Personal Effectiveness & Efficiency – From Basics To Athletics & How PAS Offers The Support

Written by: Ilham N. Musayev, Executive Contributor

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“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Based on my conversation with many people over the last 2-3 years and my personal observations, I observe that there is a need for solid improvement in Personal Effectiveness and Efficiency for many people.

People I spoke with also admitted that they need to get on top of these skills or habits and asked for some support.

Today I will try to uncover this subject, share some examples from my personal experience, and refer or navigate to modern tools and solutions which could be very helpful to resolve this puzzle.

Let’s start by exploring definitions of Personal Effectiveness and Personal Efficiency and understand what they mean in simple terms? I decided to refer to some external resources available on the Internet to keep these definitions as objective as possible and not as my personal view.

I liked how Personal Effectiveness was simply and accurately covered by Virtual College © (VC) and decided to share. Let’s see below how VC covers it:

What Does Personal Effectiveness Mean?

"In short, personal effectiveness means getting the best out of yourself. It’s an approach to success that involves utilizing all of your energy, skill, and motivation to develop and reach the goals you set for yourself. Individuals with good personal effectiveness tend to constantly strive to achieve more, advance their careers, and grow in both a personal and professional sense.”

I trust that this is simple enough and easy to understand the definition of Personal Effectiveness is helpful and draws some good picture in our minds.

And now a question: