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Sarcasm is not Funny

Written by: Joanna Hakimi, Executive Contributor

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When writing an online dating profile, what do people typically include? You try and give a snapshot of yourself. You try and present yourself in the most positive light. You explain who you are, how you live your life, and what you are looking for in a relationship. What should you not include? Negative things about you. Negative things about your past relationships. Negative things you see in people. And, most importantly, sarcasm — do not include sarcasm.

Why? Why not include sarcasm in your online dating profile? It Is important to show that one has a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves. However, when a dating profile says ‘I speak sarcasm,’ as hundreds do, it’s really saying, ‘I have latent hostility and will use sarcasm to project my anger onto you.’ Is that how you want to advertise yourself?

According to Science Direct, sarcasm is an indirect expression of anger. Sarcasm is underlying anger and rage that is expressed through sneering or cutting remarks. Clearly, this is not funny.

Sarcasm is unsettling. It is criticism disguised as humor. When you attempt to build an intimate and loving relationship with another human being, this is not the best approach.

Sarcasm in a relationship is a ticking time bomb. Over time, sarcasm can wear away at the trust between two people and cause one partner to question everything being said in a relationship constantly. It can be passive-aggressive and cause a major rift between two people who previously were very much in sync. The underlying anger can be poison in an otherwise healthy relationship.

This is not to say that there are moments in time when sarcasm is appropriate and truly funny. To break the ice in a business meeting, amongst small groups of friends, sarcasm is funny even in family atmospheres. Our point here is to steer you away from using sarcasm in a relationship between two people hoping to grow more intimate. When you are working to foster a relationship based on trust, vulnerability, and matters of the heart, it is better served to keep sarcasm at bay.

Thus, unless you are Jerry Seinfeld or a professional at reading your partner, it's simply best to engage in humor but steer clear of sarcasm.

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Joanna Hakimi, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joanna Hakimi is a proud entrepreneur and licensed marriage and family therapist. Starting her first successful business at the age of 17 and being president of the Young Entrepreneur’s Society at the University of Georgia, she never closed the door on opportunity. She then went on to Northwestern University and attained her Masters in Science, becoming an LMFT. After being a successful LMFT in the northern suburbs of Chicago for more than 10 years while simultaneously running a mindful goods boutique for 5 years and accomplishing a 200-hour yoga teaching certification, Joanna was itching for a new adventure. Seeing a need to connect independent professionals such as life coaches, wellness coaches, therapists, and career consultants searching for new clients, was born. Joanna's goal is to empower and enlighten others to reach their full potential while being their most authentic selves.



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