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Tips For Healthy Living Space

Written by: Gina Leslie, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


With the rapid increase in pricing, it looks like we all may be spending a little more time at home. Below are a number of ways you can keep your home, apartment, or small space clean, lean, and green on a budget.

Stock the fridge

Once or twice a week do a grocery run. Stock the fridge with loads of veggies, fruits, Greek yogurt, and quality proteins. When it comes to your seasoning rack, go wild with the seasoning. It is a great way to add flavor and antioxidants to your food. Grab some healthy frozen options. As much as we all would love to make every single meal, life happens. Having frozen veggies & quality meals helps on those crazy work nights. Bonus: Not eating out not only does wonders for your waist but your wallet.

Stock the pantry

Stock the pantry with bulk nuts, quinoa, jasmine rice, good-quality cookies, bone broths, salsas, popcorn, wraps, and sauces. Save big time on healthy pantry items by checking out Thrive Market.

Budget tip, buy and freeze good quality bread.

Go green where you can

Avoid mail clutters by receiving all your billing online. Avoid pesticides around the yard by going natural with your landscaping. Landscaping with natural vegetation can be quite beautiful too! If you're giving your home a new coat of paint, go with low-voc paint.

Leave your shoes at the door

This is a simple way to avoid tracking any residue from your shoes.

Switch to LED or CFL lights

Cut utility costs and help the environment by switching to LED or CFL bulbs.

Collect rainwater & use it on plants

Great way to help conserve water and well as water your plants.

Ferns & Succulents

Ferns and succulents make for great indoor plants and require little maintenance.

Pick up weekly flowers

I will be the first one to admit that I am on a budget. Fortunately, Trader Joe's always has some great flowers for under $10. They add a nice touch.

Essential oils & candles

I was able to score a diffuser for under $20 on Amazon and it works great. I usually alternate between lavender (for relaxation) and melaleuca oil (for air purification). And well because I love candles, I like to light one when relaxing.

Wide open spaces

Now, this is no easy feat if you live in a tight living corridor. But counters clear and the working area free of clutter will not only be more aesthetically pleasing but provide for a more relaxing and efficient workspace.

Get the air flowing

Using fans throughout the house is great to help with ventilation and circulation. This may also help with cutting down on the AC.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation. Avoid having a tv or doing any work in the bedroom. Play with essential oils, declutter it, and keep the room cool. Add plants and watch the air quality improve. Humidifiers are great for bedrooms too. Sleep is a huge factor in overall health and weight loss.

Start a garden

Talk about farm-to-table! A garden is not only a great way to ensure fresh veggies, but getting out and gardening will get you moving and burning some extra calories. No backyard, no problem. I live in an apartment and grow on my balcony and grow microgreens and herbs inside.

Keep it minimal

Decluttering a home can declutter a mind. Less is more!

Cleaning products

Some cleaning products are loaded with chemicals today. Check out natural cleaners for a cleaner and chemical-free house.

Learn to love the kitchen

I get it you may hate cooking, but try to find ways to spend time to be in it. Even if it is just making simple meals or heating up your healthy frozen items. Virtually anything is better than the drive food! Plus sitting and remaining sitting for a few minutes after the meal, helps with digestion.

An area for working out

You don't need a gym to get a good workout in! Have a designated space for your dumbbells, jump rope, bands, kettlebells, and medicine balls and you will never have an excuse for missing a workout again! Plus this could save you big time on a gym membership.

Your home should be your sanctuary and it doesn't have to be a mansion! As a matter of fact, I live in an apartment, and oh has the cost of rent been on the rise. However, I have found that incorporating plants, microgreens, fans, candles, essential oils, and a neat little work area has helped me improve my overall health as well as not having any electronics around my bed. Switching to more natural cleaning products as well as keeping my kitchen stocked with healthy foods and making a small space for my home gym equipment has helped me maintain my health and fitness goals while keeping up with a busy work schedule & within my budget.


Gina Leslie, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Gina Leslie, the founder of the Light Side of Health, is a sport, fitness, and health enthusiast. She received her business degree with an emphasis in sports business and a minor in economics from the University of Oregon. While there she worked for the football department and her love for sports and sports training blossomed. From there, Gina worked in sports marketing and assisted in running a sports training facility. She has run multiple marathons and even competed in a fitness competition. While training, she began to acquire multiple fitness and nutrition certifications. In conjunction with running Light Side of Health, Gina currently works in the finance field and is involved in her community.



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