Why Do We Doubt Ourselves?

Written by: Madelaine Gomes, Executive Contributor

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Why do we deny ourselves self-acknowledgement?

Have you ever come up with a brilliant idea that excites you, inspires you, and scares you? After planning it carefully and sitting on it for ages, you started to think that you are not good enough to pull it through and then handed your idea over to someone else. Thinking that the person can do this better than you, for a list of reasons, and then discover that the person failed miserably at your expectations, leaving you with the realization and that you could do it better, but now you have run out of steam?

How many dreams were killed or hi-jacked in this manner or not even started due to self-doubt and discrediting ourselves?

What are the reasons we fall prey to this?

  • The lack of knowing ourselves deeply leaves us vulnerable with a feeling of not being good enough, filling a void by seeing our own brilliance, locked away deep inside of us, in others.

  • We suffer from Conditional thinking, that started in our forming years, which shaped our Self-Image and now affects our behavior and results! ● We are confused about our true Identity and Greatness, therefore giving our powers away to others, thinking they are better equipped to fill our void.

  • We give in to our negative self-talk, which results in procrastination.

  • We fear the embarrassment of perceived failure.

  • We fail to plan our Vision in the finest detail and align ourselves with the skills needed to complete this successfully.

  • We judge ourselves by our past perceived failures.

This list can fill pages, but I want to guide you to unlock your “I AM” POSSIBLE stepping into your true Greatness and not your imperfections.

How do we step into our “I AM” POSSIBLE unleashing our true Greatness?

  • Self-Actualization is your KEY to step into your “I AM” POSSIBLE.

  • Honor your Uniqueness as it is a Spiritual Gift given to you!

  • Identify your Values and Strengths, which form the foundation of all your outcomes.

  • Forgive yourself for the past and give yourself credit for the Wisdom gained.

  • Love and Respect yourself deeply, which will reinforce your boundaries and allow you to step into your Personal Power.

  • Do not give mind-time to your negative Self-talk; rather replace this with overriding loving and positive beliefs that are aligned with your Future.

  • Stop comparing yourself to Others and rather invest your time Becoming “I AM” Possible.

  • Use a threat of GOLD, to mend your cracks lovingly, knowing it’s part of becoming “I AM” POSSIBLE.

When we are given a dream, vision or idea, it is given to YOU and YOU only! When we do not honor this, it gets taken away from us and someone else might pick up on it in the Quantum Field and before you know it, it is done! Leaving you with that sinking feeling that you should have, could have and did not!

The small percentage of people reaching great success are the people who took the idea, dream, or vision and did not spend time on the first points mentioned in this article, but rather put all their energy on the second section of this article and blew life into their Greatness and became “I AM” POSSIBILE!

The Key to your “I AM” POSSIBLE, stepping into your Greatness is within YOU, waiting to be turned, to be believed in, to be loved and respected, and to grow and develop into Greatness.

I am an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine and a Doctor in Metaphysical Science, Pranic Healer, Mindset Alchemist, and Executive Business Coach. I am a former Director of a Top 10 Company and have studied Self and Professional Development for the past 20 years. I help my clients deconstruct their old, outdated paradigms and redesign beliefs and habits aligned with the Vision for their Future so that they break through their glass ceiling. Connect with me to schedule an appointment.

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Madelaine Gomes, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

I am a Doctor in Metaphysical Science, Pranic Healer, Mindset Alchemist and Executive Business Coach.  I merge Science with Spirituality and Business as we are never only the one. I am the Founder of a Mind, Body and Soul Program called “I AM” POSSIBLE, stepping into your Greatness.  Assisting Leaders, Executives and Coaches to reconnect with their “I AM” and aligning their Career, Relationships, Money and Health with their “I AM”. 



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