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The Future Of CEOs Is Purpose-Driven – Driving For Positive, Measurable Social Impact

Written by: Brigitte Kaps, Executive Contributor

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Throughout the second half of the 20th century, we saw immense commercial change; the growth of globalisation, technology, and the introduction of the internet.

What the industrial revolution intensified in the 19th century was the greatly accelerated development of technology, productivity, and science, and the permanent transformation of social and economic conditions.

The 21st century faces again an immense commercial change: digital disruption. Whole sectors of the economy may disappear and be replaced by new ones within the next decade.

We all are confronted with new working conditions, and whether we like it or not, these changes demand high and fast adaptability from all of us. Today the majority of CEOs don’t simply sit anymore in their offices at the top of their multi-million dollar headquarters.

A large number of CEOs work virtually from home, trying to manage their teams, meet business objectives and satisfy the demands of all stakeholders. Russell Reynolds Associates, conducted a groundbreaking survey of 200 CEOs among a subset of more than 7,000 executives, studying over 60 personality traits.

Influence. Inference. Initiative.

It determined that modern leaders possess three important traits: influence, inference, and initiative.

“Influence”: the ability of a CEO to inspire action in others without seeming like a dictator.

“Inference”: requires a CEO to make sense of information.

“Initiative”: a CEO must have the “initiative to make difficult decisions under uncertain conditions. " I would like to add to the result of this survey “taking the initiative to practise proactive and interactive communication” – becoming social. Millennials expect from CEOs that they are no longer untouchable, that they no longer think and act hierarchically.

They are supposed to be motivational and inspirational. With new leadership tactics, (please avoid “top-down”) CEOs are supposed to effectively build powerful teams within their company. They are expected to become “social architects”, individuals who can inspire and motivate people to take action and build environments that engender extraordinary accomplishments. While you are reading this, do you find yourself in this new role? Are you a purpose-driven visionary, hungry for change, and disruptive by nature? Are you genuine and not just generous? If not, today is the perfect day to start

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Brigitte Kaps, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Brigitte Kaps is the founder and CEO of Executive & Rent a She holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Business Communications and a degree in communications science She has almost 20 years of international experience in management positions with leading foreign banks (ABN Amro, GE, RBS). Before becoming self-employed in 2015, she was responsible for corporate communications at Cembra Money Bank (formerly GE Money Bank) in her capacity as a member of the Executive Board.



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