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Written by: Pia Antico, Executive Contributor

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I was on my treadmill just now, listening to Michael Neill's 3 Principles masterclass on connecting to our True Self beyond thinking and accessing this space without actually doing anything to get it. I got to seeing Heartful Wisdom consciousness is not a thing to be gotten or achieved; it is the space we arrive at when we drop the thinking altogether in that moment.

So in the rhythm of the treadmill, I started to notice my thinking about me being on the treadmill and the bigger context of:

  • health

  • fitness

  • desirability

  • being unfit

  • the body aches

  • the aim for 30 minutes

  • not walking fast enough

  • not traveling enough distance in the time

Interspersed with this chatter were the moments of hearing the masterclass piping through my Wi-Fi headset and an awareness that I wasn't present 'enough.'

So then I decided to try and remain present, stop the brain chatter, and try and go zen on the treadmill. The more I tried, the further I got from this space. I was frustrated, restless, and irritated, all while Michael's voice was murmuring in my distant awareness through my headphones. Then I suddenly hit a consciousness brick wall — the judgemental ego chatter of 'must do' fell away, and I heard Michael say clearly: "Water doesn't change its nature by being put into different shaped ice trays. You get different shaped ice cubes." And then I had an insight — it really doesn't matter how far or how fast I walk in an arbitrary timeframe. And then I fell into rhythm for an extended moment. My disturbed experience was only from my thinking about the form, purpose, and unforeseen result of my activity at that moment. Thinking borne of ego fear, criticism, and grasping - NOT TRUTH. No wonder we start stuff and quit. No surprise that we don't start at all. When we insist that we have to do, make, decide, go hard, improve, master, crush. We insist on arbitrary measures of time, speed, form, and make it law, then punish ourselves through our thinking for not 'following the rules'. Calling ourselves failures and going back to the beginning, discrediting any experience we had previously that 'missed the mark.' Or, worse still, we do follow the 'law' and declare ourselves winners for ignoring our inner GPS and forcing ourselves to march to some random illusory thought-created form. As if it means anything in the end.

It's all just thinking into form and then saying the form is real - it's not!

As my treadmill came to a stop, I heard Michael end his masterclass with this analogy of living in the space of our consciousness - the space before thought and form. Consciousness being 'the music' that moves us: "Listen to the music, let the music fill you, let the music move you, and sometimes you might feel like working on your dance moves." It's not that we stop moving forward in life. It's simply that we get to choose which rhythm to follow. The rhythm of our Universal consciousness that flows through us and whose nature is radiant, sparkling, dynamic, and joyful. Or do we persist in following the march of our Ego driven thought created illusion that measures itself against the arbitrary limits of man-made form?

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Pia Antico, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

“In the middle of a storm, it is possible to find peace and strength when we tap into our innate Spirit-led wisdom and step heartfully into the present moment.” - Pia Antico.

Pia Antico is the Founder of Essential Awakening Mentoring, a Relationships Reset Mentor/Coach/Trainer, Speaker, and Author. Pia is also in a Creative Partnership with the charity “More to her life,” contributing a percent of her sales/fees to inspire and support women to dream and build beyond domestic violence.

She guides and encourages unfulfilled women over 40 who have spent their adult lives looking after others and following ‘the rules’ to courageously step into the second half of their lives with a total ‘Joy Reboot’ using her signature AWAKEN Model © of joyful living, based on a 3-step transformational journey embodying the 6 key elements of joy. This allows her clients to respond to any situation with calm, clarity, and confidence, enabling them to live and love fearlessly in the present moment.

Pia holds three degrees in Psychology, Counseling Training, and Certification in the Inside-Out Paradigm. Additionally, she learned how to thrive after two toxic marriages and following an accident that left her with a life-altering brain injury; all while she raised a resilient, courageous, and creative daughter who has now stepped into her own light and soulful marriage.



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