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Why I Started A Podcast

Written by: Natasha Joy Price, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Natasha Joy Price

I have spent over twenty years studying the human energy field, and learning how to clean and clear my energy, to uplift my body, bring clarity to my mind and passion to my Soul. This has allowed me to hear and follow the internal nudge to start a podcast, and I have enjoyed the path that has led me on. Can you hear what your Soul is trying to tell you? If not, where can you start to clear that channel?

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I’m a fifties-something energy therapist who has limited knowledge about IT. I even get my children to help with some of the features on my laptop and mobile phone. I am a typical product of my generation when it comes to electrical devices, so why did I start a podcast?

What’s my message?

I have a message I want to get out to the world. Check out my vision here.

It is something that has been my passion for over twenty years now. I have published a book about it, written many articles describing aspects of it and talk about it endlessly if I get the opportunity. So, what is it? Well, it’s energy. Not the utility kind, but our energy field. I truly believe that it is a vital part of our overall holistic health and that if we are not clearing and cleaning it daily, we are missing a large piece of the health puzzle.

It is just one part of our overall health. We need all the other parts to be functioning as well, but it is the one that is often neglected, or missed off the list. Why is that? Well, I believe that people don’t realise how intertwined it is with our physical body and emotions, and how working on our energy can give us healthier bodies, clearer minds, and a strong spirit. Our energy field flows through us and contains all our life experiences, both positive and negative. However, it is the negative feelings, emotions, and beliefs that we retain, that affect our energy detrimentally. Every emotion has a vibration, and the negative frequencies are lower than the positive. When we hold onto these negative elements, our energy can stagnate, spike, or even break, which can lead to physical issues arising. Conversely, if you are struggling with physical problems, look at the emotions or beliefs that sit behind them. What was going on in your life at the time it started? Were you struggling with something emotionally? That might help you to locate the emotions that are now clogging up your energy. Listen to my amazing episode with Anna Bromley, click here.

My epiphany moment.

So back to why I started my podcast Balm to the Soul, I was having a shower one morning, which is somewhere that ideas and lightbulb moments often come to me, and I heard a voice telling me to start a podcast. The word just kept reverberating around my head. I was excited but had no idea how to start or even what to call this podcast. However, I could see how it may help me to get my message out there and to empower and educate others about their energy fields and energy medicine. So, after a little research, signing up for a great platform, and talking to a lot of my friends and peers, Balm to the Soul was born. I can’t say it was an immediate success. It has taken a lot of time and effort, and been a steep learning curve for me, but I’m proud that after three years I have now published over ninety episodes not only about energy healing but about all sorts of spiritual ideas and concepts. I now have guests contacting me to take part. I believe that it is a great library of information for anyone interested in not only energy healing, vibrational or energy medicine, but in the spiritual world. I’m proud to have chatted with some amazing people who are passionate about what they do and believe. Check out this episode with Emma Mulholland, click here.

What is the passion burning in you?

I’m telling you this as I want to inspire others to follow their passions. Just like me, you might have never thought that following what you love, can lead to amazing places. Don’t concentrate on what you think will make you the most money but listen to your Soul and what makes it sing. What do you love doing? It may be cooking, writing, growing a specific plant, or energy healing like me. What is your passion, your Ikigai, or your reason for being? Once you locate that, then start doing it regularly. Write about it, teach others how to do it, and talk about it. There are so many ways that you can start bringing your passion into your life, and there is so much information out there for you to learn new skills just like me. 

Listen to the energy of your soul.

When you listen to the energy of your Soul, and trust what it is telling you to do, then your life often expands for you, in ways that you could not have foreseen. I would never have believed that I could even have my podcast, let alone have accomplished people in their fields wanting to come on Balm to the Soul. But they do, and it has been fascinating for me to see that process develop. I have learned so much along the way and have continued to trust in the process and see where it might take me. I have had to fully embrace the concept of going with the flow, and not trying to control the experience in any way, which is not easy. I have often felt frustrated and out of control, but I have continued to trust that what I am learning along the way will ultimately be beneficial to me, and of course, I continue to work on the health of my energy daily. When you connect to and clear your energy regularly, you are better able to hear the snippets of guidance being given to you and better able to follow your Soul’s energy and spiritual path.

If you feel inspired to learn more about your energy field, how to clean and clear it, and where it might lead you, then pick a few of the episodes available on Balm to the Soul to listen to. There are some varied ideas and concepts, so I am sure there is something of interest to everyone. I wish you luck in finding your passion. Try this episode with my good friend and sound healer Susie Smith for some instant healing, click here.

If you enjoy the episodes then please like and share, so others can feel inspired as well. Check out the latest episodes here.

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Natasha Joy Price Brainz Magazine

Natasha Joy Price, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natasha Joy Price is passionate about the human energy field. Her mission is to get the word out there that if you are not looking after your energy, then you are missing a large piece of the jigsaw that is your overall holistic health. Natasha believes that we should be cleaning and clearing our energy every day to find balance and clarity on a physical, emotional and spiritual basis. Just like we clean our teeth, watch our diet and take supplements, we should be focusing on the cleanliness of our energy. When we do this we benefit our minds and bodies, our businesses and creative projects.



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