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Exclusive Interview With Oliver Niño, Renowned Energy Healer And Spiritual Activation Expert

Oliver Niño is an entrepreneur, energy healer, and spiritual activation expert and the creator of Geo Love Healing, an online company designed to help individuals master their energy, unblock themselves, and become healers. Oliver has performed more than 20,000 healing sessions and has trained people from more than 60 countries in his energy healing methodology. In testimonials, his clients state that they have progressed more from just one healing session or from his 30-day program than from decades of therapy and personal development.

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How To Create A Community With Peer Support

"It takes a village," they say, to raise a child. It takes a community of support to surround that village and raise them up...

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Road Trippin’ USA – Tips For Trips

Road trips, in my opinion, are the absolute best way to see any destination anywhere in the world.

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Mindfulness Exercises To Help Manage ADHD – Evidence-Based Approaches

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can make it challenging for individuals...

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Align Your Strategic Marketing Plan For Maximum Ease And Become A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Lifestyle entrepreneurship is all the rage these days – and rightly so! Creating a business that revolves around your “dream life”

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The Shocking Truth About Sales

Do you know that 80% of your sales require an average of 5 follow-ups to close the deal? In other words...

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5 Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses To Increase Their Marketing ROI

It is a known fact that entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with their digital marketing.

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When The World Says No – Say Yes

Eating disorders – a form of mental illness – is one of those illnesses that seems to engulf...

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Leveraging AI To Overcome Imposter Syndrome – An Innovative Approach To Boost Confidence

AI is here to stay. Yet, could it be an antidote for imposter syndrome?

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Facts And Myths From My Entrepreneurial Life In Fashion Licensing

As an entrepreneur in the fashion licensing industry,I have come across many facts and myths that I'd like to share with you.

Quote of the week

"Acceptance is more about coming into a state of allowing and less about being a future goal to be reached."

Three Steps To Unleashing Your Creative Power – Energy Transmutation As The Ultimate Productivity Skill

As an intimacy coach navigating the complex world of entrepreneurship, I've tried and tested a number of methods meant to boost productivity

10 Signs You Are In A Narcissistic Abusive Relationship

Before I get into it, let me say one thing. Abuse is abuse. Period. Whether it be emotional, psychological, physical, financial...

The Ripple Effect Of Positive Leadership – Impacting Lives Beyond Work

Leadership for me is not just a title; it's a responsibility that extends beyond the workplace. As a business owner, influencing people...

Children's Behaviour – Who Bears The Responsibility?

Children's behaviour is influenced by a myriad of factors: parents, wider family, teachers, stranger’s behaviour in public, social media...

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