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Taking A Break For A Successful Business

Written by: Mutita Panmook, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As entrepreneurs, we often neglect our personal needs and take care of others first. But this can lead us to burnout or, even worse, depression. And as the founder of the Get Unstuck Method, I know that it's important to take a break every once in a while so that you can return with renewed energy and enthusiasm for what comes next. So let me give you all the reasons and benefits of taking a break.

Why taking a break?

Taking a break is important. If you take a short break, you’ll gain amazing benefits. It can also improve your performance at work. In addition, it can reduce the development of sleep disorders and tiredness. Taking a break can let you recharge your batteries, feel more inspired and more creative. It brings a work-life balance for working people. It can also bring good emotion, which eventually brings better concentration. Ultimately, it brings more efficient decision-making. Great decision-making is very important for businesses, employees as well as driving business mechanisms. When you have a work-life balance, you can do as many things as you like. Taking a break can also benefit all parties involved.

What happens while we break?

When we take a break, we can develop creativity in all aspects. Such development is both artistic and strategic matters. You can find the answer to your business issues when you take a short break. You will have ideas for your business. For example, when you leave your desk and talk to someone in the office or take your time to look at green trees, you will be more relaxed and be passionate about your work. You will see the value of your talk with somebody. This person may be the office maid who brings a glass of water for you. This maid may take a short time period to talk to you. However, such a period can bring great things to you.

How breaking time supports business operations for the CEO/COO?

Employees who take a break can reduce mistakes at work. When people work as a team, they can share great ideas. They will have a good discussion during the break. When there is a minimum number of mistakes, business operations will grow in all aspects such as production, sales and marketing, and customer service, etc. In addition, there is the growth of business opportunities. Therefore, such organizations will gain more success in terms of customer reliability. Growing business success is also an important factor that supports business operations for the CEO/COO. Breaking time may be a small thing. But it is crucial for business operations. All organizations should focus on breaking time. The CEO/COO should support this initiative. For example, for lunchtime or coffee breaks, some employees take full-time breaks. When they are back to work, they can work better. Some companies offer snack bars, fitness centers or even provide bedrooms for employees. Moreover, some of them allow their staff to take a one-hour nap. When they have good health, they don’t need to see the doctor. So, they can come to work efficiently every day.

How can small business owners take a break?

Being stressed to the level of burnout is a very serious situation. It is not good for small businesses. However, when this owner takes a break and goes on vacation, they can take a work-life balance. When they come back from such rest, they will bring many great things that may create new business opportunities. There is competition in small businesses. We can leave the competitors behind if we can differentiate our business in price, place, product, promotion, and marketing. All in all, it takes the business owner to push the team members positively.

As business owners, the problem is that we are often stuck. We get stuck in our jobs, relationships, and life situations. And it's no fun at all! It feels awful to be stuck. Stuck isn't a place you want to be because you feel like you're not moving forward in your work or relationship, or life situation. You don't know how to move forward; maybe even worse, you might think there's no way out of this mess. Get Unstuck Method, and Mutita Panmook is a business strategist that guides all CEO/COO and even small business owners to have the solution for getting unstuck from any situation by learning how to deal with whatever happens to your business while taking a break through the situations that keep us stuck so we can move on with our lives and careers. Let’s figure out exactly what's holding you back from moving forward and how to get unstuck fast!

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Mutita Panmook, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mutita Panmook is a business operation strategist who’s as known as ‘The Time Queen.’ She believes that time is the number one commodity in the world that you can’t get back once it’s gone. Because of that, Mutita helps small business owners and entrepreneurs build and design efficient business that supports their lifestyle with the Get UNSTUCK Method. Mutita's mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs getting unstuck from working in the hamster wheel. The goal is to reclaim their time to be with their families, do what they love with joy, or even travel the world, whenever they want, wherever they want, with whomever they want, and letting their business work for them. She is also a host of Get UNSTUCK Podcast that helps entrepreneurs get unstuck in their journey through the guest experts' experiences. Mutita's joy is when her clients keep making positive impacts on the world and become unstuckable.



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