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Why Hire a Coach

Written by: Roxy Rapedius, Executive Contributor

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In my mid-40s, I was experiencing personal and professional challenges and obstacles. I was stuck and didn’t know who to turn to, to help me overcome all these barriers until I was referred to a life coach. At first, I was very skeptical and believed that life coaching was an added expense. I also assumed that only someone who had experienced my trauma or worked in the industry I was in could help me.

My Life Coach was amazing. She helped me:

  1. Uncover my limiting beliefs and self-destructive habits.

  2. Enhance my existing strengths and build up my qualities.

  3. Streamline my life to prioritize my activities and spend time in ways that are the most fulfilling.

  4. Realize that life coaching is an investment in me and not an expense.

  5. Overcome my terror barriers and take advantage of new and exciting opportunities.

  6. Discover my true authentic self.

  7. Propel my growth faster than I could have done on my own and be accountable.

  8. Write a gratitude journal, self-care and, meditate every day.

  9. Visualize and achieve anything I want and,

  10. Gain the confidence required to become a successful Life Coach!

A Life Coach encourages and guides clients on a range of personal and professional issues. A coach helps you grow by analyzing your current situation, identify limiting beliefs, values and, other possible challenges or obstacles you face, and designs a custom action plan outlined to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

So why hire a Coach?

Here are 13 epic reasons to hire a Life Coach!

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • W — Wisdom Master the art of tapping into your wisdom, listen to your heart and, unleash all new possibilities.

  • H — Happiness and Fame Get specific on what matters to you – your beliefs, values, and standards for happiness and fame.

  • Y — Your strengths and Savvy Time to sparkle! Identify your strengths and savvy and how to capitalize them in your life.

  • H — Heart-Opening Understanding your limiting activities and terror barriers will open up your heart to greater opportunities.

  • I — Ideas, Tips, and Tools Coaches offer a repertoire of inspiring ideas, tips, tools, and viewpoints to propel your growth.

  • R — Resiliency Discover how you can recover quickly from difficulties and barriers. See how resilient you are!

  • E — Experience Fearlessness Learn to be fearless in life, go after what you truly desire, and be your authentic self.

  • A — Accountability A coach keeps you on point, holding you accountable to your tasks and getting you to your destination faster.

  • C — Crush through your Daily Chaos Pinpoint your non-serving habits and crush out what is not working out for you.

  • O — Overcome the “Crazy Busy!” Learn to say “No” to yourself and others and incorporate a healthy daily self-care system.

  • A — Awesome, Authentic Self-Image A coach will help you create your true authentic self-image.

  • C — Commit Yourself Let go of your limiting beliefs, self-badgering, and inner blame. Find your inner powerful courage and start anew.

  • H — Harmony & Peacefulness When you align with who you are, what you do, and what you say, harmony and peacefulness are achievable.

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Roxy Rapedius, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Roxy Rapedius’ decades of professional experience includes progressively increasing responsibility and measurable positive results. Roxy has built significant and unique skills through these roles. She has experience in life coaching, public speaking, training, teaching, behavioral analysis, addiction, trauma, mental health, palliative support, grief and bereavement support, opioid dependency treatment, finance, insurance, event planning, financial planning, environmental development, immigration, dental, and banking. As CEO and Coach of Life Coach With Roxy, she approaches her work and life as an established leader who gets results. Roxy has a curiosity and keen desire to always further expand her knowledge and acumen to reach greater heights in serving others as a leader in business and life.




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