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Rita Hurry


Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rita´s mission is to help individuals in the Creative Arts, Media, Music and Film Industry, believe in their dreams and never give up on making them come true. Making the impossible - I'm Possible. She began Life Coaching in 2003 and has never looked back since. She is a great believer in Personal Development and Mindfulness work, whether it is practically or spiritually. Rita is a Subject Matter Expert in Law of Attraction & Flow Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation, Business as well as Nirvana Fitness and Energy Healing. She was was awarded Best Law Of Attraction Coach in 2015. She has coached many clients across different professions. For example, CEOs and Entrepreneurs; Casting Agents; Actors; Singers; Musicians; Authors; Artists; DJs; and so many more across the globe and nationwide, including those working in the education industry. She currently is the co-founder of RIME Entertainment and co-hosts and co-produces an online Interview Show called RIME Entertainment Showcase where she and her co-host interview people from all over the globe who have overcome hurdles in life and are now fulfilling and living their dream.

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