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The Energy Game: Revolutionary Approach To Life And Career – Exclusive Interview With Natalie Heilling

Natalie Heilling is an energy coach and the founder of The Energy Game, which combines her gift as an energy healer with traditional coaching methods to help her clients release what is holding them back to reach their full potential. Inspired by traumatic events in her own life, which led to C-PTSD and a chronic illness, Natalie strives to help her clients go from feeling stuck and disconnected from their lives to finding inner peace and fulfillment. Her mission is to help people live their life vision. Most people don't know where to start when it comes to achieving their life vision, but Natalie teaches her clients that it is not a destination; it is a place to live from.

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Natalie Heilling, Energy Healer and Life Vision Coach

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life so we can get to know you better.

My passion lies in helping people uncover their unique potential and embrace life to the fullest. By day, I'm an energy healer and life coach dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to self-discovery and empowerment. I'm also the mastermind behind The Energy Game, where our mission is all about unlocking potential and fostering fulfillment. Recently, I've experienced the merging of my spiritual life and corporate world, which has been an exciting journey. Alongside my role as an energy healer, I proudly serve as the Co-Founder of Research Partners. Together, we collaborate with global businesses and start-ups, offering executive recruitment support while advocating for diversity in hiring practices. At my core, I'm an entrepreneur driven by the chance to pursue passion, autonomy, and success on my terms. With my most recent home in London, England, with roots from Trinidad and England, my multicultural upbringing profoundly shapes my approach to life and business.

When I'm not immersed in work, you'll find me with my daughters or chasing sunsets in Barbados, where what was meant to be a 4-week vacation turned into a permanent move. Trading city life for laid-back island vibes was one of the best decisions I've ever made – the ocean is my happy place, and I've never looked back. I'm a firm believer in kindness, authenticity, and making a difference in the world. Whether I'm championing climate action or raising awareness about narcissistic abuse, I'm passionate about self-discovery and the pursuit of positive change, both personally and professionally.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

Let me take you back to a moment that changed everything for me. Before 2019, I was silently battling C-PTSD from a challenging relationship. It felt like I was living on autopilot, where survival mode had become the norm, and I hadn't realized how far I had drifted from inner peace and happiness. On the outside, it seemed like I had it all together, but inside, I was struggling. Despite my achievements, I felt a sense of guilt because I wasn't truly fulfilled. It dawned on me that I had spent my whole life building a life that I thought I should want, but it was out of alignment with who I truly was. Then, in 2019, the cracks started to show. I was overwhelmed, always on edge, and falling ill far too often. Doctor visits left me with more questions than answers, and I began doubting if I could even handle a simple holiday. In fact, the anxiety became so crippling that I couldn't bring myself to board a flight. That moment was the wake-up call I needed. I knew deep down that life wasn't meant to be a constant struggle. So I made a decision to change. Therapy was a helpful step, but it wasn't enough to alleviate the daily triggers of CPTSD. That's when I started diving into research, eager to explore avenues for healing from trauma and tapping into personal growth through energy practices. This curiosity led me to some incredible insights and practices that have not only transformed my life but also empowered me to guide others on their own journeys.

How do you integrate energy healing with traditional coaching methods to help your clients overcome obstacles and reach their full potential?

When I first started exploring energy healing, I was fortunate to work with some incredible teachers who were masters in their fields. Yet, after these healing sessions, I often found myself at a loss regarding the practical steps needed to truly transform my life. Despite the promises of abundance and living our best lives, real change doesn't just happen overnight. Energy healing, while immensely beneficial, isn't a quick fix. It requires consistent effort and daily action to embody the changes we seek in our everyday lives, leading to our desired outcomes. After an energy healing session, we experience a heightened vibration, which puts us in a better position to think and act in alignment with our desires. Our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and actions all carry an energetic charge. Low vibrational emotions like fear, anger, guilt, or shame attract more of the same, while higher vibrational emotions such as love, joy, and creativity bring about positive change. As our vibration rises, we become more attuned to our intuition, enabling us to make decisions with clarity. Feeling empowered by this heightened vibration, we're better equipped to embody the version of ourselves needed to enact change in our lives. This is where coaching comes in. In my coaching programs, I weave energy healing (including chakra clearings) between coaching sessions to elevate vibration and foster empowerment. I firmly believe that trauma and stressful experiences create energy blocks in the body, leading to limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and even physical illness. Integrating energy sessions aims to release these blocks. However, maintaining a free-flowing energy system requires understanding how it functions and learning to clear and protect ourselves from recurring blocks. That's why I teach my clients how to manage their energy while utilizing traditional coaching tools to work towards their goals. It's a holistic approach, addressing mind, energy, and emotions.

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Could you elaborate on the concept of mastering our energy and how it relates to creating a fulfilling life?

