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Pursuing Healthy Perfection To Embodying An AfterGlow Lifestyle – Exclusive Interview With Ange Helie

In a world saturated with weight loss programs and unrealistic beauty standards, Ange Helie stands out as a beacon of empowerment, embodiment and authenticity. As the founder and visionary behind AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching, Ange is on a mission to revolutionize the way women approach health and wellness. Drawing from her personal struggles and triumphs, she has developed a holistic approach that helps women reclaim their natural glow and cultivate a healthy relationship with food and body. In this exclusive interview, Ange shares her journey, insights, and the transformative power of finding your glow. 

Photo of Ange Helie

Ange Helie, CEO & Founder of AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching

Can you share more about your personal journey and what inspired you to establish AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching? 

Ange: I come from a very athletic family. Two of my siblings went to the Olympics; two of us did not. I found myself on the 'did not' side. Not because of my lack of athleticism, but rather because I lost belief in my body along the way. My own perception, shaped by negative experiences, left me struggling with the belief I wasn’t thin enough to excel in sports. Despite this, I played Collage Volleyball then competed in CrossFit. However, I never felt like I fit the ideal athletic figure. Secretly, I struggled with perfectionism in my relationship to food and body, leading to an eating disorder at 16.

Fortunately, I pulled myself out of it but continued testing all the diets, meal plans & weight loss programs. I pursed a Kinesiology [Exercise & Wellness] Diploma and attained my CSEP Certified Personal Trainer certification. However, as a Certified Personal Trainer, I found myself under the spotlight, attempting to assist women in achieving unrealistic body standards, which I knew from experience, was not the answer.

Recognizing this gap in the health industry, and knowing how many of my friends, classmates and clients were struggling, I knew I had to figure out a genuine solution that I could 100% stand behind. When I became pregnant with my first daughter, the light bulb turned on and overnight, I committed to ditching diet culture to heal my relationship with food and body. I wanted to be a mother who exemplified real health for my daughters, and I was driven to lead by example. My husband, an Olympic ski racer, has always been incredibly supportive, and I credit much of my success to his belief in me.

This shift set me on the path to rediscovering the confidence and vitality that diet culture had stripped away. Unlocking the key to body & food freedom changed my life. With a burning desire to help other women get unstuck, I founded AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching located in Banff, Canada in January 2021 and haven’t looked back since. Outside of work, you can find me training at the gym, running on the trails or skiing in the mountains with my family.”

You mentioned experiencing challenges with various diets and developing disordered eating patterns. How did these experiences shape your approach to health and wellness? 

Ange: "My struggles with disordered eating led me to realize the harmful impact of diet culture and the importance of trusting my body's innate wisdom. I always “knew” there was something wrong with my health approach, despite following all the top health, nutrition & wellness advice out there. I studied nutrition but knew I wanted to create an approach that didn’t focus on food because for myself, I knew food wasn’t actually the problem. My education, research & experience shifted my entire approach to food, health & weight management. I developed signature frameworks called The G-L-O-W Method & Neuro-Empowered Eating Formula, a transformative approach that teaches women how to shift from a restrictive/scarcity mindset to an empowered mindset. The strategies I teach are simple and effective while challenging women who have been programmed to think they must always control food/weight.”

What sets your processes apart from traditional dieting/weight loss approaches, and how does it contribute to lasting transformation? 

Ange: "At AfterGlow, we focus on letting go of the pressure to ‘be a certain size’ because any weight loss guarantee is fundamentally flawed. You cannot control your weight, sustainably or enjoyably, which is why women fall into the yo-yo diet trap. Our bodies are diverse, intelligent and complex. When we stop micromanaging food and weight, we start living. The G-L-O-W Method focuses on understanding the underlying beliefs and emotions driving our relationship with food. By addressing these root causes, we create lasting transformation that goes beyond superficial weight loss goals to cultivate real health and wellness."

The AfterGlow philosophy emphasizes holistic well-being and challenges weight loss/diet and societal norms. Can you elaborate on how you incorporate this philosophy into your coaching programs? 

