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5 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Podcast

Written by: Dan Davis, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Podcasting has become the next hot topic for content creators and brands, it feels like everyone and their dog has a podcast now, which is why it might feel overwhelming for you to consider starting one. This article will help you understand the power of podcasting and 5 reasons why you need to start a podcast right now!

1. Amplify Your Authority

The first reason why you need to start a podcast is authority; regardless if you share business advice, personal development insights, bake cupcakes or fly drones, you have something unique to contribute to the conversation and podcasts are a raw and authentic way for you to connect with the type of people that are interested in what you have to say. Due to the nature of how podcasts are consumed, stories and discussions from podcasters become a part of daily life for a lot of people. Podcasting can help you amplify your authority in ways that conventional media does not allow.

People can listen to podcasts in more places than they can consume videos or read articles, including while driving, exercising, cleaning, and commuting. If you have a deep passion for something and find yourself getting excited when you talk about it, then a podcast might feel more natural than curated content, it allows you to show people how passionate and knowledgeable you are about a topic, and it also encourages other leaders in your niche to join you for value rich discussions that will benefit your niche and amplify your authority.

2. Develop Strong Connections

The second reason why podcasting could change your life is related to connection and networking, do you ever struggle to connect with people that have similar interests to you? Does it feel like your friends and family do not share the same passion for your special interest or niche? Starting a podcast can align you with like-minded people that share your excitement and passion. The power of the internet has allowed us to find our tribe no matter where they live in the world. This means that you can have a guest join you thousands of miles away through a video call so that you can have a discussion with them about the same thing that you love.

Connecting with these guests can be a great way to network within the industry and help you find more guests, business opportunities, friendships and more. You also have a unique opportunity to make connections with like-minded audience members; this can lead to true fans, friendships and the development of a community that cares about the topics that you are talking about. You will also find yourself gaining insights from the community and guests that join you.

3. Find Your Creative Expression

Podcasting can be a unique way to express yourself and, in my experience, has been a form of therapy for me. Creating an audio-only podcast presents you with a unique opportunity to focus on the message that you are presenting without worrying about what you are wearing, how you look, and how you are going to capture photos or videos to compliment your post. I believe that podcasting is the perfect introduction to content creation; the barrier to entry is low, meaning that you can record your first podcast on your phone and distribute your first episode to the world in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes, the perfectionist mindset can get in the way of our creative expression, and it can take us a lifetime to figure out what gear to buy, how we want the video or photo to look, learn how to edit, and develop the skills and technical knowhow to talk on camera or write an article. Starting a podcast does not present you with any of these issues. It is one of the easiest forms of content creation, it allows you to share your message with the world from your phone, and it also gives you a chance to share your message authentically with people that care about your interests. The expression can be a form of therapy for a lot of people, and that is another reason why you need to start a podcast.

4. Gain Insights From Thought Leaders

Podcasting can help you learn and develop in ways that other creative pursuits do not allow. Podcasting can teach you a lot about yourself and the way that you communicate with people, and it gives you an opportunity to learn from guests, discover your voice and develop your sense of self. I never felt that I had truly expressed myself online until I started the Meta Minds podcast, it gave me a chance to share thoughts and reflections that I had never shared before and it also gave me an opportunity to improve my ability to ask thoughtful questions, remain present with another person, and develop how I can effectively communicate with people. It also gives you a unique opportunity to learn from thought leaders in your industry, this opportunity might never come up in the real world, but podcasting can put you in a position where conversations with influential people are normal. I still regularly use phrases, approaches, and insights that I have gained from a podcast guest.

5. Reflection Will Strengthen Your Connection

One of my favourite by-products of creating a podcast is the opportunity to reflect, and I have found myself reflecting on comments that guests have made when I’m editing The Power of Showing Up podcast sometimes, it is hard to retain the information during the moment, but when you listen to it back during the editing phase, or you listen to it once it goes live, you get to reflect on something that you lived. I find that this reinforces points that guests made, and it also opens up my mind to different perspectives. You will also start to notice how you handle yourself during an interview or what topics you seem to resonate with, and it will help you strengthen your values and identify your interests and expertise.

Podcasting is a powerful business tool that has also become one of the best personal development tools that I have discovered. If you need any support starting your podcast, then feel free to book a FREE 20-minute consultation with me. Sign up now to receive exclusive counselling support for podcasters.

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Dan Davis, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dan Davis is deeply passionate about helping people master their mindset. He is the host of 2 leading mental health podcasts, Meta Minds and The Power of Showing Up. Dan is also the host of Australia's #1 ranked drone YouTube channel, DansTube.TV. Dan has worked within the mental health and counselling industries for 5+ years, and has been dedicated to empowering clients through his counselling practice, Meta Minds Therapy. Dan has made it his mission to empower people to live the life of their dreams!


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