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Exclusive Interview With Nic BeeGee, Founder Of The Global Mentorship Brand: Femme Wealth Engineer™

Nic BeeGee, the founder of The Femme Wealth Engineer, mom of four, and trade wife, is a wealth mentor and professional brand strategist who has generated millions in revenue on her entrepreneurial journey. She has also helped thousands of clients, globally, generate millions in revenue in their businesses over the last decade.

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5 Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To Work – Promote Productivity With Four Paws

At my tech startup PadsPass our work is all about helping humans travel with their dogs, so naturally dogs are almost always included...

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Myths Women Have About Sex

With the number of weird stories and hearsay floating on Internet, we decided to pen down some facts. 

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5 Tips To Help You Shift From Being A Spender To A Saver

If you are someone who spends more than you save, then here are a few tips on how you can shift your behaviors. There is nothing wrong...

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12 Steps To Build A Business And Be A Great Father Without Compromise

As I write this, I have spit-up on my shirt and stale coffee breath. I may or may not have forgotten to brush my teeth.

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How To Stay Motivated In Life

Life success depends on your motivation level. The right motivation will push you to do whatever is necessary to succeed, such as...

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The Power Of Positive Influence In Leadership – A Transformative Guide

In leadership, positive influence is a beacon of transformative change, guiding leaders and their teams toward unparalleled success.

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Ultimate Guide To Mastering Road Rage

Road rage is aggressive or hostile behaviour exhibited by drivers in response to perceived slights, frustrations, or annoyances on the road.

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Ten Things Your Loved Ones In Spirit Want You To Know

The physical death of a loved one is one of life's most challenging experiences that we will all deal with in our lifetimes.

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3 Powerful Steps To Self-Acceptance

Lately, I’ve been hearing people in my life talk about how they don’t feel they are “good” enough. Either not good enough for their careers.

Quote of the week

"The most productive work places have four paws"

How To Manage Depression And Anxiety Naturally

Have you been wondering if there are effective natural solutions for depression and anxiety? If so, you have found your answer: Yes!

What Happens In Your Mind And Brain During An Emotional Outburst? Master The Art Of Self-Control

Have you ever experienced your emotions taking complete control, making you react impulsively, and then, upon reflection, regretting...

6 Tips To Approach Personal Disagreements

All of us will encounter challenging conversations at some point in our lives. In a time where there is such a variety of views regarding...

10 Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

Many of my clients believe they are alone living with bipolar disorder and that its rare and their future is bleak. Though, complicated...

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Brainz Expert Panel

Overcoming Challenges And Building Mental Toughness In Business

Expert Panelists are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within the areas of Business, Mindset, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Sustainability. Members of The Brainz Magazine community of experts will share their best tips, advice, ideas, and hacks within different topics. 

1. Harness Personal Growth

Many of us struggle with overcoming challenges in business because we avoid self-awareness and self-growth while navigating our entrepreneurial pursuits. The experiences we have externally can directly correlate with our internal experience. Therefore, to thrive in our business pursuits, we must invest just as much time and effort into self-growth, self-care, and holistic healing as we do in business pursuits. Some examples of this include self-care routines, seeing a coach or therapist, and emphasizing holistic wellness in our daily habits. Kiara Norwood, Certifed Spiritual Coach and Holistic Practitioner

Brainz podcast

Brainz Podcast With Julija Lemenaite - What Is Nurse Coaching?

Julija started her healthcare journey during the global health pandemic in March 2020. Caregiver burnout hit her hard- working in a Level One Trauma Center in Chicago and she knew she needed a shift in her career that was more aligned with your soul's purpose. Julija became an accredited Board-Certified Nurse Coach. After launching her online business, she quickly realized this was the type of nursing she was looking for all along!

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