Opening the Doors of Empowerment - How to Detox Procrastination Part 2

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Written by: Yogesh Osher, Executive Contributor

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Contacting the inner feelings is the key to overcoming procrastination.

Why? Because it's where the Energy is.

And only with energy we can move on and achieve our goals.

Energy is the drive and the power to break through barriers and overcome challenges. Energy can come from different energy centers. But all are harvested through feelings. The mind is the guiding wheel and the heart, or the feelings are like the engine.

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What am I feeling? Ask yourself and be quiet, listen, accept, know the innermost recesses of your being... This will open the door to your feelings, to your power. Opening this door is like flooding the room with water, it may be scary at first, but if you can understand that the fear is nothing but an idea that these emotions will not change that they may be so strong that they will scare away others or annihilate you.

You can overcome this underlying fear by taking a big breath and just sitting with it. Just allowing the emotions to manifest, they are within you, not the other way around. Be present with the rawness and truth of what you feel. Without judging, labeling or boxing, negative self-talk just be, just allow the space to really feel. By doing this, you’ll become the master of the feeling and no longer be ruled by them anymore.

Fear dissolves when truth is observed directly. So take a breath and look deeply into yourself, be open to experience. Experience is change. Yet the fear is that experience will stay, but the truth is that fear moves and changes with the ability to see and feel emotions for what they are.

The other barrier is resentment.

Resentment happens when we disown the emotion, and by doing so, disempowering ourselves by thinking that it is due to someone or something else that we are stuck. Own it. And you’ll have the power to rule it. Without complete ownership, someone or something else will have the power over you. So, resolve to own your true emotions and regain the creative power to direct your life.

Resentment is just a reflection that you are not holding the true power in your hands. Sure some conditions are out there that we don’t control but we can always control our responses and choices. Remember this. It’s like your Jedi Sword of truth.

By learning to use the Sword of Truth, procrastination will no longer be a problem. There will be only the choice, the empowered choice to do what you want to do. To manifest what you want, and ultimately to be who you want to be.

To your Success!

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Yogesh Osher, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Yogesh Osher holds a Masters Degree in Gestalt Therapy. He is a highly skilled Gestalt therapist and group facilitator as well as a certified Wellness Coach and Yoga teacher and a Detox Practitioner (Dip. Natural Therapeutics). He is the founder of Living Total Wellness and a co-founder in the global naturopathic movement of Natural Yogic Treatments. In the past two decades, he has been studying, practicing, and teaching Zen, Tantra Yoga Meditation, Gestalt Therapy and Functional Medicine. His life purpose is true wellness. Engaging a synergetic synthesis of east and west, and drawing on methodologies, practices and systems that bring real results. He currently offers online wellness programs integrating personal growth with detoxification and lifestyle changes. He brings a spiritual outlook to promote lasting transformations in the life of his clients. Using gestalt process, self-empowerment and practical wellness, Yogesh promotes a heartfelt integration and elevation of life as a whole.



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