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Releasing Inherited Emotional Patterns To Align Heart And Soul And Coming Back To Who We Are

Written by: Yannick Alby, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Yannick Alby

From the moment we are born, we experience many different emotions, some of which may lead to inherited emotional patterns.

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These emotional structures can be passed on consciously or unconsciously from our parents, who may have inherited them from their ancestors and lineage because of past traumas and wounds. Emotional patterns result from past wounds and traumas that are not healed and function as an automatic protective mechanism that reacts to unpleasant or challenging emotions in the present.

These automatic mechanisms can also be limiting, blocking, or self-destructive.

These patterns can also be unconsciously activated by the five senses, such as touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing.

Any details that resonate with the roots of wounds or traumas could lead to an overreaction. By resonating deeply within, it alters the physical and psychic state of being by shortening breathing, stiffening the body, increasing stress, speeding up the heartbeat and narrowing as well as reducing psychic capacity, and to some extent, putting the body and mind into a state of emergency emotional alert.

In such an emotional state, the perception of reality is distorted, blurred, or disconnected. The chain reaction affects positioning in any relationship and how we perceive reality to a certain degree.

Like a domino effect, this will affect our positioning in any relationship and, to some extent, in life, as the automatic repetitive patterns will influence our choices, consciously or unconsciously, because our decisions will be motivated by fear and not by our heart, soul and who we are.

The consequences of these repetitive patterns can create unbalanced relationships that can lead to the Karpman triangle(victim, persecutor, saviour).

The chronological steps to release emotions and patterns

When it comes to emotions, we all operate in the same way. If we want to release them, we must go through different stages, chronologically and internally:

  • Awareness of our feelings/patterns

  • Understanding (the roots of our feelings/patterns)

  • Acceptance, internal integration

  • Letting go of emotions/patterns

All these steps will help us to heal the roots of emotional wounds/trauma. When we free ourselves from emotional patterns, we make room to welcome the new.

Metaphorical parallel with the glass of water

If we take a glass filled with water and put more water in it, it will spill.

The glass represents our capacity to accumulate positive or challenging and uncomfortable emotions.

Even if we add positive emotions, the water will overflow when the glass is full.

Before we can add new suitable emotions and appropriate patterns to our glass, we need to make room.

Making room means getting rid of the inherited emotional patterns we discussed earlier that weigh us down, replacing them with the ones we want, and adding new positive and uplifting structures so that the circle becomes virtuous.

The capacity of our glass will not change, but we will consciously and carefully choose the emotions and patterns that we are willing to welcome, create and keep inside our glass.

The benefits of the process

The process of releasing inherited emotional patterns helps us to return to who we are, aligning our hearts and souls, discovering ourselves with ease, gentleness, and kindness, without judgment, and forgiving ourselves for what we went through and have experienced emotionally.

Sometimes we might believe we're fighting against who we are emotionally, but we're only battling against the part of us that vibrates/resonates and reacts to patterns, and that's also part of the process of freeing, deconstructing and releasing those structures.

It also helps us to illuminate darker places within ourselves that we were unwilling or unable to see and to accept them to become whole.

This emotional work also helps us to reconnect with our inner child.

On our path and journey to personal growth, we need to make conscious choices about the place we want to have in our own lives and the clear direction we are heading so that we can use our unique abilities to shine from within and make our lives a safe place, where we can pass on kindness, love, and compassion.

How the Consciensoriel® Method is an Asset for personal growth

Consciensoriel® is a personal development method that works like a therapy based on becoming conscious of our emotions and what they generate, such as boundaries, barriers, limits, and wounds that can come from birth when we are children, teenagers, or adults. The initial session of Consciensoriel® will be working on the following points:

  • Breathing (different technics can be practised and taught)

  • Spontaneous writing

  • Dialogue (listening, communication, exchange)

Through this method, Consciensoriel® enable and allow us to come back to whom we are, consciously and centred, keeping our free will and expanding our sovereignty so that we can find and discover solutions, and answers internally, not externally, even if we are not aware of it, all the keys are already present within us.

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Yannick Alby Brainz Magazine

Yannick Alby, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Yannick Alby was premature at 7 months, 1.7kg and has spent 2 months in NICU. He was a bodyguard, then employed in finance, in private banking. This career path lasted about 10 years. He has practiced several martial arts since he was young, and participated in the development of Parkour in Switerland, this art of movement, for many years. He became a teacher of Qihata Yoga and Evolutive Thai Boxing. He has also, after more than 25 years of work on himself and personal experiences, co-created a method of personal and therapeutic development based on the work of the emotions called Consciensoriel®. This brand/method is registered at the IPI in Bern. His mission: advocate for kindness and hypersensitivity as a superpower.



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