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The Lead Generation Expert Helping Coaches Thrive – Exclusive Interview With Endora Mackrodt

Endora is a certified personal, CBT, and mindfulness coach and an online business growth strategy expert. After over a decade of experience in sales, business development, and operations, she decided to pivot her career toward coaching. But it wasn't long before she realized her passion was helping other coaches grow their businesses. As someone with a wealth of knowledge in lead generation and social media growth, she knew she couldn't keep this valuable information to herself, so she founded LGWE – The One-Stop Shop For Coaches. Her mission: Help coaches focus on what matters: Coaching!

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Endora Mackrodt, Holistic Business Strategy & Coaching Consultant

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life so we can get to know you better.

My Name is Endora Mackrodt in Germany, but Endora Mackrodt Cardoso de Mello Silva in Brasil. Yes, I know, I have a lengthy last name, as any Brazilian should have! Haha. So yeah, as you can see, I am Brazilian but also have German roots. I lived most of my life in Brazil but moved to Germany in 2019.

Not many people know that, but I studied Tourism as a social science at University when I got my bachelor's degree. I worked with tourism for quite some time, in sales, operations, you name it, but then, due to my constant moving around the globe, I pivoted in my career a few times. I lived in Chile and Argentina, traveled around South America and Australia, and finally settled in Germany, where I am today. I speak four languages – Portuguese, Spanish, English, and German.

Due to the constant change, I had to find a place in my career that I was good at and easy to bring with me: sales and business development. I worked in sales and business development in various areas, from travel agencies to online real estate and software companies. I have had the privilege of working with and learning a lot from some exceptional professionals in the Sales and Marketing industries during those experiences.

I have always been very good at working with people, and I knew I didn't want to work for others for long. While working at my last job in Germany, I came across a solid professional coaching training in Germany that lasted two years, where I learned a LOT about various coaching niches. After completing this training (in German! Can you believe it? Haha), I got my personal coach and psychological counselor certificate. When I was finishing my training, I decided it was time. I was very tired of working for others and not having control over my routine. I wanted to experience the freedom of living my life my way – so I quit. I quit and decided to start my own coaching business.

As I was starting my business and practicing it, I came across another training for Cognitive-Behavioral coaching. I suffered from depression for many years in my youth, and CBT tools and techniques were life-changing, so I decided to implement that in my practice and Mindfulness, as I love to meditate and am also a yogini. Everything sort of fell into place.

While working on growing my business, I started working with a Business Coach – she offered group coaching to give some direction about building and maintaining a profitable coaching business. One of her primary areas of focus was social media growth. During our coaching sessions with other coaches, I usually took over the conversations, giving my colleagues tips to help them with social media growth and lead generation. The colleagues often struggled with creating the right messaging, doing cold outreach, struggling with rejection, etc.

My own problem at the time was that I was amazing at generating leads and booking calls for my own business, but I was a little bit lost about my own niche and was really insecure about my offers. I was landing calls, and I would get a client here and there, but I was struggling to have clarity about my offers, which was hurting me in my own sales call. (The one thing I learned in my career about doing effective sales is that you need to truly believe and embody what you are selling.)

One day, I was having a chat with my business coach, and she asked me: "While your business doesn't pick up, why don't you offer some social media growth and lead generation services to other coaches?" It seemed interesting, but I wasn't at all convinced since I spent so long trying to become a coach myself.

After some time, I was running low on cash, I didn't have a full-time job anymore to support me, I had to ask for support from the government to pay my bills, and I was getting apprehensive. But I was sure of one thing: I wouldn't return to work for others. Then, without expecting much of it, I started offering some essential lead generation services to other fellow coaches. Still, you see, I am not basic; I go above and beyond, and I know that business success is not only about momentaneous victories but also about strategy and setting the foundation for long-term success. So I started to offer some extras: Creative writing for emails, freebies and DMs (did I say I love writing?), creating freebies, consulting, and helping set a funnel strategy – so what started as Lead Generation With Endora became LGWE - The One-Stop Shop for coaches – we are nowadays a team of four women (about to increase!) focusing on delivering spectacular DFY services for coaches, so they can thrive, and focus on what matters: Coaching!

After two months in the business, I had made more than 30k, and the company started to grow. Life brought me back to what I had always been good at Business Development and Lead Generation; at the same time, it allowed me to continue helping others, but this time, assisting coaches to have successful businesses.