Ange: "At AfterGlow, our foundation is rooted in the belief that real health is not a number or a size, but a state of mind. Our coaching programs focus on empowering women to break free from diet culture rules and embrace a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses mind, body, and soul so you can trust your body more than a nutritional label or calorie counting rules which is a concept we are not traditionally taught.”

Your vision for AfterGlow involves empowering women to break free from restrictive diets and find their natural, healthy weight. How do you support women in cultivating a healthy relationship with food and their bodies? 

Ange: "I’ve created an online program called AfterGlow School. I refer to my students as Golden Girls. So inside School, we provide a supportive community where my Golden Girls can normalize their struggles and learn to trust their bodies' signals. Through programs, education, coaching, and compassionate support, we guide women towards finding their natural, healthy weight while experiencing true body acceptance."

Can you walk us through the key components of your coaching approach and how they contribute to helping women achieve Body + Food Freedom? 

Ange: "Our coaching approach integrates evidence-based practices, personalized guidance, and a focus on mindset shifts that reprogram the mind. By addressing the underlying beliefs and emotions driving our relationship with food, we empower women to break free from restrictive patterns and embrace the AfterGlow approach to eating, exercise & wellness."

In your experience, what are some common misconceptions about health and wellness, and how do you address them in your coaching?

Ange: "One common misconception is that health is synonymous with weight loss, leading to harmful dieting behaviours. Another sad reality, is that we’ve been conditioned to take a pill or supplement, instead of trusting the body. In our coaching, we challenge this belief and emphasize the importance of holistic well-being as a “feeling” regardless of body size. Does this mean you’ll never lose weight? No, you can still lose weight while accepting your body. The point is we no longer need to control this. This is where the work comes in. As I tell my students, implementing AfterGlow frameworks into your lifestyle is a forever journey because diet culture is everywhere. However, once you shift, you never look back.”

How do you create a safe and inclusive space for women to embrace their natural weight and experience holistic well-being through AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching? 

Ange: "We prioritize creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment where women feel seen, heard and valued. Our coaching programs are designed to empower women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to embrace their health journey by prioritizing self-awareness.”

Your coaching approach integrates evidence-based practices and personalized guidance. Can you tell us about your recent certification and how it enhances the support you offer to women through AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching? 

Ange: ‘Absolutely! I'm excited to announce that I've recently launched the AfterGlow Coaching Certification. This certification program equips coaches with the knowledge, training & framework to continue guiding women on their wellness journey. The beauty of this certification is that it empowers each woman with tools, strategies, and self-awareness to navigate her path independently. Few programs teach this approach, and once you understand how your mind works and how to break free from diet culture, that knowledge is yours forever. This certification strengthens the evidence-based foundation of AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching, ensuring women receive the highest level of support to ensure success on their journey to body and food freedom.”

Could you share a success story or memorable moment from your coaching journey that exemplifies the impact of AfterGlow on women's lives? 

Ange: "Honestly, this is my favourite part of this work—celebrating student ‘wins’ every day within our community. There's nothing more gratifying than helping women rediscover their glow after years of struggle. One particularly memorable moment for me was witnessing a student, who had struggled with her relationship to food and body for years, finally break free from the cycle of yo-yo dieting. She came to her own realization that, thanks to this program, she would never have to diet again! It was something she never thought possible, yet she achieved it. Seeing her radiant glow was a powerful reminder of the transformative approach of AfterGlow. She has since completed the AfterGlow Coaching Certification and I'm confident she will impact numerous women's lives, helping AfterGlow move closer to our goal of empowering one million women find body & food freedom.”

What advice would you give to women who are struggling with their relationship with food and body image, but are hesitant to seek support? 

Ange: "My advice would be to remember that you are not alone in your struggles and that what your experiencing is so common. Seeking support is a courageous step towards healing. Whether its through coaching, therapy or community support, know that there is help available to guide you on your journey towards body and food freedom."

Ange Helie's journey from personal struggle to empowerment serves as a testament to the transformative power of AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching. Through her holistic approach and compassionate guidance, she is paving the path to body and food freedom for women worldwide. If you’re ready to stop wasting so much time/energy stressing about food & your weight, follow her on Instagram @ange.afterglow and schedule your free Body + Food Freedom Discovery Session here.

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