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Unlocking Holistic Wellness – Exclusive Interview With Penelope Claire

Penelope Claire is a pioneer in the tired and flooded weight loss industry and a specialist in the space where holistic wellness, self-empowerment and spirituality meet. She is an intuitive coach, quantum energy healer, aquatic bodyworker & event leader. Having organically healed her own 15 year journey of disordered eating, yo-yo dieting & fluctuating bodyweight, Penelope specialises as a no-diet weight loss coach for empathic women with her proven personal and group online coaching & healing programs. She offers additional wellness & spiritual services in person and online.

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Penelope Claire, Coach & Healer

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

My name is Penelope and I am a coach, healer & body worker from Australia. I specialize as a no-diet women’s weight loss coach. Based on my personal life experience with yo-yo dieting, my mission is to help women break free of the weight loss industry ‘matrix’ and guide them towards discovering their unique path to sustainable weight loss. I aim to free them from the shackles of rigid habits and one-size-fits-all approaches inherent in traditional weight loss education and belief systems, which very rarely result in permanent weight loss and very often do more harm than good. My focus is on helping women to return to their true selves and natural body weight by addressing emotional trauma, establishing firm boundaries, and re-establishing a deep connection with their bodies and intuition. Most importantly, it's about unveiling our unique codes or versions of ourselves that thrive in this reality. Shedding excess weight becomes a creative, joyful, and empowering experience when we harness our feminine essence and embrace our uniqueness. My programs are designed to facilitate weight loss, and what's more, they often result in profound personal transformations. Can you tell me about the products or services you offer, and what sets them apart from competitors? I offer online coaching and healing programs designed specifically for women seeking to lose weight and maintain their desired weight permanently without resorting to diets or other restrictions. What sets my approach apart from traditional methods is an inside-out approach employing the power of the subconscious mind, with a particular focus on healing emotional trauma. Many women struggle to achieve lasting weight loss because they concentrate solely on external factors like diet, calories, and exercise programs. They often overlook the critical role that their subconscious mind and unresolved trauma play in shaping their emotional eating habits, food choices, daily physical activities, and the state of their hormones and basal metabolic rate. Ignoring these inner aspects often leads to a cycle of repeated dieting without achieving sustainable results, often resulting in even more weight gain. I help women create an entirely new version of themselves – the woman who has shed excess weight permanently, all without resorting to diets, and with a sense of joy and ease. When you address and lighten your inner world, the physical transformation naturally follows. Over the past decade, I have mastered various forms of shamanic and energy healing, which play a vital role in my programs. Guided meditation and creative visualization are also essential tools we use. It's not uncommon for women to experience significant changes after just one energy healing session. I've received messages from clients saying, 'I've lost 5 pounds since we released that emotional baggage from our healing session 3 days ago.' When we recognize that we are energetic beings, and our physical form is a reflection of that energetic blueprint, the notion of weight loss transforms into a whole new paradigm.

How did the idea for your business come about, and what inspired you to start it? I created this program because it was born from my own transformative journey of overcoming 15 years of yo-yo dieting and fluctuating weight. Through my personal experience, I realized I had the ability to help other women break free from this cycle and lose weight for good. After 15 years of struggling with dysfunctional eating habits, I embarked on a path of healing and internal work that ultimately led to my own diet-free, permanent weight loss. During this process, I recognized that there were many people speaking out about the traumas associated with dieting and the weight loss industry. Personally, I had completely disengaged from diet culture for years, which was pivotal in my healing journey. However, I also realized that countless women remained trapped in this vicious cycle and needed assistance. I understood that I could offer women the help they needed in a relatively short span of time, just a few months, with the knowledge that had taken me decades to accumulate. Although there are numerous weight loss coaches & practitioners available, I believe it's essential to work with someone who has experienced the journey firsthand. Such individuals possess not only the compassion but also the wisdom to help navigate roadblocks and guide clients toward achieving their goals.

What is your target audience, and how do you reach and engage with them? I typically work with sensitive, intuitive women, with a significant portion identifying as empaths on a spiritual journey. These women often carry the weight of childhood trauma and may be in, or recovering from, relationships with narcissistic partners. This demographic naturally gravitates towards my program, reflecting both who I am and the transformative offerings I provide. It's important to note that this alignment wasn't a deliberate choice but rather an organic outcome. If a woman is content with employing unhealthy and unsustainable dieting techniques and is only willing to pursue weight loss in a superficial, short-term manner, I'm not the right coach for her. I work with women who recognize the need to approach their journey differently and delve deeper to achieve and sustain their ideal weight. To reach and engage with my target audience, I primarily use organic marketing strategies, with some social media. A substantial portion of my clients come through word-of-mouth referrals. Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far. I think it really is as simple as being able to deliver my promise; that my clients lose weight for good without dieting, even exercise is optional. It can be a bit *magical* for some, but for those who are ready to work at that level, it’s actually pretty obvious that it can and will work! I grew up in a very mainstream medical model world and although I touched a little on my interests in holistic health and energy work I didn’t go deeper for some time. It was my post-grad university studies in Anthropology that legitimized that which was written off as “woo woo” nonsense in every other context in my life. Studying medical anthropology in particular enabled me to see that ancient shamanic practices and energy work was no joke! They have been around for much longer than western medicine and they require more patience and mind-body connection than a lot of people have at present, but we are now returning to this wisdom.

Definitely whomever I’m working with and whatever the goal or context is, it’s super satisfying when clients uncover big personal discoveries and make big life-changing decisions with absolute clarity, no fear and act immediately; to be able to create the space for people to tap into that, I really appreciate the magic and satisfaction that brings.

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