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The Importance Of Symbolism (And How The Mind Processes Information)

Written by: McKing Lee, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Today might be a little interesting because I’ll be sharing a whole case study with you! Or then again perhaps you might find it boring to know exactly how this person went through her hypnosis.

Close-up on Female Eye wearing eye glasses

You see, our mind processes a large chunk of information as symbols, pictures, images, etc

Words do come into play too but images and symbols can hold a lot more information

For example, think of love right now… what appears?

If you just see the word love, that’s it

Some people might see a pink 2D heart, or a red 3D heart

I had a guy who saw a green circle, and another who saw a blue square

Yes, those are their unique symbols of love!

I also had a girl who saw a broken heart, another saw a knife in the heart, and a third lady a black heart

Yes, while those symbols are of love, you immediately realize that love is not a pure good love that people expect

A knife in the heart might symbolize a love that betrayed her, or hurt her badly

And this is what I want to share with you today

The Case of The Girl Who Couldn’t Move On

Let’s call her Sarah (Name change to protect her identity)

Sarah is a 29-year-old girl who had a long distance relationship with a guy but due to circumstances, they had to break it off

However, she couldn’t let go and move on

Every day she cries herself to sleep, pining for him

She was also experiencing mild anxiety and depression but the main focus was to let go and get over her ex-boyfriend

When we started the hypnosis, she saw herself in a pasture with a path leading away from her

And since there was nothing else, she followed the path into a village

An old lady appeared and offered her some bread but she refused the offer because she wasn’t hungry

Sarah continued through the village, and came to a river

She sat on a rock and watch the sunrise… just enjoying the peace…

As the sky brighten, she noticed a forest across the river and wanted to go there

I asked her how will she go there, and while at first she thought she might cross via a bridge, she could only see a log, and so she hopped over to the side of the forest

As she approached the forest, a pair of yellow demonic eyes appeared!

Sarah started crying in fear upon seeing such eyes!

I told her that she is safe and the sun will continue to rise and brighten even more so we can see clearly who these pair of eyes belong to

As the sun reaches midpoint, and the darkness recedes, she realized the pair of yellow demonic eyes belong to a wolf!

The wolf was there as a guide and a protector!

It will guide her through the forest to where she needed to go

Finally, they reached a mountain, and Sarah started to cry again

I asked her why is she crying, and she replied

“Because I need to climb the mountain, and I can’t bring the wolf with me”

I told her that its ok, you can take your time to have this closure with the wolf

And she hugged the wolf so tightly and kept repeating, “I’m sorry, I need to climb the mountain and I can’t bring you with me”

I waited until she was done and then she climbed the mountain and sat on a beach chair while watching the sunset

She also had a cup of coffee here while she rested!

Finally, she climbed down the other side of the mountain and entered a desert

Where she came across a bench and told me she wanted to sleep on this bench

So I waited patiently while she had a nap on the bench in her mind, while physically she was sitting in my couch

Once she was ready to come out of hypnosis, I brought her out

So What Does It All Mean?

We did have a chat about it and who knows, maybe you already figured out what the symbols meant to her!

I’m sorry, no I have no idea what the old lady and the bread mean either hahaha

We can confirm that the wolf is her ex-boyfriend, because she felt it was so

In fact, I asked her to think of her ex-boyfriend and to her surprise, she was no longer crying and felt peace about moving on!

Perhaps the forest was a period of time where having the ex-boyfriend or the wolf was great at protecting and guiding her

While the mountain was her next phase of life, where she will go alone… for now

And sleeping on the bench in her mind was to have adequate mental rest (since we are in a state of hypnosis after all)

The main thing is that she can finally let go and move on

Because due to how the hypnosis works, her hugging the wolf and having that closure allowed her to have that closure with her ex-boyfriend too

That’s why she can feel free suddenly, where previously when she thinks of her ex-boyfriend, she will cry profusely

It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? 😉

A Word of Caution

Although yes, the above experience was done through hypnosis, what can it also mean?

You see, the above was a process of symbolism and imagery in order to heal, but the reverse is also possible

Where if you imagine negative circumstances or fears, that you generate more fear and anxiety for yourself

That’s how fear comes about!





That makes fear!

Perhaps you have a fear of spiders, and perhaps a spider fell in front of you when you were a child and that’s why you developed a fear of spiders

That’s the child you seeing a spider, the spider looks much bigger since you are smaller

Now that you are an adult, even though the spider is physically much much smaller than you, the image in your mind is as if its much bigger instead

You probably can see where I’m going with this

Dissolving this image, a false image, will be one way to dissolve your fear!

Well, there are other ways depending on the circumstances of course

Just be aware not to give yourself negative imagery in the future!

Or plant negative imagery in your friends, family or children!

That’s the main takeaway 😊

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Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time! :D

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McKing Lee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

McKing Lee is a conversational hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, and a student of life. After nearly dying in his sleep when his lung burst for no reason, McKing develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and fell into depression. He subsequently sought his own recovery through learning NLP and hypnosis. Having a unique understanding of how the mind works, he has helped many people with mental and psychological issues, relationship and emotional issues, and interestingly enough, sometimes physical ailments too. McKing was recognized and won APAC SEA Business Awards Hypnotist of the Year 2020, and has been featured in local and overseas media over the years. He aims to help people as effectively as possible, through sharing of knowledge and with the right application of skills.

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