Tapping Into The ‘WooWoo’ For Success

Written by: Rita Hurry, Executive Contributor

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What is so strange about the ‘WooWoo’?

I often hear many professionals say how they don’t want none of that ‘woowoo’ stuff to help them in business, their career, or their personal life and brush it off so easily. But what if the ‘woowoo’ thing was actually way more powerful than the practical things you do to be a success? What if it was the foundation of it all succeeding?

Would that be so strange?

What is the ‘woowoo’ stuff?

Breaking down – the ‘woowoo’ stuff is the things that you do outside the box. It is the spiritual things, the faith, the belief in oneself, the meditation, the visualization, the soul work you do internally that transforms the external things in your life.

If I had to sum it up – it’s the unseen things that fill in the gaps of effective daily living. Often this is why it is most pushed away to one side, because it is something unseen that requires a deeper connection.

So how can it help me?

There is so much going on that is unseen and yet is so powerful. Electricity is never seen but is the backbone behind everything we use in our home and office. Gravity is unseen and again so powerful. The wind is unseen yet can make the difference between a lovely day, to a bad day.

All these things and so much more are unseen and play a huge part in our daily lives, so how much more can the unseen ‘woowoo’ stuff help us?

Meditation enables you to gain the clarity you need to achieve great results in your professional life and personal life. It opens up the soul to be a part of your everyday life and gives you the guidance and the self-belief that leads to success. Without self-belief and faith in who you are, you leave yourself susceptible to doubts, which can sway you and stop you from making decisions that are right for you.

Without that true connection to who you are and taking that time out to connect within, you leave yourself vulnerable to being pulled and pushed by external situations, instead of having built a firm foundation in who you are and creating life from the inside out.

According to societal expectations, there comes a time in the cycle of life when reacting to circumstances and trying to keep playing the game of life can lead to burnout. Unfortunately, this can be too late for many.

But when you balance the practical things in day-to-day living and include the ‘woowoo’ as part of your daily living, you will avoid this and create the balance needed to gain success to a happy and fulfilled life.

Remember, happiness starts from inside and no matter how much you try to avoid the inner work, it will safeguard you for the future and be the foundation you need regardless of external situations.

So next time you come across the ‘woowoo’ stuff, give it a go…it might open the door to new positive opportunities in life.

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Rita Hurry, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rita´s mission is to help individuals in the Creative Arts, Media, Music and Film Industry, believe in their dreams and never give up on making them come true. Making the impossible - I'm Possible. She began Life Coaching in 2003 and has never looked back since. She is a great believer in Personal Development and Mindfulness work, whether it is practically or spiritually. Rita is a Subject Matter Expert in Law of Attraction & Flow Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation, Business as well as Nirvana Fitness and Energy Healing. She was was awarded Best Law Of Attraction Coach in 2015. She has coached many clients across different professions. For example, CEOs and Entrepreneurs; Casting Agents; Actors; Singers; Musicians; Authors; Artists; DJs; and so many more across the globe and nationwide, including those working in the education industry. She currently is the co-founder of RIME Entertainment and co-hosts and co-produces an online Interview Show called RIME Entertainment Showcase where she and her co-host interview people from all over the globe who have overcome hurdles in life and are now fulfilling and living their dream.



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