good as it could be. My first question is always..."What are you doing at home? Do you use homecare products?" The answer is usually, "not really, or I use cleanser and moisturizer."

This isn't enough. If you were to ask me, "what should I do? Use homecare

products or go and get a professional treatment?" I will always say homecare first and foremost. Your skin is continuously renewing itself and needs to be taken care of to have optimum glowing skin any time of the day or night.

First Step to getting the right products;

1. Go to an Aesthetic professional in a salon or clinic.

That way they are there to advise you according to your skin type personally and lifestyle versus a department store where they are more interested in sales.

2. Start slowly.

Get the minimum products first so that you are not overwhelmed and end up using none of it. Your aesthetic professional will adequately guide you on how to use your new product range. Note; professional skincare has much more active ingredients than over the counter products, so you need to use less of it, therefore, saving in the long run. Plus, the results will be faster and much more long-lasting.

3. Invest well.

When you get the right professional skincare, you actually save a lot in the long run because there will be no more mistakes in buying products that end up sitting on the shelf. And you need very little products to get the best end results so no more waste!

4. Use them.

Homecare has to be used on a daily basis as per instruction in order to get the best results. So that means morning and evening. Come on now...don't be lazy! The day is to moisturize and protect. Night is to nourish and feed the skin.

5. Different seasons require different products.

Be mindful of summer and winter months as your products will need to be tweaked to accommodate the change in weather. Winter, more nourishing products and summer, lighter, more hydrating products.

6. Professional Treatments.

Once you have your homecare sorted out, you can go and have your professional treatments according to what you want to achieve. Always be clear with your therapist what your expectations are. She will advise you on what would be the best for your particular requirement.

7. How often should you do professional treatments?

Once per month, if you have no real problems and only require preventative treatments to maintain your good skin. If your skin is not the best, then it is better to invest in the course of treatment to get your skin up to optimum results over a period of one to two months.

8. How do I choose my therapist?

Try to ask friends who they go to. Get recommendations or google top salons and clinics. Nowadays, it's easy to source good places. Also, ask the right questions. Is she knowledgeable? Listen to your gut instinct.

9. How do I know if my products are working for me?

Within as little as one week, with good professional products, you will feel and see the difference. Is your skin improving? Or is it staying the same? The proof is in the mirror. Simple!

10. A question that always blows my mind.

Clients have come to me time and again and tell me that they like the products they are using, but they are not happy with their skin. My answer is - well, your products are not working for you...period!!! When you use the proper homecare, your skin will be in optimum health. The professional treatments add the icing on the cake.

I hope that has helped clarify a few points in why homecare is so important and easy steps to get the best out of them. It is worth it, and so are you! Glowing skin needs nothing much else...as that is what people see first when they look at you.

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Katrina Valente, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Katrina Valente has been in the beauty Industry for the past 25 years as a Holistic Anti-aging Expert as well as a Celebrity Facialist.  She has traveled the world treating the rich and famous as a Visiting Practitioner with resorts like Six Senses, Anantara and Aman worldwide She is now more interested in educating people with her wealth of knowledge in Beauty and Wellness on how to look good from the inside out...Inner Peace Outer Beauty is her motto. She has now evolved to be a Trusted Holistic Transformational & Wellness Expert.



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