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Wellness Coach Liz Jones Shares 3 Tips to Get Healthier

Liz Jones is a Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Fitness Professional with over 10 years of experience, with numerous qualifications and recognized accreditations. Having worked in a wide range of environments, Liz has helped professionals, celebrities, and business leaders from around the world to transform their lives and become addicted to living that healthy lifestyle.

Liz is the Founder of Mind Body House, where the aim is to help others to 'Live the healthy lifestyle they love.' She is the host of the "Ladies Go Live" talk show and podcast, aiming to connect the value of great wellbeing and your professional success.

Liz Jones, Wellness Coach

I’m Liz Jones, a London-based Wellness Coach. A fun fact I love is that my parents were an old-school love story – a town girl and a country boy. This meant there was plenty of time spent outdoors growing up, with a big focus on homegrown vegetables, home-cooked meals, and an encouragement to do extra-curricular activities. The one that stuck was sport! Yes, I achieved great things, such as competing in the World Sabre Fencing Championships in 1999, but nothing came without the dedication to the result.

It wasn’t until after I left the military that this was connected with living a healthy lifestyle, which in turn created success with relationships, in your profession, and the whole uplift in life. Having explored various career pathways, I found my way to coaching to help others create the life they love, in a sustainable way.

What is it that you do for your clients?

Many consider what I do to be like a Personal Trainer, which in some ways it is. I help people getting fitter, stronger, lose weight, all through exercise and nutrition. But I also help them with their mindset, managing stress, changing their habits, and adjusting their routine so it works for them, not they work for it.

Getting clients to change habits can be very uncomfortable, especially if they have been used to doing things a certain way for a long time. But the results speak for themselves. From increased self-confidence through weight loss or tone, more energy and enthusiasm, increased income, improved relationships – the results are amazing!

I do run an online studio in The Mind & Body House® where anyone can work out within one of our classes, but coaching is about transforming the whole lifestyle so the focus is always on mindset and habits – the two things that truly hold us back. Although all coaching clients can access the studio J

Who should work with you?

I work with professional women on a 121-coaching basis. Many are mums who want to regain their pre-baby body or to feel like a woman again not just a mum, or women wanting to become a mum and need to get healthier so they can conceive.

The great thing is I have worked in so many different health and fitness centers, different gyms, in different cities, and with a wide range of demographics, so I really do understand the constraints you might be under.

You said that anyone can work out within your classes – can men join too?

For sure. Over the years I have had both male and female training clients, and fitness is for everyone. It is just the personal coaching I work solely with women as that is where my specialty lies.

In fact, all classes are always adapted to suit everyone, as modifications or adaptations are given throughout – even tougher options if needed!

So, considering your main clients are women, what top 3 tips would you give to them to help them get healthier?

Well, the first one is easy, don’t eat what your partner does. It is very common to cook a meal for you and your partner, but women have different dietary needs so it is important not to just eat the same meal for the sake of it. Ensure you have the right amounts for you.

Secondly, train for your cycle. A woman will experience different periods of energy and strength over the rough month, so it is important to adapt to fit. This way you keep getting great results without feeling wiped out.

Third, female supplements can be helpful, but many things you need come from different food. Sort your eating out first, then add supplements later as these should be minimal and simply to boost your body.

Tell us a bit more about The Mind & Body House®?

This was a pro of lockdown. Like so many, my business was hit as I had so much work that relied on centers being open. So, I had a choice – wait it out or adapt so that I could still help others stay active and care for their wellbeing. Initially, it was just the online exercise studio but has grown to provide DIY online courses, personal coaching plus a fab Members Area.

Both the online studio and Members Area both operate on a group basis so are relatively low cost, as health and fitness are for all. And that is the aim of The Mind & Body House® — to help others create the healthy lifestyle they love.

It would be amazing if we could reach 1 million people to help them, but that is maybe the 5- or 10-year goal; we are still in our first year.

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I would love to grow The Mind & Body House® so that I can really help more people to be healthier. Definitely for me personally I would love to get to do more speaking about health and wellbeing. This will certainly help increase who I can support with their goals, but one step at a time.

In 10 years, it will be great to have a fab team in place so we can hit that 1 million reach. That would be an incredible goal to achieve. But I will happily miss this number if it means every client gets great results and reaches their goals. I never want to jeopardize quality for quantity.

Follow Liz on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and visit her website for more info.



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