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Lose The Belly Fat Without Dieting For Men And Women Over 40! Secrets Revealed!

Written by: Trevor Folgering, Executive Contributor

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If you’re a man over 40, you have inevitably tried some type of diet.

Whether that be Atkins, Paleo, or Weight Watchers.

You may have gotten some results with these types of diets but either gained the weight back or had a huge weight loss plateau, which made you give up the program.

I want to help you understand why these diets don’t work in the long run and what to do instead.

There are special weight loss “secrets” that I want to share with you, so you can have a better handle on how to lose your belly fat and keep it off for life.

Why Diets Don’t Work

Your body loves to stay in balance. Homeostasis is the bodies’ ability to regulate itself and stay within a particular state of being.

For example, if you get too hot, your body creates sweat to cool itself off.

If you get too cold, your body shivers to warm up the internal organs.

Our whole body is built up of sensory feedback systems that tell the body to “stay in balance.” It is the same for weight loss.

When you reduce your calories below 35 percent of your basal metabolic rate (The number of calories your body needs at rest), a negative feedback loop will kick in, allowing the body to lower its BMR for survival.

So, let’s say you have a 2000 BMR, and you decide to go on a diet and lower your caloric intake to 1500.

Everything seems to go well for the first week. You step on the scale after 3 days, and you are down 3 lbs already!

But then suddenly, you step on the scale in a few days, and your weight is the same.

You scratch your head and decide to lower your caloric intake even further to 1300 calories.

In the next few days, you lose a few more pounds but then nothing.

This is because every time you lower your caloric intake, your body lowers its Basal Metabolic Rate.

Your body is just doing what it needs to do to survive. It is getting back into balance by matching the number of calories coming into the body. (Creating Homeostasis)

How Weight Loss Really Works In The Body

True weight loss is a hormonally driven reaction in the body, and it's never about calories.

If you want to truly lose your belly fat, then you must control and regulate hormones in the body.

Because hormones help the body stay in balance and drive the fat-burning process.

There are four powerful hormones that drive the fat-burning process in the body:

  • Insulin

  • Glucagon

  • Leptin

  • Ghrelin

Each one of these hormones provides feedback to the body and lets the body know how to respond.

The most important hormone to control is Insulin.

Insulin is the 1 fat-storing hormone in our body. Now Insulin is necessary, but too much insulin-secreting from the Pancreas can cause severe disease and obesity. (Called Hyperinsulinemia)

For you to control Insulin, you must reduce the glucose load in your bloodstream.

Glucose comes from the breakdown of foods that contain Carbohydrates.

If you want to lose weight in the most efficient manner possible, then lower Carbohydrates to under 5 percent is necessary.

This allows for another powerful fat-burning hormone to be secreted from the Pancreas: Glucagon.

Glucagon is our body's 1 fat-burning hormone and keeps our bodies lean and trim.

The problem is that for your body to release Glucagon, Insulin must be lowered.

You cannot have excessive amounts of Insulin and excessive amounts of Glucagon in the body.

That would push the body out of balance quickly.

Once the body senses that Insulin levels are low, it will send a signal to release Glucagon from the Pancreas.

Glucagon will then travel to the liver and signal the liver to release your body fat so it can be used as energy at the cellular level.

You can lower Insulin and Increase Glucagon by eating a high number of calories! You DO NOT need to restrict calories for this to happen.

How To Use The Science Of Weight Loss To Your Advantage

Losing weight is all about science!

If you have been struggling to lose your excess belly fat, then now is the time to do something about it.

You can get access to our exclusive weight loss system that is designed for men over 40.

In the Biohack the Fat Body Transformation System, you will be following the science of weight loss so that losing weight is quick, easy, and fun!

All our men that come into our program lose anywhere from 40 – 60 pounds of body fat without the need to go on a diet!

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In this virtual meeting, we will help identify why you are struggling to lose weight and show you the very simple solution that will help drive your body into a fat-burning frenzy!

Now is the time to lose belly fat without the need to go on a diet! (Especially if you’re a man over 40)

It’s time to get your body Biohacked!

Trevor Folgering – Founder of Biohacked

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Trevor Folgering, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Trevor Folgering is a leader in the weight loss and nutrition industry. For over 22 years, Trevor has relentlessly pursued the truth when it comes to losing body fat correctly. By uncovering the truth about how our bodies utilize body fat, Trevor created very specific nutritional protocols that allowed him to tap into his own body fat stores and lose 40 lbs. of body fat in a very short period of time. He achieved this without the need to go on a low caloric diet or restrict the foods that he ate. He now helps men and women achieve the body and health that they truly deserve through the science of Biohacking. He is CEO of Biohacked, global online health and body transformation company. His mission: To shift the paradigm of the weight loss industry and re-educate the world on the proper methodologies of losing excess body fat correctly.



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