The 23-Minute Routine that Will Change Your Life

Written by: Edna Keep, Executive Contributor

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This is a routine that I’ve used and which worked for me. If you adhere to it, I can assure you that you’ll make a lot of progress in your life and habits.


What comes to mind when you hear the word meditation? Gurus and Buddhist monks poised in concentration on mountain tops? Yes, that is meditation, but so is you sitting down in your room training your awareness and focus. Meditation is simply the act (or practice) of training your mind to be mindful and aware, among other things. It is a practice that allows you to attain a superior state of consciousness that the normal person cannot attain. Endeavor to meditate every day for as long as possible. Even if all you can do is concentrate on your breath for two minutes, as long as you do it consistently, you will register a lot of positive changes. There are several benefits to engaging in meditation. In this scenario, however, consistent meditation will help you improve your focus. As such, you will be better able to concentrate on something you need to change, which will improve your chances of changing it.

Improve your optimism

Start by training your brain to see the positive side of things more than the negative. This will help you become more optimistic about your prospects. Consequently, you will experience an increase in your success rate. An exercise you can do to achieve this is to write down, preferably with a pen and paper, three new things you are grateful for every day for 21 consecutive days.

Relive your positive experiences

By reliving your positive experiences, you will train your brain to be positive and see solutions instead of problems. It is a follow up to the step above. Every day, write a detailed report of a positive experience you had within the past 24 hours. Follow this by writing an email or sending a text to a family member or friend every morning. Write to someone new every day. In your email/text, extol their virtues and talk about how much of a positive influence they have been to you. This will open you up to different perspectives about life and will also make you appear grateful to those around you.

Have breakfast with your family every morning

You will build stronger familial bonds this way. Doing this every morning will also leave you feeling energized and ready to face and overcome obstacles.

Practice visualization

Visualization is the art of envisioning your goals. It is a powerful art with origins in the mystic east. Guess what? It works. By visualizing your goals, you’re communicating what you want to the universe, which will eventually result in their manifestation. When I started, I visualized full attendance at my events. And it happened!

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