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SMART Goal — Setting Goals The SMART Way!

Written by: Awaz Ahmed, Executive Contributor

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We are constantly going through change with unforeseen events going on and often time unmotivated to get things done. To put it another way, we are neither setting nor achieving our objectives. I’m sure you have heard of SMART goals. I’m here to remind you that it’s never too late to set a goal(s) or successfully achieve goals the SMART goal way! A SMART goal is used to help guide goal setting—smaller, more tangible goals under them.

Research indicates SMART goal setting is a common practice among successful professionals and organizations in every field. It is the usual to write clear and well-structured statements to express objectives in a specific, measurable, and achievable fashion (Beardshaw & Palfreman, 2017). As a result, it’s best practice to implement a conceptual framework as a goal-setting tool for successful outcomes in professional and personal settings. Well, what is a SMART goal? SMART goal is a framework that ensures goals individual’s sets are aligned with the five SMART criteria.

Setting goals the SMART way—SMART criteria

  1. Specific: the goal should be simple and clear. Question to ask: What, why, who, when, and where?

  2. Measurable: setting a measurable goal to order to keep track of the progress. Question to ask: How will I know I will accomplish it?

  3. Agreed or Attainable: ensuring it’s realistic to achieve based on constraints. Question to ask: What is the best way for me to achieve this goal?

  4. Relevant or Realistic: ensuring the goal in line with what you’re trying to achieve, relevant to be able to control. Question to ask: Is this relevant to my efforts? Is it possible?

  5. Time-tabled or Timely: set deadlines! Keeping track of the progress for a successful outcome. Question to ask: In a week? A month? A year?

Beardshaw J, Palfreman D (1990) The Organisation in Its Environment. 4th edn. Pitman Publishing, London

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Awaz Ahmed MBPsS, Business Psychologist, Business and Emotional Intelligence coach

Awaz Ahmed is a Business Psychologist and Coach, helping organizations and individuals in the workplace by encouraging and facilitating clients in a range of professional and personal areas. She has also worked internationally and is the founder of Aweology, a business psychologist, and experienced coaches. With an MSc in Business Psychology and coaching Awaz Ahmed, is also a certified emotional intelligence coach, NLP practitioner, certified 70+ hours of ICF coaching training, member of the British Psychology Society, American Psychology Association, Society for Industrial and organizational psychology and currently studying her Ph.D. in Business Psychology. Through her extensive experience and education in Business Psychology, she is highly skilled and passionate about research, psychometrics, assessments, training, development, recruitment, and coaching.



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