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Why Energetic Hygiene Is The Secret To Thriving In Business As A Woman

Written by: Shannon Rose, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Energy doesn’t lie. While you could buy all the fancy funnels and hire the ad experts, what if all you really needed to turn up the heat on your business strategy was to clean up your energy?

“Energy is what we are made of, we all come from an energy source, the intangible layers of us that conduct everything.” Natalie Kehran

Since the Pandemic, our world has begun to ask bigger, better and more curious questions ‒ about who we are, where we came from, how to cultivate more light and purge the darkness from our collective. As the day rises and the night falls, there will always be duality in our world. The way to ride the waves between the two, especially as a woman in business, is to learn the art of ‘Energetic Hygiene’. I recently sat down with Natalie Kehran to speak into this trending conversation among women in the online entrepreneurial community. As Natalie says: “we have the power of oneness ‒ everyone contributes to the collective,” and our businesses offer a unique opportunity for us to deliver on that. RICH Conversations is the podcast for raw, real and in-depth conversations between humans who are living, loving and leading from integrity for the new world and this was the space where Natalie and I dove into this topic. Personally, my journey to running a completely location independent business, originally from Australia and now residing, well, anywhere in the vastness of the vibrant soil of Europe, has been a completely unexpected energetic and spiritual journey HOME.

Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey where with every vulnerable edge you meet, every unhappy client and lessons learnt, a more mature, aware and embodied woman rises through the fog of unwinding all of what is no longer aligned. ‒ Shannon Rose

Natalie, shares her “ journey is exactly as it was meant to be, in the exact time that it was meant to be I couldn't rush it or make it slow down, I could only surrender to it”

Surrendering to Sisterhood

Community supports our business, but not if seeing others win triggers you. In order for us to harness the power of sisterhood we must first come to terms with releasing the masculine paradigm that preaches ‘success means doing it alone and fighting your way to the top’. “It was isolating in the beginning, I felt so alone, it was scary and I felt like I had done something wrong, going against the grain. Now I feel really held in community, women thrive in community. We really really need each other.” Natalie shares. Through colonization, the grounded power of our village has been stripped away and replaced with ‘crabs in the bucket mindset’ and competitive actions among women, fueled by scarcity, fear and greed which has deepened the Sisterhood wounds that already run deep for so many women. The question then remains: How do we surrender to sisterhood and build energetic alignment for better business practices and abundance? When we see other women who have created what we desire, know that the mantra ‘if she can, I can’ has helped many of my clients to soften and lean into what often triggers them about seeing the money, love and freedoms flow through other women's business realities.

Second, actively engage and put yourself in rooms with other women. Notice what arises for you in those spaces, do you avoid sharing your wins either big or small, do you overgive or hide? As you notice your default behaviors in those rooms, bring them to your Coach, to your Mentor to guide you in acknowledging and accepting what has risen to then be able to integrate and feel more confident in sisterhood and community.

“We were created to birth together, bleed together, raise children together. We were taken away from each other and taught to be in competition and in jealousy of one another. You need to train yourself to feel safe around other women again.’

Your Body and Your Business

To feel safe around others, is to feel safe within yourself. To feel safe within yourself is to pour clean energy into your business and clients. Everything is connected. For far too long we have been distracted by the shiny objects and view from the top, but what if the view from becoming wealthy through wholeness, was actually what you were designed to embody and express? And this was sacred to closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in business and in life? Can you surrender and let it become one?

Can you begin by treating your physical body as the temple she is, never sacrificing time to fill her cup for a client call, live video or need you to have to chase something other than your complete energetic alignment?

Imagine the creative pulse that will course through you, from that place. Imagine the magnetic ways in which you will write because you are nourished. Imagine how effortless serving your community will become and inviting others in to experience your work will be, from this place of stability. This is where women thrive in business, because business is ‘putting your passion and purpose into the world’. We thrive when we are aligned, alive and turned on, ready, open and in touch with what our personal definition of wealth is and we are living it. The question here is: How do we bring our body online to cultivate stability and magnetism in business? Integrating our greatest wounds and fears takes time, patience and compassion. And, what Natalie and I both agree on, is that it is often the most simple, fundamental rituals that alchemize the most safety and stability within our body. Practice deepening, not widening, your journaling, mediation, somatic movement, eating high vibration foods, ice baths and daily workouts that support where you are in your cycle. “Everything in this journey of coming home and doing business is about trusting yourself in every way that you can in the most loving and healing way possible”. Anchor the fundamental ways that nature intended for you to thrive, lean on sisterhood and allow your community and your voice to be the wind beneath your wings as you fuel your dreams with clean and aligned energy. Remember, you were made for this and no you don’t need the fancy funnels or ad expert, you have you and you are medicine for this world.

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Shannon Rose, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Shannon Rose is Founder and CEO at The Word Distillery where bold voices and big visions are stewarded onto fresh stages in embodied ways. Her words have appeared in USA Today, Hollywood Digest, The Entrepreneur Magazine, MamaM!A, Elephant Journal, So Influential and many more, she is a Senior Columnist at Disrupt and Brainz Magazine. You can find Shannon travelling the world with her husband and 2 children as they explore all that this beautiful planet has to offer while running her location independent Mentoring and Media Company.

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