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Transforming Events With Strategic Expertise – Exclusive Interview With Karrington Warfield

Karrington Warfield is an Event Strategy Coach, author, speaker, and Event Planner. Her background in Corporate Event Planning has provided opportunities to plan events such as Executive-Level Leadership Retreats, Corporate Golf outings, Executive Briefings, and Sales Launches to name a few. Karrington is also a Certified Meeting and Event Strategist, who teaches coaches, entrepreneurs, and planners to focus less on event efficiency but more on effectiveness and execution. Her love for planning has turned into a passion for developing her client’s skills in task-management, organization, engagement, and event strategy while maximizing their potential. She believes that with the right planning, creation of goals, and confidence in your ability there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

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Karrington Warfield, Event Strategy Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

I am Karrington Warfield, also known as Coach K, the Planner’s Coach. With more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Event Planning, I specialize in event strategy and consulting coaches and entrepreneurs. While I offer event planning services, my true passion lies in guiding and empowering individuals in this field.

During my free time, I enjoy exploring new vegan or plant-based restaurants, enjoying travel adventures worldwide, indulging in great books, and dedicating time to writing. As a lifelong dream, I aspire to own multiple homes in various countries, enabling me to choose where I reside for half of the year. Additionally, I have a deep affection for animals and plan to one day spend a year volunteering in Africa as an animal conservationist. Animals hold a special place in my heart.

Can you provide an overview of your business/website – Karrington Warfield, LLC and the primary purpose it serves for visitors?

Karrington Warfield, LLC, is a service-based company dedicated to assisting coaches and entrepreneurs with their event planning needs. The primary focus is on shifting the emphasis from event efficiency to effectiveness and execution. I provide valuable guidance on creating event strategies that perfectly align with the client’s business goals and objectives. I am here to empower clients in hosting successful events that leave a lasting impact.

What inspired you to create this business/website, and what goals or objectives are you trying to achieve with it?

My business was created out of a deep passion for event planning and a recognition of the need for coaching in the entrepreneur space. While my clients excel at the logistical aspects of planning, they often struggle with the strategic side, and that’s where I step in to bridge the gap. With my guidance, I provide them with the necessary tools to create effective event strategies that not only attract leads but also convert them into clients.

Can you tell us more about your business and the products or services it offers?

I currently offer complimentary 30-minute consultations for event planning and event strategy. The consultations serve as an opportunity for me to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s unique requirements. Based on this insight, I can then provide tailored event planning or event strategy services that perfectly align with the client’s needs.

How does the website support your business endeavors?

My website is currently undergoing construction as part of a rebranding process. However, once completed, the website will showcase a range of services including event planning and event strategy consultations. Additionally, it will feature my revamped Instagram broadcast called the Midweek Lunch-N-Live with Coach K, scheduled to launch in January 2024. The website will also provide weekly tips & tricks as well as updates on upcoming events that I have planned for the future.

What sets your website and business apart from competitors in your industry or niche?

In my personal opinion, what truly differentiates my business from competitors is the emphasis I place on event strategy. While many coaches focus solely on event planning, I go beyond that by delving into the crucial aspect of converting leads into clients. While I can guide clients through the event planning process, it is the strategy behind it that truly enables them to generate revenue for their business. My expertise lies in teaching clients how to effectively develop and implement strategies that will drive success and profitability.

Can you share any future plans or developments you have in mind for your website and business to continue growing and evolving?

My future or upcoming plans for my business/website are:

  1. Completing my podcast tour that I’m currently on.

  2. Hosting more free masterclasses and workshops to provide valuable content to my audience.

  3. Organizing two paid events in 2024 to offer in-depth knowledge and experiences.

  4. Launching my IG broadcast in January 2024, allowing me to connect with my followers in a more interactive way.

  5. Continuously adding value on my social media platforms by sharing insightful and beneficial content.

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