The Emotion Code & Muscle Testing – How to Chat With Your Subconscious For Answers

Written by: Heather Guernsey, Executive Contributor

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As many people are aware of, we have both a conscious mind, as well as a subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is what we are aware of; it’s our logical brain, the one that tries to dissect and figure everything out in an organized fashion. But it is so limited compared to the vastness of the subconscious mind, which holds every memory we’ve ever experienced, every thought we’ve ever had; it’s all-knowing. And it’s connected to Universal Intelligence—or “the Powers That Be.”

Have you ever wondered why so many illnesses remain “incurable,” or diagnosed as “degenerative” or “chronic” by medical professionals and they prescribe a lifetime of pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms, yet the actual root of the illness is never made clear? This is often because the root is emotional, and linked to trapped negative emotional energies that have not been released from a person’s energy field or physical body. So how can we find these answers? How can we get to the root of illness, or chronic pain, or unhealthy life patterns such as self-sabotage and procrastination? The answer is more simple than most would choose to believe: it comes down to a very focused form of energy healing called the Emotion Code.

This incredible modality was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson as is broken down into steps in his book The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code method of energy healing combines asking yes/no questions to the subconscious mind through muscle testing to determine what trapped negative emotional energies are contributing to the issue we are working on at the time (mental, emotional or physical) and at what age the emotion got stuck in one’s energy field. Having the emotion and the age at which one felt a certain emotion is usually enough information to then consciously remember the incident that made them feel this way. For example, we may pull the emotion “abandonment” around age seven from someone. More often than not, they are then able to consciously think back and may respond with confirmation such as “that makes sense, age seven is when my parents got divorced,” etc.

The clearing of these emotions is done with a magnet and the details of that part of this energy healing can be found in the Emotion Code book if you are curious to learn this seemingly magical work! That being said, I still always recommend finding a practitioner (such as myself!), so you can get the full experience the first time around.

While muscle testing is an integral part of this method of energy healing, it can also be used on a daily basis to help you make good and healthy decisions. Think of it as a physical way of checking in with your “higher self.” Let’s talk about the sway test; perhaps the most simplistic method of getting answers from one’s subconscious mind. (Go ahead and try this—it will blow your mind!) Stand up, with your feet about hip-width apart, toes facing forward. Keeping your eyes open, begin to think of love— unconditional love, everything and anything that makes you feel joy and happiness.

You will notice that there is an invisible force that seems to shove your entire body forward involuntarily. This is what will happen when you ask a question and the answer is “yes” or affirmative. If you’re new to playing with muscle testing, then it is more than likely you will give this a shot, have it work, and then your conscious mind will immediately begin throwing the doubt at you: “well, that wasn’t real, I knew I was supposed to move forward, so I did,” or “it probably won’t work every time,” and so on.

This is normal, and just as you need to learn to trust your intuition (or your gut), it would be wise to trust your muscle testing as it will provide the same answers for you as your intuition. When you have tried getting your affirmative sway, repeat the same process, only this time think about war, hate, famine, sorrow, anything negative; and watch what happens. You will inadvertently feel the same force sway you backward. It’s bonkers—but it’s real! It does take practice to feel confident in trusting it. Swaying back is the body’s way of giving you a negative answer—almost as if you are pulling away from that which you are thinking about in the moment.

While I am a huge advocate for the Emotion Code modality, if you aren’t quite ready to dive into that work, you can still begin to integrate muscle testing into your daily life. Begin by practicing with things you already know the answer to, such as stating your name, versus a fake name. Similarly, you can ask about what is good for your health and wellness; “Is it in my highest interest to eat this entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s at 11 pm?” (sadly, you can expect a sway back on this one!) It’s really a magical tool to help you make better choices for your mind, body and soul, and can give you the reassurance you need about certain things. For example, you could even use it if you had a weird feeling (intuition!) about going on a first date with someone you met on Tinder. “Is it in my highest interest to go on this date?” See what happens. I don’t think that you should count on it as a tool for predicting the future by any means, but it can help you to become more confident in trusting your intuition.

I hope you find this nifty little tool helpful in your everyday life as I have! More often than not, our intuition is spot on, and practicing muscle testing can give you the confidence you need to truly trust your gut.

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Originally from Maine, Heather has been a dancer & performer her whole life, and spent the majority of the last decade performing on the stages of Las Vegas. Over a year ago, she embarked on her spiritual journey and was led to The Emotion Code method of energy healing- and the rest is history! Heather owns a remote energy healing business called Soul Path Energy Healing and currently practices the Emotion Code modality (though her repertoire is expanding quickly!), supplemented by Oracle Card readings and other offerings to help her clients process the healing that they are receiving. This work has changed Heather’s life, and the lives of so many others. She is so passionate about her purpose and hopes to help as many people as possible through this miraculous work!



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