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This Is Why 80% Of Organic Marketing Fails

Written by: Jay Staniforth, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


You know the ‘waste of time and money’ coaching programme you signed up to that didn’t get you any results this article will explain to you the reason why…

Amidst the global COVID pandemic, the coaching and expert industry has exploded, which has engulfed the online world with an influx of weird and wonderful coaching niches that can often leave you scratching your head but weird and wonderful is fine, don’t get me wrong, it’s the common occurrence of underdelivering ‘experts’ that have caused the problem I’m referring to.

That problem is scepticism, which is at an all-time high, and with the demand of guaranteed results becoming an increasingly common request, any under-delivery is quick to be labelled as being the result of an inferior coach or programme.

But this is far from the truth and the truth might shock you…

Before we jump into this, I want to make something very clear I’m not so deluded as to think that there are no sub-par programmes and coaches out there clearly there are, and I wish them all the good fortune of turning things around and making a success out of this industry but what I am saying is that the fault or responsibility of sub-par results is not always directly connected to the programme or the coach!

Let me explain.

If you buy a programme or coaching service to help you get clients from Facebook, for example, and you fail to achieve the same success as others in the programme, does that make you the problem, the programme the problem, or the coach the problem or maybe all 3?

The reality is, providing the student has implemented everything, and has ‘shown up’, as well as taking advantage of all of the resources available to them, if they are still struggling to see a result, the problem is a much deeper one that goes into the core of the strategy, the offer, the prospect and everything that forms the foundations of the entire lead generation process.

Whenever a proven strategy fails to work for a business, it’s the small intricacies that make the difference, the one percent adjustments, and those tiny observations that most would miss unless you pointed them out. Most of these small adjustments come down to the psychology of the person you are targeting, some call these psychographics, but in addition to this, it’s the psychology around ‘you’ as the implementer and coach. If you don’t show up as ‘you’ in the right state with the right thoughts and beliefs, and taking the right actions with the right intent, how can you expect a potential client to respond in the way that the strategy is designed to?

The reality is, 80% of the time, organic marketing doesn’t work for people because they are not able to change their habits, take action, do the necessary things right, and be able to do that long term. To achieve real success using an organic approach, you need to be able to change your habits as an entrepreneur, and also understand the psychology of what is happening not only in your clients mind, but in your own mind, too.

Psycho-Organic Marketing is designed to place the coach in the right positive mental state, and the prospect/client, as well as leveraging human behavioural patterns identified in psychology to help coaches attract more clients, and help clients to get better results. This deep and intentional focus on positioning both parties involved in the relationship in the most effective mental and physical state possible has proven key to delivering results that far exceed the industry standard.

This has proven that simply searching for lead generation strategies and jumping from one to the next when the previous one fails is a symptom of a psychologically unbalanced relationship between the client, the strategy and ultimately, you.

The Psycho-Organic Marketing Methodology is a new concept that is creating positive change in the coaching and expert niche and serves to benefit both the coach and the client, which is a unique and refreshing change to purely profit-focused marketing approaches.

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Jay Staniforth, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jay Staniforth is a leader in high-performance habit formation and marketing strategy. After struggling with social anxiety in his teens, Jay dedicated 5 years of his life to studying Psychology and further understanding his struggle with focusing and taking action in public situations. He created strategies to strengthen his ability to hyperfocus on tasks whilst building the confidence to share his knowledge to benefit others. He has since dedicated his working life to helping entrepreneurs in the coaching and training niche to grow their business by removing overwhelm and gaining clear direction through coaching sessions which focus on habit formation, goal setting, and system creation. He founded Expert Unleashed in 2018 with his partner Naomi Hyett who wanted to create a support system for entrepreneurs looking to succeed in a business that positively impacted the lives of others.

Together they have helped over 100 coaches and trainers globally to remove overwhelm and progress their business using an auto-organic marketing system that works every time! Jay's mission: to inspire and empower the next generation of thought leaders to unleash their inner expert and create a movement that positively impacts the world.



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