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The Expert's Advice to Achieving Success In Your Business And Life –Even in Times of Uncertainty

Updated: Apr 1

Written by: Carmen Benton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Success is usually defined as the accomplishment of your goals and/or your purpose, and it has very little to do really with riches and status, unless of course your goals include them. This statement begs a question that very few people are asking you: how are you going to accomplish success in your business and life, if you don’t know what your goals and purpose are?

As you can deduct from the sentence above, for you or anyone to be able to achieve success in business and life, you need to know first and foremost what success means for you and why you want to achieve it. With this in mind, I also want to introduce to you a crucial concept in this process, which is that achieving success is basically achieving your goals, and that the reason you pursue success is because at a deep level, you believe that such accomplishment will fulfill your purpose.

So do you know what your goals and purpose are?

Statistically speaking 92% of people don’t really know the answer to that question, so figuring this out might be the most appropriate way to show you how to achieve success, especially if you want your life to become a series of successes after another.

First of all, you need to know and understand that your definition of success does not need to equal anyone’s else's mold nor need to fit into any predefined pattern, because your definition of success is yours and yours only. So what about starting with that? What does success mean to you? In this time of social distancing, take the time to go inside rather than outside, and spend time trying to answer this question.

As I mentioned earlier, success can mean a predetermined amount of money or income, it could be a number of clients, or a pristine title if you work for a company; it can mean traveling to places, meeting people, or even having a family. For others, It could be leaving a legacy, or making contributions to society, but most importantly, you need to understand that success for you probably means more than just one of these things, but the combination of few of them.

"All of the sudden, one of the things that makes successful people successful: the continuous pursuit of one’s purpose, becomes the very thing that prevents you from getting the victory, because your idea of success becomes a never ending moving target."

Sounds simple, right? But somehow I often see most people overcomplicating this and I’m willing to bet you're not the exception, and it’s not that you can’t recognize what success mean for them today, but the issue is that if you don’t define what is is that you are after, by the time you get it your definition of success or in a businesslike word, your goals, will change making it impossible to achieve them, because they are never still and therefore they are always and constantly out of your reach. All of the sudden, one of the things that makes successful people successful: the continuous pursuit of one’s purpose, becomes the very thing that prevents you from getting the victory, because your idea of success becomes a never ending moving target.

See the trap that most people so innocently fall into? You believe you don’t have time to spare in order to define your goals, but instead you spend your entire life chasing an impossible, because without definition, success is more like a platonic state of mind.

To summarize, the first thing you must do in order to be successful is: define your goals, so that you can formulate an exact plan to achieve your success and use your time wisely to get to your destination.

Then obviously the second thing you need to do in order to be successful is to recognize your purpose. Notice I didn’t say define your purpose, because I believe your purpose could be ever changing and adapting to your circumstances and it doesn’t need to be defined because always is. However, recognizing what makes you happy is a different thing, but one that very few people know or recognize.

This is what achieving success is all about, no matter what the economy is doing, or what crazy headwind we are experiencing as humanity, and I promise you can clearly define your goals and your purpose, with the right strategy and action plan to get there, you can have it all.

Carmen Benton, International Business Strategist

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Carmen Benton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Carmen Benton is an International sought after Business Strategist, dedicated to help entrepreneurs around the world stop feeling overwhelmed and overworked, by showing them how to create a real growth strategy and powerful action that is proven to eliminate burnout from any business, including yours so that you can feel passionate about what you do again, and scale you business with ease. Carmen is a Mechanical Industrial Engineer and she holds an MBA from a branch for Harvard Business School. She has served in high management positions in large corporations in the US, and she also has helped companies of all shapes and sizes, create and established a concrete strategy that's actionable and profitable.

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