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‘The Snail’s Pace Is Not A Race’

Written by: Laura Hill, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Hello there! Today is Sunday 28th November 2021 and since my last article so much has happened, and life has been incredibly busy. Overwhelming and exhausting at times-close to burnout-but I have survived! I am happy to announce I have survived!

My pugs (Jerry and Storm) became parents to six beautiful puppies and their arrival meant I had to postpone everything ‘business’ to care for them, keep them clean, fed, and watered.

I had hoped for a mix of colours in the litter and the universe delivered when we had three fawn and three black puppies. We also had a mix of three boys and three girls-It couldn’t have gone better than that!

Looking after six puppies was joyful, beautiful, magical, and wonderful but at the same time (much like life with a baby) an endless cycle of feeding, cleaning up wee and poopoos, giving comfort, love, and attention and so forth. From about the age of 5 weeks, I spent most of my time cleaning up puppy pads, floors and mopping a few times a day. It was HARD work, and I am not going to lie. I had not anticipated it to have been so HARD. But I did it! And am super proud of that fact!

I would advise anyone to have support from another adult to be able to do it. And ideally, someone to stay at home and not be working. I would be in zoom meetings with puppies crying, play fighting or running about in the background and they made a few appearances on camera to the delight of the people present.

Some may ask, but why on Earth would you have done it? Well, Storm I took in. I like to say ‘inherited’ after the passing of my lovely friend Alyson. She passed away suddenly in March this year and I made a split-second decision to take in Storm.

When Alyson was alive, we tried to mate Storm and Jerry before to no avail and so when Storm came to us, I wanted to leave it to nature. Nature prevailed and so there it is. Alyson’s wish came true, and she would have been thrilled. Her story has now been told to each family and person that the pups have gone to. And therefore, she leaves a little legacy behind.

The grieving process has also been a little easier having Storm by my side and to have had this experience.

Will I be doing it again? No chance and she would laugh at that. She knows me. The woman who never wanted to have any pets had 6 puppies, 2 pugs and a cat. Thankfully we are back to 2 pugs and a cat. Life feels easier and more peaceful now. Do I miss the puppies? Yes, but not the work. Storm has now had an injection to delay her season and she is all booked in to be spayed in January.

If Alyson would have been here, she would have been the one dealing with the puppies, so no doubt she has had a right old giggle from beyond the other side.

During this period, I came down with the flu and then had a gastric stomach bug straight after and was unable to go to my main job for 2 weeks. During this time, I was lying in bed the anxiety gremlin struck. These are some of the thoughts I had. “Why on Earth did you start a business? You are so stupid-you can’t cope” …” You are so stupid, it’s too much for you” … “Who do you think you are. Close the business down. Just do it!” ….” Why did you even start this in the first place?” …” You will never succeed at this!”

These thoughts were like a washing machine in my head. Over and over the repetitive thoughts swished around inside my brain. It was horrible. But that’s all they were. They were just thoughts. And was I going to listen to them? No, I did not! I believe in myself and the value I can bring to the table. I want to help others. I help others in my main job for a local Domestic Abuse charity-but I wish to do more. My heart is driven!

So, I say this to you when those anxious thoughts come IGNORE them ALL! They are not true. A gremlin of untruth. Like the little cartoon devil on your shoulder. Just swipe it away and tell it to go away! Never listen to those thoughts especially if you are ill in bed or exhausted. When you are strong and on form, those thoughts do not come in. The Anxiety gremlin comes to get you when you are vulnerable. A bully. A coward.

As promised, I would take you on my business journey as well. As you may have guessed things have had to be put aside for the puppies have taken priority, however, there have been some positives. I was sadly unable to speak at the retreat in October as had no one to take care of the puppies. But there will be more opportunities another time. Life is a journey, not a destination and some things are ‘sent to try us’ (As the old saying goes!).


  1. Have interviewed multiple people to be guests on my upcoming new Facebook Live Show called ‘Survival and Triumph’. As the name suggests, it will be about personal tales of struggle, survival, and triumph. I have guests who are willing to share about trauma from sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, illness, alcoholism, addiction, cancer and much more. It will be a true inspiration to anyone who has faced difficult times.

  2. I appeared on the ‘After Dark Show’ as a guest with the wonderful British host Yvonne Michele. It was a live show, and I loved every minute of it. (I discussed Law of Attraction and relationships).

  3. I appeared on the above show again as a panel member and again thoroughly enjoyed,

  4. Invested in an American Business Coaching Program and am learning all about digital marketing which is like learning a new language. (Also, very daunting and overwhelming to a newbie like me!)

  5. I have developed a brand-new coaching programme for those who wish to thrive after trauma. Post traumatic growth is something I have gone through myself. The programme is called ‘Survivor to Thriver’ and is a 12-session programme that can be taken weekly, fortnightly, or bi-monthly. Designed to take someone at a pace that is comfortable for them.

  6. Have recently accepted an offer to become an Affiliate of a new partnership with Kieran Richards from Integrative Therapy Wales. Kieran is a qualified Counsellor, and we shall be meeting soon to discuss this exciting initiative.

Do you know? As I have just typed the above list, it has made me realise I have been really productive despite the 9-week period of looking after the puppies. I am sitting here smiling, realising that things have been better than I thought!

Therefore, writing down the positives in your life/business is so effective for gratitude and focus! Wow simply Wow! I am so pleased.

Despite the delay in starting my Facebook live show in November and not being able to attend the retreat (which was very disheartening at the time), I can see that there is so much good here!

Anyway, let’s get focused Laura! Yes, I babble…

Nex Steps

  1. December – start my Facebook Live show ‘Survival and Triumph’ (Like my business page to see!)

  2. Am being interviewed (pre-recorded) to appear in new year on an American radio show called ‘Crushing 40’ for people over 40. This is with Radio Host and Author Kimmi Love.

  3. Make changes to my website.

  4. Keep going with my business coaching.

So, what to remember? That I am a single Mother, I work full time already in my main job. I am a single woman, an entrepreneur building up my business around my other commitments, pets, son, family, ageing parents, housework, laundry and not to forget Christmas!

I am building my business at my own pace and it’s ok. Slowly but surely. Remember it doesn’t matter how slow you go-even if at a snail’s pace. If it is in the right direction, it is absolutely OK!

And remember when the self-sabotaging thoughts come and that mean old Anxiety Gremlin, remember they are just thoughts. They are not the truth. They are thoughts that is all. And we can change our thoughts at any time!

So, ignore that gremlin of untruth and focus on yourself.

Happy Sunday folks!

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Laura Hill, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Laura Hill is the Founder & Owner of LOA Life Coaching International Ltd. Laura is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach that specializes in positive psychology and the power of human emotion. She is trauma-informed and has a BA First Class Honours in Counselling Studies and Psychology which is accredited by The British Psychological Society.

Laura helps her clients to switch their mindset from that of 'survivor' to 'thriver'. This empowers them to transcend from a life of mere existence to that of deliberate creation and manifestation. She is able to motivate anyone to push past their pain, close the door to the past and focus on the present.



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