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Metabolic Alchemy Revolutionizes Women's Health For 40s And Beyond – Exclusive Interview With Carly Gallagher

Carly Gallagher is revolutionizing weight loss and health for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Nearly a decade ago, she faced the same battle with uncontrollable weight gain, stumbling through countless failures before unlocking the secrets of aging metabolisms. With 25 years of experience as a Naturopath, Carly has redefined old paradigms and created her own metabolic solution, helping hundreds of women along the way. In 2016, she founded Inner-Alchemy, uniting her passions for Yoga, Food, and Healing. Now, she's set to launch her signature Metabolic Alchemy solution globally, transforming women's lives by reshaping the approach to weight loss.

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Carly Gallagher, Weight Loss Naturopath Nutritionist

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.


Hi, my name is Carly Gallagher. I’m a 48-year-old Naturopath living on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I grew up here and studied here before living in London for several years in my 20s. As many Aussies do in their 20s, I hosted a chalet in La Plagne, France for a ski season and also snuck in a season in Whistler, Canada before coming home and setting up my career in Melbourne, Australia. Europe is a special place full of memories for me.


My passion has always been women’s health. For me, my Naturopathy has always revolved around helping and educating women about health, in particular Hormones. I’m also a huge Yogi. After doing my Yoga teacher training in 2016, I opened my wellness clinic – Inner Alchemy- in Melbourne with Naturopathy, infrared saunas, detox programs and Yoga!


I’m a big family person and so during COVID, when everything was very locked down and bleak in Melbourne, my husband and daughter and I moved back to be near my family on the Gold Coast.


I launched my chakra-balancing range of Body Oils, Lotions, and Herbal teas' during this time of lockdown to keep myself balanced and connected to the power of plant vibrations and energy clearing.


Living out in nature in an area called Currumbin Valley, our family is surrounded by Australian wildlife such as Wallabies, Koalas, and snakes. We have some chickens and some ducks, 2 cats and a very adorable Moodle puppy called Roxy who steals all the attention.


I'm active in my daughters’ sports and am currently her team’s Soccer Manager for the U15 Girls JL team at Palm Beach Soccer Club.


I have helped over 1200 clients over the last 10 years with hormone imbalance and in particular weight loss. In 2023 I created Metabolic Alchemy, which is a methodology for 40, 50 and 60-year-old women to follow for weight loss that I developed over 10 years in practice. I now exclusively run this coaching course from home in Currumbin Valley to women all over the world.


What inspired you to start Inner Alchemy, and how has your vision for the business evolved since its inception?


My business name was something very different for many years. When I was studying Yoga, we had a day of deep meditation. During this meditation, the logo and the name Inner Alchemy came to me. It signifies my three passions in health: Yoga, Food and Healing. The three points of the tetrahedron in my logo also represent myself, my husband, and my daughter. The Tetrahedron also represents the Merkaba – the powerful energy field of light that surrounds every person.


The vision I had in this meditation was to be able to bring Yoga, Healing and Food into the way I help (and teach) my clients. When all three of these are present in my protocols or client’s health plans, then great synergy and healing can be had with the universe around us.


I strongly believe that we are more than just physical bodies, in Yoga we recognise all our bodies, including energy and emotional and spiritual. Inner Alchemy hopes to touch all bodies to bring us closer to our full healing potential.


Can you describe the primary benefits of your Weight Loss coaching, and how they differ from other similar offerings in the wellness market?

Faced with uncontrollable weight gain as I entered my 40s, I recognised the real burden that most women that age faced when what they had been doing to manage their weight stopped working for them.

Many weight loss solutions I tried and found all focussed on old paradigms of weight loss. Often women opted to skip meals or do exercise programs that did not address our aging women’s metabolic drivers. They continue to use methods that are designed for men’s weight loss and do not teach or help mitigate clear metabolic roadblocks that derail one’s best efforts. Women often wonder why they do not work for them and often give up altogether or keep trying only to never get the result they expect.


My ‘Metabolic Alchemy’ methodology is different. Yes, it has key elements of Food and Exercise, but it also has a strong focus on fixing the foundation for weight loss in our ‘Gut’ and also using strategies to retrain women’s metabolism to being ‘fat adapted’. These 4 areas underpin the methodology that helps stop uncontrollable weight gain, helps women lose weight but also keeps it off even when not trying.


What have been some of the most impactful transformations or testimonials you've witnessed from clients using your services?

I have a ‘Real Results’ page on my website that showcases the amazing and life-changing results women get using the methodology. All women have immediate results just in 4 weeks.


It’s hard to choose just one transformational journey as they are all impactful in their rights. However, one thing that blows my mind is how using the right foods, and using rest- based training approaches to weight loss, many women have reported not needing pain medication for headaches, sleep medication, and other medication as a result of focusing on fixing the foundation. So much can be said for simple changes and doing less.


Some of my clients have lost over 20kgs in 6 months, effectively reversing diabetes and changing all functional health parameters in pathology. Just amazing!

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?


Hm controversial but more focused on natural medicine.


My motto is: “The Body Does Not Quick Fix, It Fixes Right”. We cannot quickly fix things like weight loss using a drug or a surgical procedure. Often these quick fixes come with a bag full of side effects downstream.


My methodology is not a diet program, it’s a way of living. It teaches key principles like Food Is Medicine and Rest Based approaches to help the body recover and repair. These things are critical to not just weight loss but to long-term health and preventing chronic illness. This is why this is a powerful tool for all women to learn and implement for life.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.


I had to fail and fail again to come out the other side to learning what is needed for aging metabolisms and weight loss. It took several failures but most critically a significant hip injury to stop me in my tracks. That led me to Yoga which led me to Inner Alchemy, which led me to who I am and what I stand for today.


Pain is a good motivator to make you stop and take check. I recognised that weight loss is not about working out more, it is about working out less. I had to go through that pain to find that out. It’s what I teach in my methodology.

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