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When Life Gets Tough, Weight Loss Can Be A Good Focus

Written by: Georgette LePage, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We all know that life has its ups and downs; I call it 50/50. Sometimes we experience joy, and sometimes we experience pain. Not every day feels effortless, and it can often seem heavy on challenges and difficulty. Seeing life with a 50/50 vision opens us up to the reality of life and prepares us for experiences with a variety of emotions: glad or sad, content or mad, satisfied or frustrated, positive or negative, and on and on. You get the idea!

Healthy woman on home scales.

That being said, you can use weight loss as your superpower. WHAT??? That’s right, when life gets tough, that is the exact time to be laser-focused on your weight loss. I usually get some pushback from my clients when I offer them this perspective. Most people want to ditch all weight loss efforts when things get tough, and it seems so out of balance. It’s our brain’s natural reaction to keep things as is so that they can keep us safe. Our brain likes to press the easy button, which in turn can hold us back from moving through difficult seasons in our lives in a productive way. For most of us, this is a good time to use the excuse of not doing the work to lose weight because it’s a bad time when things are hard. What if you could flip that thought? I’m offering you another look at this, so just hear me out! When things are busy, tough, chaotic, noisy, etc., that is the PERFECT time to hone in on your weight loss. Not only does it give you one sure thing in times of turbulence, but it keeps you afloat and gives you something positive to hold on to in stormy waters.

Consider it a lifeline when it feels like your ship is sinking. I do this myself when life gets chaotic and it serves me well. For example, recently, we took our son to college. It was so much more difficult than we ever expected, and it was filled with so many emotions for all of us. I knew that I had to set up some very specific structures around my weight loss techniques in order to rely on one constant thing that I knew I could do to keep my health afloat. So, I was very intentional about my 3-W’s: when I ate, why I ate, and what I ate. My meal times were planned, my food choices were clean and healthy, and my reasons for eating were clear: to fuel my body. SIMPLE. It gave me one sure thing during a time of so many emotions and so much uncertainty. It also allowed me to feel the feelings that I needed to in order to move through this challenging time. It gave me a sense of accomplishment for how I had treated my body so that I could fairly feel the feelings of my only child leaving the nest and all that came with it. If I hadn’t done this myself, I would never have believed that it was a valuable tool during tough times. It sure beats face planting into a plate of cookies and the consequences that come with it. I challenge you to use your weight loss as a healthy strategy for overcoming obstacles that life drops in your path while keeping your body healthy. It may have never crossed your mind to look at it this way, so give it a try! You have nothing to lose other than pounds, and isn’t that what we all want? Not sure how to do this work alone, let’s set up a quick call to see if we are a good match to work together! Having your own coach is key to long-term success! You’ve got this!

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Georgette LePage, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Georgette LePage is a certified Health and Life Coach who empowers women all around the world to lose their mental weight first in order to then lose their physical weight. Her approach is honest, real, clear, and genuine with transformational habit change and mindset reset methods. Georgette's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her focus on a healthy lifestyle inspires her clients to leave behind old diet culture thoughts and patterns in order to embrace fresh and simple ways to live their best lives without diet drama. Empowerment, self-confidence, and self-care are cornerstones of the programs that she offers. She helps her clients to get the results that they want with realistic, real-life strategies. She lives her own life the way she coaches others. She listens to what her clients want and guides them with compassion and accountability as they achieve their goals. She works with people of all ages (teens to seniors and every age in between) who are ready to live a healthier, more joyful life. Georgette also hosts the talk radio show WHY WEIGHT? with Dr. Pat Baccili on Transformational Talk Radio. In addition to speaking English, she also is fluent in French and Spanish. Georgette has 32 years of experience as a World Language Teacher, as well. Her coaching motto is: Feel better. Look better. Be your best self!


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