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Why we Block Ourselves From Love?

Written by: Georgie Maroudas, Executive Contributor

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What is love really? Is it that warm fuzzy feeling we feel inside when we are around the people we love? Is it joy and happiness being expressed? Or is it present in all of those amazing experiences we’ve had in life that we will never forget?

Love is energy. And this energy of love can be felt and expressed in an endless amount of ways. We can feel that energy exchange of love through our relationships (with others and with ourselves), we can find it in an inanimate object that has been cherished and adored by its owner. Love is present in trees, healings, notebooks, animals, children, crystals, our loved ones and the list goes on! It really can be found in anything and anyone.

So if this energy of love is present in all people and in all things, why don’t we experience it in every moment of every single day?

Most of the time when we look at something like a tree, we just look at it and place a label on it and move on. We think that’s a tree and that’s the end of it. We don’t think about the fact that tree is very much alive and full of love, knowledge and wisdom. So our perception of that tree then creates our feelings and experience of it. And if our perception is limited, then our experience of it will also be very limited.

Not only do we do we create this type of thinking with things such as trees but we also do it with people! We might meet someone for the first time and label them as mean, and that’s all we see and experience from them. We can even label ourselves and continue to think things like: “everyone is smarter than me”, “I’m unlovable”, “I don’t know how to do this”, “I can’t manifest” and as you continue to think these thoughts you continue to manifest and experience these perceptions in your day to day life.

So what has this got to do with love?

Everything that we have observed and learned through our childhood, combined with our own life experiences have created our current belief systems about love and how we experience it.

It is our beliefs about love and what it means to us that can create that resistance to love, especially if love has a negative meaning to us. The meaning we have given love has skewed our experience and perception of love. So when love is skewed so are our receptors and the energy we emit to the universe. The energy we emit, has a direct impact on what we then call into our life; including people, experiences, the type of success, the type of opportunities that come your way, how much love we allow ourselves to receive and they ways in which we receive it.

And as I mentioned earlier love can be found in anything and anyone, so when we block love we not only block ourselves from receiving love from one person but we also block ourselves from receiving love from everything within the universe.

How do we change our resistance to love?

Awareness is the key to change. You can’t change what you don’t know!

So the first step to take is identifying what love means to you! Here are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you to identify what love means to you.

  1. When you were little how did the prominent people in your life express love? - How did they express love to you? - How did they express love to their partner? - How did they express love to their parents?

  2. What does love mean to you? And who taught you this meaning of love? - The person who taught you this meaning of love, what was their childhood like? - How did their parents express love to them? - What did they observe as a child that made them create this meaning?

  3. In which ways do you resist/block love in your life? Why? - How has blocking love, affected your life and your relationships? - How would your life be different if you allowed all love into your life? - What are your fears about love?

  4. My resistance to love is teaching me? What have I learned from blocking love? - E.g. maybe blocking love has taught you to feel safe. And so you push away love to continue to feel safe. So it’s about learning and understanding that you can feel safe even with love. Then list all the times you have felt safe and loved at the same time!

You have the ability to create change

Now that you have a deeper understanding of what meaning you had given love in the past and how it was created, as well as how you have blocked love in the past you can begin to make adjustments in your life to allow for more love.

Be kind to yourself during this process of change. These past programs have been running for many many years, so allow yourself the time you need to make the proper adjustments. This new level of awareness you have gained by simply answering the questions above will allow you to notice when you begin to block or resist love in your life. Each time you notice this resistance this new level of awareness you have gained by simply answering the questions above will allow you to notice when you begin to block or resist love in your life. Each time you notice this resistance it is an opportunity for you to choose to respond differently in the present moment! The more you act and think in these news ways, the more automatic it will become, and soon love will be your new habit!

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Georgie Maroudas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Georgie Maroudas, founder of www.georgiemaroudas.com is a certified ThetaHealer Practitioner and Instructor. Using the Theta Brainwave, Georgie helps men and women release any fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors and/or trauma that are limiting and no longer serving them. She is a big believer that our inner world of thoughts, beliefs and emotions create every aspect of our outer world and is passionate about helping and empowering every human being. Her mission is to empower individuals by teaching them the skills and abilities they need to be able to release what is no longer serving them, so that they can create a life they love!

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