Nowadays, I am finally able to live my dream life: Living in my cozy apartment in Germany with my husband, having time and financial freedom, doing things I love every day – and this has always been what I wanted to help others conquer – space and balance – but I was able to do that in a very different way that I had expected. Now, I help coaches live their dream lives!

Could you provide an overview of your business and the services you offer on your website?

Yes, so, we offer the essentials for coaches to start getting new calls booked: Social media growth, lead generation, and appointment setting. Like VAs, but better: We are experts, you don't have to worry about anything, we take care of everything. We offer different packages for different needs and pocket sizes. It can be a basic package with a week of consulting, messaging elaboration, and lead generation – or a full package including everything you need to get a killer strategy in place – with messaging, email funnel creations, support with events, freebies creations, and much more. After a first consultation call, we can better understand where the coach is and what they need to thrive. We make package recommendations from there. Also, we have our unique "Coach Atelier," where we offer a whole bunch of add-ons, so if the coach wants to start small but needs a few items as they go, we can fully support them.

What inspired you to create "LGWE" and what sets your lead generation services apart from competitors?

I always loved to work with people, and I wanted to become a coach because of that. Life has these mysterious ways of working, which led me to help other coaches grow their business. I have always been passionate about sales and business growth and have always been very good at it! What sets us apart from competitors is: First, We are transparent with our clients – We don't promise them unattainable results. We are clear about what it takes and the work required to get where they want to be. Cases of overnight successful business are rare, and it usually requires a lot of hard work. Second: High-quality services are our company motto – we are dedicated, we are experts, and we don't want to waste people's time and money – we go above and beyond for our clients. We have sales workshops, we provide webinars, and we have in-depth consultations to see what they can improve on their end to land the sales. Finally, we provide something invaluable: We give the coaches their time back to focus on other business activities, coaching their clients, have time to enjoy life, and do all the heavy lifting to bring the potential clients to their doors.

How do you ensure the quality and relevance of leads generated for your clients?

To get quality leads that can convert into clients, coaches have to have three things clear: Their ideal client, their problems, and the solutions they can offer. This is the base for quality research and compelling messaging. If the coach has this clear – great! If not, we can help them set out those business details to help them stand out from the crowd. We work closely with coaches, with weekly calls or biweekly, depending on their needs. We are always aligned, offer detailed reporting, constantly review performance, and are always on the lookout for improvements.

Can you share success stories or case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of your lead-generation strategies?

Results for lead generation for coaches can vary a lot depending on where they are at with their business. I worked – and still work – with a marketing coach who was able to make 13k in the first three months working together. She got basically 4x of what she had invested for the three months. Another was a spiritual coach; she had a very strong Instagram profile, but surprisingly, she got an average of three calls per week by her third month coming from LinkedIn! Another was a relationship coach who got around six calls booked in her first month, but two sales coming from it!

It's important to have in mind: Focus on quality over quantity – so we get quality calls booked in with a high chance of converting – second – coaches need to do their part as well – they need to be present on social media to position themselves as the go-to expert in their niches, AND they need to embody their offers to conduct effective sales calls.

Speaking of which! LGWE will have a 2-day high-level workshop in December to help coaches feel confident and nail their sales call. We will have a special guest joining us who is a prominent name in the sales industry. If anyone is interested, feel free to reach out!

Get in touch with Endora to get more information about the workshop – click here.

What industries or types of businesses do you primarily work with, and do you offer customized lead generation solutions for different niches?

We are a company focused on helping coaches who want to grow their businesses and get calls booked. We welcome any kind of coaching!

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

My greatest career achievement has been to create my own successful company from the ground!

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

It would definitely be the speech of overnight success and people who offer services without credentials or relevant experience selling empty services for high prices. From business coaches saying that people can reach six figures in three months, charging 10k for a program – to lead generation companies writing coaches asking if they are ready to handle 40 appointments per week – this is unrealistic, and if doable, certainly is terrible quality leads.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

I come from a low-income family in Brazil and had to deal with scarcity my entire life. But this has made me highly resilient, and scarce times have always led me to be creative, work harder, and accomplish incredible things in my life. I came from a small town in Brazil to travel the world and found my own company on my own merits. My life and the situations I lived, from poverty through depression to working and studying full time – were all pivotal moments for me to be right where I am today.

Want to learn more about LGWE? Check their website here

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