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The Journey Of Finding Purpose In Life

Written by: Flora Bami, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We are visitors on this planet. We have been offered this life, let's do something good, something useful with our lives because there is a purpose to our human lives. Each human being has a unique gift to offer to the world this; gift is our purpose.

A personal sense of purpose is less of a specific end goal and more of an ongoing impact on the world, large or small. Your purpose is your why. This personal sense of purpose guides and sustains you, day to day and through the years. Even when you have setbacks and the world turns upside down, even when you hate your current job, purpose gives you stability and a sense of direction. That’s why finding purpose is essential for living a happy and fulfilling life. You know what you love to do, what you are good at, and how you can contribute to the world.

Here I am sharing some key practices that helped me along my journey of finding my purpose in life.

Reflect on the following powerful questions

What would make life worth living?

When do I feel a sense of joy?

What is my greatest purpose?

What am I for on earth?

What's my starlight?

What do I feel about purpose?

When do I feel happy, satisfied, inspired, joyful, and creative?

How do I want to be remembered by others?

What really matters in my life?

In your journal, write down whatever comes up for you. You can revisit these questions more than once, ideally every week.

Explore your passions, talents, skills, gifts, and hobbies

In your journal, list all your passions, talents, skills, gifts, and hobbies. Think about what you’re good at, what you loved doing as a kid, and what you would like to do, which is also what makes the best use of your unique talents. Simply reflect on “what I love & what I am good at” and let your pen grace your page. You can also ask the people who know you best to share what they consider your talents, gifts, and strengths. Sometimes they see what we are not able to see.

When you feel that you have invested enough time and energy in the above-mentioned practices, scan your notes and look for patterns, a common thread, and observations. Those practices are very insightful and powerful; approach them with love, curiosity, and genuine interest to discover yourself.

Service is our purpose.

Service is about giving back, contributing to others’ well-being, and helping and supporting others. Giving back can enhance your sense of meaning and purpose in life. This means that when you help others, you also help yourself. Look for ways to be of service and use every opportunity for helping others. You might want to volunteer in your local community or donate your money or skills to a cause that resonates with you. Or try spreading a little happiness by performing random acts of kindness. Our purpose is to be of some benefit to others and dedicate ourselves to others. Until you find your calling in life, you can be of service by applying your gifts and talents in new ways. Choose an activity that you do regularly and dedicate it to a higher purpose, which will have a potentially positive impact on those around you, or on the wellbeing of your kids, family, colleagues, or community. Start small, and see how you feel when your actions are dedicated to others.

"We do not do great things. We do small things with great love “, Mother Theresa said.

Growth mindset

Our mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how we make sense of the world and ourselves. It influences how we think, feel, and behave in any given situation. Constantly growing and becoming a better version of yourself helps you identify your purpose and commit to pursuing it. Observe the language you use, your self-talk, and how you see the world. Which are the key themes and words that keep popping into your mind? Next, ask yourself if this language supports your growth, brings more opportunities in your life, and makes you feel peaceful, motivated, and well. If not, replace them. What if problems are gifts we grow from? What if difficulties and challenges become our teachers? “Life happens for me, not to me,” beautifully summarized by Tony Robbins. A growth mindset can transform your way of thinking and approaching life. Let life experiences become your teaching points, stay curious and open-minded, and explore new horizons and pathways. This helps you cultivate the sense of connectedness and wisdom that generates a sense of purpose in life.

Be selective on how you spend your time and energy.

Energy is currency. When you pay attention to something, you are buying an experience. Be selective and treat your time with respect, care and love. Be conscious of how, where, with whom, and what you spend your energy on. Do you invest your energy in people, projects, and situations with a high ROI or simply waste it on careless scrolling, unproductive gossiping, and gloomy people? Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you spend time with people who are positive and purpose-driven, they are likely to inspire you to have the same mindset. You may even discover your purpose through them. Choose to be exposed to people who lift you up, inspire you, and believe in you, people you can learn from; environments that make you feel well and motivated, not drained and down.

Inner peace

Life carries new meaning when we have become conscious of our soul and have found our true purpose in life. To connect with our souls, we need peace, stillness, balance, and harmony. The answers we seek come in silence. Are you able to hear your own inner voice and trust your inner wisdom? Practicing silence daily; could be through meditation, a sitting practice, praying, or time in nature without distractions, will strengthen your ability to hear your inner voice and your soul whispers. Creative thinking and clarity come naturally when our minds are in a state of relaxation. Because when our brains are relaxed, they are at their most creative state. You cannot achieve or serve others when you are battling against yourself. Try to be at peace with yourself and help others share that peace. To achieve that, self-love, self-care, and self-compassion are fundamental.

“Listen, silence isn’t empty, it is full of the answers.” — Rumi.

Be patient, trust in the process and enjoy the journey.

Finding our purpose in life is a journey, not a destination. A journey that takes time, effort, and dedication. The journey becomes more enjoyable, fun, and gratifying than the moment we think we achieve our goal. Make the journey to just being real. When you are fully and undeniably yourself, you won't have to ask what your purpose is because you'll already be living it. It is as simple as that. It'll just be you! Not who you think you are but who you truly are and this might take time and inner work to get there. The purpose is not something you choose. It is something you are, not something you do. You have it already, you just need to surrender to the process of knowing yourself better and become aware of your unique gifts. When you meet the two fundamental spiritual needs, personal growth and contribution to others, then you know that you have found your purpose.

Identifying, acknowledging, and honoring your purpose is the foundation of a well-rounded life. It requires some courage because it opens up questions and ideas that might not be comfortable. Yet it's worth it. Purpose provides you with an inner compass that guides every decision and leads you to the experiences that will light up your soul.

Since I found my purpose in my life, I have experienced life’s deepest joy, a sense of true fulfillment, which makes my life significant and worthwhile. What we truly desire isn't a thing, it is the feeling of fulfillment. Fulfillment is more than mere happiness because fulfillment is deep joy and having a sense of purpose beyond self.

Flora Bami

ICF Integral Coach

Holistic Wellbeing strategist / Diversity & Inclusion expert

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Flora Bami, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Flora Bami is an optimist, an experienced and passionate integral coach, with expertise in life, mindset, relationships, and wellbeing coaching. Her main focus is on making your relationship with yourself healthier and reframing your inner voice based on self-love, acceptance, and compassion.

Her mission in life is to support people in their life journey to reach their potential and feel better and happier through individual coaching and setting up wellbeing programs in big organizations.

Better people, better world!

Happier people, happier world!

After going through a deep transformation herself and turning trauma into a gift, she dedicated her life to supporting people reconnecting with their true selves.



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