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Sometimes I Ask Myself If It Is A Blessing Or A Curse To Be Conscious And Awake?

Written by: Irene Baggetto, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


It is often a question of what I do not know about I can’t care about – Is ignorance bliss?

What is the value of consciousness?

Consciousness leads to the desire to know. The discovery of knowing who we truly are, what we represent, what we stand for and why. Discovering our calling along the journey.

Out of the world population of 7.9 billion people, as estimated by ‘Worldmeter”. Where about two hundred years ago the world population was just over one billion people. That is a growth rate of more than seven-fold. Keep on doing your math and things are starting to make sense.

Out of these 7.9 BILLION people, not many have discovered their calling. Worse, many are not even aware that they have a calling. Some love to teach, others love to be of service to society, to heal, to build, to design, to entertain to create whilst others are still searching…

Our most authentic self our ‘INNER ME’ is without the ego, and without the reasoning process that we have developed and adopted. Our values and norms are usually instilled by the outside world.

When we live authentically, we just are and we do what we love and love what we do. Unfortunately, not many can say that about their life.

I dare say when we have reached this level of content, we feel that life is worth living. No matter what state the world is in. This proves to be difficult for many at these chaotic times. Still, sometimes we need to be pushed hard to invoke changes…

Recently it was pointed out to me that some people, in a matter of fact quite many people cannot see the gifts that they’re bringing into the world. Some are even afraid of their gifts as they have not come yet to understand them. Where there was in the past nobody around who would understand and could interrelate.

Or many other people cannot see the options they may have available to them, please remember as one door closes usually others open.

Often people require guidance and mentoring services at first, on their path of learning and growth. To see and create their options available to them and to understand. The motto here is ‘Don’t feed the man but teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.' Teaching you to be able to help yourself in the face of adversity. Reducing Stress and Anxiety in your Life through Mindfulness.

For many of us, Life has not and is not served on a’ silver platter’ therefore we have to keep in mind ‘that everything worthwhile requires some kind of effort’… some investment of energy. Energy is expressed in various ways.

Quite commonly many of us appear to listen more to strangers than to family and friends. Perhaps one needs an unbiased person to point out and bring awareness to often unrealised opportunities which in many scenarios come in disguise of challenges.

We cannot know what we don’t know. That’s where mentors, consultants, counsellors and therapists come in to help and get you into the know.

How often have you consciously and more often unconsciously adopted someone’s ideas or values and found them useful for your circumstances? Sometimes we even adopt someone else’s idea being not necessarily convinced that it is in our best interest, but we were told it was good for us and not knowing any better we obliged.

Thereby ignoring our intuition. Our intuition is our gut feeling many people refer to.

Did you know that your gut is your second brain?

Now if we block our intuition, our gut feeling, that is telling us what is good for us or not. We are shutting down the very important communication between mind, body and soul. Which can result in all sorts of physical ailments and may even be displayed as what appears as mental issues.

The incongruency may appear as many bodily expressions as it generates disharmony and disease within our very own being. Often, we have adopted values that differ so much from the innate values of our blueprint that conflict is created within and we are not congruent with our beliefs and values.

Coming back to our beliefs. For those of us who have already walked the path of personal development and personal growth, have concluded that our thoughts form our reality. Our beliefs create our world – the question to ask oneself is: Am I living by my own belief and value system or someone else’s belief and value system?

What is our value system? you may ask.

Our value system is our operating system the ‘modus operandi’ usually installed outside of self-influences, that processes incoming information and lets us do things in a certain fashion and manner according to our experienced and ongoing conditioning. The system that makes sense to you personally in your doings and actions. Your AI – Acquired Intelligence as I like to call it.

Differently, it is with things that are of primary importance to you, things that make you tick, that make your heart sing. Characteristics that have been imprinted upon you by your vibrations. The real core you. Your core energy that you came into this world with is what declares the fundamentals of your value system. Our beliefs create frequencies that in turn vibrate into our environment and resonance will be accordingly.

Beliefs are also stories we tell ourselves to define our sense of reality. A set of types, mutually supportive beliefs instilled by others – our parents, family, teachers, friends, TV, media, social media school simply society, all outside conditioning to fit into a certain criterion. According to your circumstances.

And of course, there is also the collective what can be felt by sensitive individuals among us and can exert influence. As well as the constant frequency emission by EMF field surrounding us 24 seven due to our adopted lifestyle of convenience but these are different subjects.

It is therefore of importance to stay clear, centred and in the present moment. Not living in the past nor the future but the NOW. With the aligned and integrated energies embodied within the consciousness our chances of living a healthy, balanced life in all areas of life are abundant.

In this sense, I wish you fulfilled life.


Irene is available for physical energy consultations and readings at her clinic and online

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Irene Baggetto, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Irene is a lifetime learner, qualified and registered Natural Therapist and Wellness Consultant with many tools at her disposal which she uses with empathy and love for the highest good and benefit for her clients.

Her multiple accreditations, certificates, and reviews provide the evidence. In addition, her 20 years of clinical experience are all wonderful resources to draw upon and making her an outstanding therapist and consultant for Body-Mind & Soul Wellbeing.

Driven by the passion and dedication to helping her fellow human beings who wish to live their life with balance and harmony in all areas of life.

Irene is the founder as well as a therapist at Beenleigh Bowen Clinic, CEO of THE WELLNESS CATALYST Senior fellow, and A/National Secretary of the Executive managing team of the professional association Society for Natural Therapists Inc. (S.N.T.R.).

Coming from a humble background she is very proud of her achievements so far, but is convinced that the best is still yet to come…

Her services are available off and online.



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