Protecting and clearing our energy is as important as our daily hygiene. When our energy centers are blocked, we lose touch with our authentic selves, often resulting in living lives that don't align with our true values, leaving us feeling unfulfilled. Many people aren't aware of the constant exposure to negative energy throughout their day, but it can be cleared to promote a healthier existence. I'd like to emphasize that energy healing extends beyond healing. As we progress in our journey, we rediscover our intuition and creativity, gaining clarity and opening ourselves to new possibilities. Initially, my journey with energy was focused on questions like 'How can I heal from trauma and develop resilience?' and 'What role does energy play in our healing journey, and how can we access it?' As I started to feel better, I shifted towards inquiries like 'How does clarifying my life vision contribute to my overall well-being?' and 'How can I cultivate my energy to deepen my connection to intuition and trust its guidance?' Understanding and mastering our energy allows us to unlock a more fulfilling life. Manifesting abundance isn't just about attracting material wealth; it's about releasing negative energy that holds us back. Without clearing our energy and maintaining its purity, we cannot truly create abundance. Abundance is a byproduct of releasing negative energy blocks. Those who master their energy maintain a high vibration, dwelling in states of joy, creativity, and inner peace – essential emotions for a fulfilling life. Exploring the research on our energy centers, known as chakras, reveals their association with specific emotions and even medical conditions. Mastering this knowledge empowers us to utilize chakra clearing and energy protection techniques, ensuring we stay in harmony with the flow of life.

Can you tell us more about the energy healing work that you do and the type of clients you typically work with?

Of course! I love this question because I am so passionate about the specific modality of energy healing I work with. Firstly, I would like to say that while the term 'healing' may not resonate with everyone, it can also be viewed as resetting our energy centers to a positive state of flow. Typically conducted remotely, my sessions allow me to work with private and corporate clients from diverse backgrounds across the globe. I rely on intuition during each session to pinpoint blockages within clients' energetic bodies. Using life force energy, I clear these blockages to restore the natural flow of energy. Central to my practice is sacred geometry, representing the fundamental patterns of the universe found in nature. These shapes hold a unique resonance, enhancing our connection to something greater than ourselves, whether we call it spirit, the universe, or something else entirely. But here's the thing: a healer isn't someone you go to for a healing; rather, a healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself. This truth goes beyond the typical idea of healing. Healers aren't just about fixing problems; they're guides who help you tap into your own ability to heal. When I work with my clients, I don't just aim to fix their problems—I empower and guide them to tap into their own ability to heal. Instead of just treating symptoms, I help them discover their inner strength and innate healing potential.

For me, each session is like a blank canvas, offering an opportunity to tailor a bespoke experience for every client—whether it's clearing old patterns, activating dormant potential, or simply fostering grounding and centering. I essentially tap into the specific geometries and frequencies required for each individual. By tapping into these subtle energies, I help my clients achieve alignment, fostering a more harmonious state of being. Furthermore, it's not just about individual sessions; I also host group sessions as part of our community at The Energy Game. Here, we gather to support one another on our healing journeys, recognizing that we're all interconnected and can collectively create a brighter world for everyone involved by helping each other.

Image photo of Natalie Heilling

What sets your Workplace Coaching and Well-being programs apart, and how do you envision them making an impact in corporate settings?

Our programs stand out because they focus on holistic development, prioritizing both life coaching and overall well-being. While the corporate world often emphasizes coaching for business performance, our approach recognizes the crucial link between well-being, performance, and fulfillment. Having experienced the consequences of neglecting self-care in corporate environments firsthand, I understand the toll it can take, leading to burnout and prolonged recovery periods. Despite its significant impact, this issue often goes unaddressed. Our programs integrate simple yet powerful tools and promote awareness of energy dynamics to cultivate fulfilling lives and enhance workplace performance. It's essential for companies to understand that employees bring their whole selves to work, and fulfillment in personal areas directly influences professional performance. Rooted in the human need for growth, life coaching is at the core of our approach. It's about personal, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual evolution. Without growth, individuals may feel stagnant, merely going through the motions rather than truly living their best lives. At The Energy Game, our coaching is centered around two key areas. Life Vision coaching emphasizes the pursuit of a fulfilled life across all dimensions, aligning with the belief that personal fulfillment breeds professional success. By bringing one's best self to work, individuals become more engaged, intuitive, and creative, fostering a positive company culture. Additionally, our Career Coaching extends beyond conventional skill-building and interview preparation. It delves into mindset, emotions, and energy work, addressing common challenges such as disempowering thoughts, confidence issues, and imposter syndrome. Both options are infused with energy concepts, making them effective tools for personal and professional growth.

What is the meaning behind 'The Energy Game'

The name "The Energy Game" stems from the belief that life is like a game—a dynamic interaction of energies where we navigate challenges, make choices, and strive for growth and fulfillment. Energy flows through every aspect of our existence, influencing our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Whether it's the energy we bring to our relationships, the energy we invest in our work, or the energy we cultivate within ourselves, it shapes the outcomes we experience. By framing life as a game, we invite a sense of playfulness and exploration into our journey of personal growth. We also have a choice in how we engage with life's experiences. It reminds us that while we may encounter obstacles and setbacks along the way, we also have the capacity to overcome them, evolve, and thrive. In essence, "The Energy Game" embodies our philosophy an invitation to embrace the inherent energy of life, to playfully explore our potential, and to cultivate a fulfilling existence grounded in awareness, intention, and authenticity.

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