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Up Close with Paula Orezi and her Brand Paula O! Store — BeYou!

Paula Orezi is the author of a motivational poetry book, From Me to You, and co-author of the #1 International Best Selling book, Experts & Influencers: Women's Empowerment Edition. She has a passion to help people be inspired to make a change creating a positive and win-win outcome. Her experience includes mentoring others and leadership development.

Paula's life motto is to be a Change Agent in everything she does. Her messages are for business-minded professionals or anyone wishing to start their own business and need help to overcome mindset beliefs, being organized, and conducting sales through relationship-building. These are the ingredients that she believes others can benefit from to see results.

Her why is to help people overcome destructive patterns regarding thinking habits and daily investment habits. Paula has been featured in podcasts that encourage others to live with purpose and dream big! The creation of the Paula O! Store was founded on the concept of Be You! She has impacted many with her branded products that stand for the mission of empowering others to be themselves and find their life’s calling in an adventurous way.

Paula Orezi
Paula Orezi

What is the business objective of your company?

To become a global brand that is recognized for creating positive change via speaking opportunities and authoring books.

Describe your product (service) in your own words. Explain what you are and what you want to become?

I create products and services that support the messaging of being yourself and becoming a change agent. I want to be known by the messages delivered on all platforms supporting these positive initiatives. My goal is to ultimately develop a following that supports what the Paula O! brand stands for and its impact.

Who is the target person, what do they currently know, think, and believe about the company or brand?

Truly it is for everyone that believes that they can impact the world!

How does your product (service) solve your prospective client’s problems?

The brand offers a message that is geared towards being who you are meant to be! It’s about taking the approach of becoming a change agent which is the foundation for real positive impact to start occurring in communities. It is important to set up the stage by building a firm foundation in order to have a lasting effect in any area of life! Paula helps with that groundwork and mindset.

What are your key differentiators from your competition?

The key is that I am speaking out of my platform of Life Experiences and knowledge gained through others. I stand out because I am myself and no one else. Hard to have competition when you are the original you!

How do you want to brand yourself?

I want to brand myself as a change agent that brings value by helping to foster positive change. Creating influencers to influence. I have a passion to speak and help people get inspired to make a change that will create a positive and win-win outcome.

What is your background story? Give us a detailed background story that got you to where you are right now.

During my teen years, I struggled like the typical teenager with self-identity and worth. I thought of myself as not being good enough to be someone important in life or to offer anything of value to others. I quickly started to doubt my existence in this world. My thinking had an impact on my decisions in life. I used to compare myself to others thinking if I only had their gift, talent, abilities then I could bring something to the table. I quickly learned that I was stuck with Me for all my life and I needed to be okay with that!

During my years in college, I wanted to start my own business. I tried every business opportunity that came my way no matter the objectives. I had no stand in what I was aiming to represent in life and was lost! Then I started my life in Corporate America and immediately became harder on myself because I felt so devalued and minimized. In every job that I had, I felt intimidated to take on new projects, give presentations, or lead others. I kept allowing outside influences in the workplace to define who I was and what my abilities were. I did not want to be rejected so I would go with the flow. After several jobs and setbacks of business opportunities, I realized that I did not define my life’s mission.

Therefore, I would accept anything that came my way instead of taking a closer look to see if it fits who I am and what I stand for.

Going along with the flow was not what I wanted to stand for. Then one day during my time at work, my thinking changed and I started to see myself as a person that can create the change by simply being myself and being a change agent in everything I do. I can bring positive change to the world and get out of my comfort zone to help others have that defining moment as well! We are created for a purpose, for a time to be ourselves and contribute to this world using our gifts, talents, and abilities.

So from that perspective, I created a simple T-Shirt that stated, I am Good Enough! I developed it with the idea that sometimes staring at a T-shirt that has a statement is worth more than speaking it out loud. I used to be a shy person and now I have developed a confidence that allows me to use my talents to be expressive in creative ways. Then Paula O! Store was birthed out of frustration of how the world has cookie-cutter standards on who a person should be! The blog was created to offer a place of motivation, learning, and community. My why is to help others not feel outcast but to be themselves and let their talents display unashamed!

Today, I am a people-connection machine. My energy and personality draw people and I love meeting new people. My friends always tell me that I should be a motivational speaker because of my animated personality and the advice that I give them. I believe this is a hidden gift that I accidentally discovered when placed in platforms where I had the opportunity to communicate to the masses.

Check out what's inside the Paula-O store on their website or email directly at for more info.


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