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The 3 Important Keys Of Separating Business Affairs From Personal Affairs

Written by: Travis Kendrick McCray, Executive Contributor

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In this article, I will be writing about the difference between business affairs and personal affairs in the workplace setting. There are several important strategies that need to become fulfilled in order to keep the flow of productivity in the work environment. Growing up in Southwest Georgia, a small rural area has taught me that “it is not where you come from; it is where you are going” due to my high-end levels of professionalism skills. Each day I always strive for some incredible substantial steps in order to help elevate my craft even greater because as I climb there are going to be moments that personally will somehow affect my business affairs due to the combination of business and personal affairs.

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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste” – Arthur Fletcher

The Division from Personal Affairs and Business Relationships

Meetings! Money! Family! Deadlines! Gossip! These are some words which come to my mind as I think about business affairs and personal affairs. The facts of life about business begin when we learn the difference between business and personal affairs. Over the years, there have been several factors that help explore the importance between the divisions of these two factors. Business affairs must remain separate from the personal affairs for various reasons if you plan on succeeding with a successful business. Substantial landmarks become the results once you learn the corrective strategies of the importance of business affairs and personal affairs. There are three important keys of separating business and personal affairs which are learning business affairs, handling personal affairs accordingly, and combining both business and personal affairs in the workplace.

Business Affairs

What are business affairs? Business affairs are business assets, liabilities, financial structures, and any sustainable activity or an organization that exemplifies professional operations. The origin of business affairs began in the biblical days as GOD set His laws in the Ten Commandments with Moses and so far on into the modern days. My mom Mrs. Retha Bell Wallace strictly works her weekly job by following her daily production duties with her magnificent results as she handles several business affairs. While I was gaining my college education, I took a course called Business Etiquette. This particular course taught me about the five workplace etiquette tips which are to Avoid Gossip, Communication is Key, Make a good first impression, Understand your work environment, and Be Personable yet professional. Over the years, I have elevated my professional business affairs due to my wholeheartedly passion for productive business structures. Once you guarantee that these proper business etiquette steps are solid you will gain some tremendous opportunities to manage your business affairs. For instance, in December of 2022, I was nominated and won the Brainz 500 Global Listee Award because of my remarkable business affairs in business and financial consultation.

Personal Affairs

What are Personal Affairs? Personal Affairs are decisions which an adult makes in order to provide food, clothing, healthcare, shelter, or even personal hygiene. In the professional environment such as Google, they have their personal affairs under strict policies that recommend all personal affairs should be handled outside of the workplace due to business productivity. Throughout my lifetime, I have gradually experienced countless ways business and personal affairs have a cause and an effect. I grew up witnessing how certain individuals gossip about others personal business and making it their business to negativity destroy a person’s character. This creates chaos and drama which rapidly slows down the business productivity flow accordingly. Some individuals lose out on high profile career opportunities due to poor professional skills or the lack of managing personal affairs separate from business affairs. For example, my neighbor Lieutenant from the “Disco Houndz” also known as “The Boom Boyz” had an incredible career opportunity in the rap industry in Atlanta, Georgia from the late 80’s to the early 90’s, unfortunately their personal affairs interfered with their business deal and they were cheated out of their rap career opportunity.

The Combination of Business and Personal Affairs

There are numerous ways to combine business and personal affairs; however, it would not be knowledgeable to combine the two. The business settings are extremely demanding because of the business agendas at hand or even managing business production quotas. Personal affairs could cause a decrease in production due to workplace drama or chaos such as rumors. For instance, I personally had a colleague and a family member spread rumors about me in the workplace and I experienced unhealthy relationships in the workplace which interfered with my work production as I was hurt by the false accusations. Every honorable line which may be crossed in both business and personal affairs most definitely can tarnish your brand or professional etiquettes in the near future. Some businesses have decreased or went extinctive due to foolish decisions such as hiring some family members, friends, or even close colleagues. It would form a resistance committee within any business atmosphere at hand because one bad apple (employee) could disrupt the entire workplace with some personal drama in the business environment.


In conclusion, the three important keys of separating business and personal affairs consist of learning business affairs, handling personal affairs accordingly, and combining both business and personal affairs in the workplace. It is resourceful as you learn the difference between the two. Most times it is not wise to mix business and pleasures (personal) in the workplace due to unseen devastation in the future. There are indeed some boundaries that should become priorities in order to continue the professional vibe in the workplace. Once you can assure that the separation process is a known element, it will make some professional relationships prosper along with your business affairs. Personal affairs will be managed outside of the workplace as a way to respect the overall positions accordingly. Additionally, I would like to truly give all the prestigious high-profile or even the small successful businesses their respect, love, and support because it takes genuine professionalism to constantly gravitate on a daily basis.

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Travis Kendrick McCray, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Travis K. McCray is a genuine definition of an ambitious leader by exemplifying a compassionate heart person for others. He began his life in Southwest Georgia in a small rural community called Days Crossroads Community. In his early childhood, he totally realized that he was surrounded by poverty and the lack of opportunities which truly encouraged him to always strive for excellence. After the completion of high school, he attended Independence University to gain double degrees in Business Management and Accounting as a Summa Cum Laude Honor Graduate. Now he is the CEO of Days Cross Road Cooperative, LLC which provides services such as Business and Financial Consulting.

In the summer of 2022, he was nominated and won The Marquis Who’s Who of America Publishing Company Certification.



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